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Think you're the ultimate '90s doll lover? Take our quiz to find out if you're the bomb or if you've gotta dip!

Whether you're a collector or just a regular doll lover, you'll agree that there's something enchanting about dolls, especially ones that go beyond the simple dress-up aspect. Some dolls are as big as a child, while others are shorter than a finger! There are scented ones, ones based on fictional characters, ad the ultra-cool Transformer-esque ones that turned from mundane items into dolls!

A lot of the dolls of this era had fun and creative gimmicks, such as color-changing features and being able to move on their own. Do you know the unique doll that had sticker, stamps and ink pads hidden in her body? We've included that one in this quiz! Though it must be admitted that a lot of them were one-trick ponies who we got bored of quite quickly, only to move on to another innovative doll. Oops.

There are also a few iconic doll brands we've included that 21st-century kids will be familiar with, too, like Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids and American Girl!

Maybe the dolls in this quiz were the very embodiment of your childhood, or maybe you're from a different generation and want to test your knowledge. Whatever the case, let's get on with the quiz!

What are these dolls that hid a sweet treat?

What at first looked like a cute cupcake could be transformed into scented dolls in fancy clothes! The wrapper turned into a skirt and the frosted cupcake top ended up being an adorable hat!


Can you tell the name of this life-sized doll?

Standing at 3’2”, the My Size Barbie is around the average height of 3 – 5-year-olds. You could even share clothes and jewelry with this Barbie doll!


What's the name of this dancing doll released in 1990?

When it came to moving dolls, My Pretty Ballerina was all the rage. She danced gracefully and even came with her own dance bar and music tape!


Can you name this line of flying dolls?

Sky dancers were equal parts enchanting and odd. Insert the doll into its base, pull the string and she would “fly” into the air while spinning her wings! The line also spawned a 27-episode animated series.


Which doll based on an Arabian princess is this?

The Disney film Aladdin was released in 1992 and, throughout the rest of the decade, many dolls of the characters were sold! This Jasmine doll was made by Mattel, and released as a set with an Aladdin doll.


Which talking doll is shown here?

Telephone Tammy said the cutest things like “Do you like pizza?” and “Let’s go shopping!” Did you know that the little girl in the 1994 Telephone Tammy commercial is Mila Kunis?


Which medical-themed doll set is shown here?

Take off Ken’s lab coat and he’s “dressed for a date!” This 1997 doll set also came with a cute patient of Ken’s, Tommy, and some check-up accessories.


Can you identify these dolls based on a girl group?

That’s right, the Spice Girls were indeed so iconic they had dolls modeled after them! The dolls’ heights and body shapes were even made to parallel their real-life counterparts’.


What's the name of this brand of tiny dolls?

The whole concept of Polly Pocket dolls is that they’re, well, pocket-sized – even their houses! There were even Polly Pockets you could wear as necklaces!


Do you know this inspiring line of dolls?

The American Girl doll brand began in 1986 with historically themed dolls, then in 1995 expanded into “Truly Me,” a line where you could customize a doll that looked like you! Understandably, these were all the rage in the '90s and still are today!


What's the name of these aquatic-themed dolls?

Released in 1991, My Pretty Mermaid held many similarities to the My Little Pony Franchise. Each mermaid had a unique design on their tail fin, the commercial jingle was similar, and some mermaids even had the same name as ponies!


Do you know this doll based on a movie character?

Though the 2017 version modeled after Emma Watson was met with some criticism, the original doll was certainly loved by Disney fans! The original Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991, just in time for the ‘90s doll craze!


Can you name this cute fantasy-inspired doll?

Like other Li’l Miss dolls. this doll changed color with cold water. What made this one different – apart from the fact that she had a mermaid tail – is that she sang if you pushed her chest!


Who is this doll based on a sitcom character?

Joey Russo was the hilarious older brother of Blossom, the main character of the eponymous hit TV show. The doll version of him came with super stylish clothes, including a leather and flannel jackets!


Do you know the eating doll pictured here?

This was probably one of the most magical dolls to every girl who owned one. It was as if the doll actually ate what you fed her!


What's the name of this doll in a floral dress?

In this 1996 doll, Barbie’s dress “magically becomes a floral bouquet!” If you pulled the string on the doll, glittery flowers would appear on the dress.


Who is this long-haired doll from 1992?

Dressed in a trendy pink dress, this Barbie doll’s crimped hair reached all the way down to her toes! For the doll’s 25th anniversary, Mattel released an almost-identical doll in 2017.


Which moving baby doll is pictured?

The magic of Baby Tumbles Surprise was that she simply couldn’t stop tumbling over! The secret is that her head is weighted, which makes her flip over.


