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A statue is a statue is a statue. What else could they be, and what purpose do they serve?

For one, statues in a certain place are commemorative markers of something important in that place. If it's a statue of a person, then it's honoring the person depicted in that statue. Whether he or she is a local hero, a visitor who made a difference, a living legend, or an important historical figure, then that marker should be there, to remember the efforts of such people.  

What if the statues are not of people? Yep, that could also be considered. Many places also have different statues depicting animal figures, and these animals usually represent a concept or an idea. But often, the animal statues could also mean literal things, or symbolically represent something in that area where it is erected.

Travelers who roam the world are interested to see these kinds of statues wherever they go. They are important current markers of historical events and important people or features in the place they're visiting. That's why it's important to take care of these statues and to preserve them.

Think you can name some of these important and popular statues in the USA? Take the quiz and find out!

Featured in countless films and television shows, can you name this very famous US statue?

The Statue of Liberty has a long name. It's called Liberty Enlightening The World.

How about this one commemorating an American president?

President Abraham Lincoln is the one sitting down in this monument. The whole structure is called the Lincoln Memorial.

Familiar with this South Dakota sculpture? What's it called?

Mount Rushmore is located in South Dakota. The whole area is called Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

You know the mouse, but who's the man?

The statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands actually has a title. The statue is known as Partners.

What do you call this statue commemorating soldiers of WWII?

The Marine Corps War Memorial is like a 3D version of a famous photograph that depicts the same imagery. That iconic photo was taken during the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II.

Can you name this iconic animal?

This famous statue is entitled the Charging Bull. But due to its location, people sometimes call it the Wall Street Bull.

Have faith that you can name this one. What is it called?

Christ of the Ozarks is found in Arkansas. It's located atop the Magnetic Mountain.

What do you think this one is called?

Forever Marilyn is a 26-foot tall statue of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. This one travels in different places within the U.S.

And what's this statue named?

The front steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art are now known as the Rocky Steps, where this Rocky statue can be found. It's a tribute to the Sylvester Stallone film, "Rocky," where it was partly shot.

Do you know this one? Name it!

When you visit Rockefeller Center, this Atlas statue is hard to miss. It's 45 feet tall and made of bronze.

What's the title of this recently controversial US statue?

The controversial Fearless Girl statue was placed directly in front of the path of the Charging Bull statue. It has garnered much controversy since it was placed there.

What's the name of this classic?

A statue of Thomas Jefferson could be found inside the Jefferson Memorial. Go see it when you're in the Washington, DC area.

What do you call these identifiable markers?

The Library Lions could be found guarding the New York Public Library. Don't forget to take a selfie with it when you visit the place!

I have a dream that you can name this one, so go ahead.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was unveiled to the public in 2011. It's found in the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Where can you find these statues?

About 19 statues of soldiers are erected at the Korean War Veterans Memorial to honor those who fought and lost their lives in that war. It's also known as the "Forgotten War."

What's this historic one called?

The National Monument to the Forefathers used to be known as the Pilgrims Monument. Whatever it's called, it honors the Mayflower Pilgrims, and made of granite.

And how about this one?

This is the Place Monument commemorates Brigham Young. He is the Church of the Latter Day Saints leader who settled in Salt Lake City where this statue is found.

It's fun to know this! What's the collective name of these statues?

The Peanuts characters are a fun set of statues representing the Peanuts comics gang. They're found in St. Paul, Minnesota, where their creator, Charles M. Schulz, was from.

What do you call this guiding statue?

When you travel through the 12 states of the historic National Old Trails Road, you'll see 12 statues commemorating the pioneer women of that era. The series is called Madonna of the Trail and was commissioned by the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution.

And this one is known as...?

The Spirit of Detroit could be found along Woodward Avenue. You can see the bronze statue there, but be careful of the traffic!

What do you think is the name of this one?

There are several versions of the Statue of John Barry found all over the U.S. It's to commemorate him as the "Father of the American Navy."

What do you think this one is called?

Metalmorphosis can be found in Charlotte’s Whitehall Technology Park. That's in North Carolina.

What's the name of this very famous marker?

The Bunker Hill Monument is actually the obelisk that commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill in Boston. But a statue of a Bunker Hill hero, Colonel William Prescott, was added there, and now stands directly in front of the actual obelisk monument.

How about this foreign marker?

When in Washington, you can see a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Fremont, Seattle. Interesting!

This is supposed to be an honorary statue of which controversial sports person?

If you traveled to the Beaver Stadium in Pennsylvania, you might have seen the Joe Paterno commemorative statue there, prior to 2012. However, since the former coach had an assistant coach under suspicion of child molestation and was convicted, Pennsylvania State University deemed it better to remove the statue altogether.

This memorial is known as what?

The Oglala Lakota warrior named Crazy Horse is the one being honored with this kind of memorial in South Dakota. It's supposed to be bigger than Mount Rushmore!

Can you identify this one? Game!

When you're in Oregon, Illinois, you can visit the Lowden State Park. This is where you'll see the Black Hawk Statue.

Guess what this one is called.

The Jolly Green Giant statue is a representation of the Green Giant canned and frozen veggie products. This popular attraction can be found in Le Sueur, Minnesota.

This historical tribute is called what?

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument can be found in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. It has many statues around it, commemorating many historic things related to Indiana and its soldiers.

Can you identify the god in this statue?

When in Birmingham, Alabama, look at the Vulcan statue there. It's a huge cast iron statue of the Roman God of Fire and Metallurgy.

What's this statue called?

The Hiker is a tribute to American soldiers who fought in various wars, from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, namely the Boxer Rebellion, the Spanish–American War, and the Philippine–American War. Many of these statues are erected all over the USA.

What is the name given to this statue?

The Bowman and the Spearman are two statues riding horses. They could be seen in Chicago, Illinois, specifically at Congress Parkway and Michigan Avenue in Grant Park.

What is this creation called?

The Golden Driller is actually a tribute to the oil drillers of Oklahoma. The statue can be found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specifically near the Tulsa Expo Center

And this one is known as what?

The Lone Sailor is a life-size statue of a sailor, meant to represent and honor the seafarers that served the nation. The first one is found at the United States Navy Memorial in Washington DC, but some similar statues are also erected in other parts of the country.

This benevolent-looking statue is called what?

There are special tours to visit the statue named Our Lady of the Rockies in Montana. It's located atop the Continental Divide mountain area in Butte.

What is this series called?

You can find The Hammering Man in Seattle, Washington. It's near the Seattle Art Museum.

What do you call this unique statue?

The Monument to Joe Louis can be found in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Ask the locals where "The Fist" is, and they'll know.

This super-huge and super-fun statue is known as what?

Drive down to Klamath in California to see the famed Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statue. It's located in the Trees of Mystery tourist attraction.

What is the title of this tribute piece?

When in Oklahoma, try to visit the Pioneer Woman statue in Ponca City. The bronze statue is a benevolent tribute to women.

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