Quiz: Can You Name These Holiday Foods From an Image?
Can You Name These Holiday Foods From an Image?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: ma-k/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Food lovers, here's a great treat for you! Can you name these great food items by looking at the image? We know you can do this!

The holidays is just around the corner. Whether you like it or not, food will always be a huge thing to deal with during such occasions. Whether you're going home for the holidays or you're preparing the meals for yourself and some friends, then it's still going to be such an event to prepare them.

It's interesting to see just what kind of food items will be served on the tables of many households come Christmastime. Many of these food items will definitely have some tinge of nostalgia, as adults prepare food or beverages that they've grown up consuming during these times. For others, it will definitely have some sort of custom of a culture there, meaning that their own food feast will definitely be inspired or influenced by the traditions in their culture. This applies to all cultures, and it will especially be colorful for multicultural households.

So, do you think you can identify some of these typical and traditional food items here? We know you're got the holiday spirit on already, so take a look and see!

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