Do you know these dolls based on TV characters?

Blossom was one of the most popular sitcoms of the early and mid-90s, and the dolls, too, were certainly popular among fans of the show! The dolls perfectly embodied the great fashion sense of the characters.


Do you know the name of this doll with long hair?

This Barbie doll had super long hair (almost to her feet!) and came with glitter and a brush you could use to apply it to her hair. Mila Kunis was in the commercial for this doll too!


Do you know these miniature dolls from the mid-'90s?

Fairy Winkles were similar to Polly Pockets in that they were super tiny! Instead of living in houses, though, the fairies usually lived in things like flowers and jewelry boxes, like a real fairy probably would!


Can you name this line of adoptable dolls?

The Cabbage Patch Kids line began in 1973 under the name “Little People” and weren’t on sale but rather offered for “adoption” (for an adoption fee) at arts and crafts shows. One of the earliest dolls was adopted for $3,000!


Which moving doll from Mattel is shown here?

Baby Rollerblade was another popular moving doll who, you guessed it, rollerbladed all on her own! There also a spin-off male version called “Rollerblade Dude.”


Who is the royally magical doll shown here?

You’d use the little magic wand this doll came with to dispense and attach jewels to her outfit and hair. Her crown and bracelet also doubled as a bracelet and ring, respectively, for you!


What's the name of this 2-in-1 doll set?

One of the more, er, unique dolls on the market during the ‘90s, this doll had a tiny newborn baby doll in her tummy! She also came with accessories such as an “ultrasound,” birth certificate and baby bottle,


Can you tell the name of these distinctive fashion dolls?

These bendy and fashionable dolls gained popularity quickly because they were unique compared to most other fashion dolls of the era! Apart from the eponymous Betty Spaghetty, there were also her best friends Hannah and Zoe.


Can you identify the 5-doll set pictured?

Quints stood for “quintuplets” and, yup, you’d get 5 dolls! They were tiny dolls that came with adorable accessories, including even tinier baby bottles!


Do you know the name of these dolls with crazy hair?

Collecting troll dolls was one of the most exciting pastimes as a ‘90s girl! Though the dolls themselves are obscure nowadays, the spirit of them lives on. Mac released a troll doll-inspired makeup line in 2016 and "Trolls," the DreamWorks movie, came out in the same year too!


Can you name this doll with super long hair?

Released in 1995, Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie was marketed as having “the longest hair ever!” Her hair is almost 5 inches longer than her body, in fact!


Which color-changing doll is pictured here?

Li’l Miss Makeup was the original Li’l Miss doll! There was also a “Triple Change” version of the doll which had 3 different makeup looks activated by either warm, cool or icy water!


Can you identify this doll with unique hidden features?

Dolls from the 1990s were some of the most innovative, and Sally Secrets was no exception. Her torso contained stickers and her feet contained roller stamps and ink pads!


Do you know these royal playsets from the late ‘90s?

These princess castles were a dream come true for a ‘90s girl, and the tiny princess dolls within were just too cute! In 2001, Starcastles were reintroduced separately-branded dolls: Stardancer (or Skydancer) dolls.


Do you know this line of scented dolls?

This 1994 line of dolls was made by Mattel and each came scented and with a small bottle of perfume! Some of the scents were lily for Sleeping Beauty, rose for Belle and jasmine for Jasmine.


What are these snow globe-esque Playskool dolls?

What could be better than the combination of a doll and a snow globe? That’s exactly what Krystal Princesses were! There was also a rare Krystal Prince.


Think you know these Mattel dolls that held a surprise?

Buying Magic Nursery Babies was always exciting because you never knew if you’d get a girl or boy – or even twins – until you opened the box! Dissolving the doll’s dressing gown in water revealed a packet with a “birth certificate” and clothes for your baby.


Can you identify these dolls produced by Mattel?

These 6-and-a-half inch dolls were each scented according to their names. For example, Cookie ‘n Cream, Peach Perfection, and the eponymous Cherry Merry Muffin! They were super popular and had a lot of branded merchandise!


Which flower-themed doll line is this?

This elegant line of scented dolls was made by the same company that made Strawberry Shortcake dolls. They were originally released in 1984 but remained popular throughout the ‘90s!


Think you know this transforming doll?

When you first bought a Sweet Secrets doll, it was just a locket until you unfolded it into a doll person or animal! Later on, Sweet Secrets were released as whole playsets instead of just one doll.


Who is this doll that transformed into a whole playset?

This is one of the later doll lines of the 90s, being produced from 1999 to 2002. Their large skirts opened up to reveal a playset full of accessories!


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