Can You Name These Iconic '90s Toonami Characters?

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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"What's up Toonami faithful?"

Toonami is by far one of the most iconic and popular animated television programming blocks of all time. Toonami was so influential during this time - and among its cult following, it remains so today. When it was first introduced, Toonami hit kids, teens, and even adults, with a tidal wave of excitement and high flying action; which is on brand, since the name "Toonami" is a portmanteau of the words "tsunami" and "cartoon". This is why it is the perfect topic for a retro quiz that deals with the 90's!

Toonami is notable for not only showcasing American animated series, but also for bringing many Japanese anime series to the United States! However, all good things must eventually come to an end, and after over a decade of highlighting some of the best animated TV shows, Toonami finally ended in 2008. This cancellation was short-lived, with fans who had grown up with Toonami and its host T.O.M. petitioning nonstop for the programming block to return. Toonami has since then been renewed and is currently still going strong!

So, put on your retro goggles for this quiz - and lets go back in time with these iconic 90's Toonami characters!

Wilykat is one half of the “Thunderkittens” and the older brother of Wilykit. While his sister Wilykit is known to be the more carefree and adventurous one of the two, Wilykat’s personality is noticeably more cautious and careful.

When most people think of Transformers, robots that turn into vehicles come to mind. However, with Beast Wars came the introduction of several noticeable differences to the franchise – once such difference was Megatron, who took on a more bestial and dinosaur-like appearance as leader of the Predacons.

In a show that featured countless super-powered aliens and galactic beings, it is sometimes easy to overlook the little guys (literally). Krillin is a short martial artist who is one of the strongest humans in the DBZ universe. He’s also the best friend of protagonist Goku.

The Ronin Warriors are all strong and skilled swordsmen; however, Sage Date stands apart from the rest due to his mature nature. Sage is usually calm and collected unless he is faced with evil or lies (the two things that he hates the most), and he is always formal and proper, even when he is fighting.

The Super Friends (also known formally as the Justice League of America) is a group of Earth’s best superheroes – one of the most notable ones being Batman. Although Batman possesses no special powers or enhanced abilities like his teammates, he has a genius-level intellect and has mastered over 100 fighting styles.

As one of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mercury is a central character in the Sailor Moon franchise. She is shown to have water- (and by extension ice-) based powers, but she is also depicted to be very intelligent and tech savvy as well.

While he may seem like a simple bald old man, Master Roshi is a martial arts master who has trained several Dragon Ball Z characters, including Goku and Krillin. Known also as the “Turtle Hermit," he is over 300 years old and also somewhat of a pervert.

While Jonny and Hadji are adventurous and somewhat immature at times, Jessie Bannon serves as a contrasting mature female character. However, she is still very brave and daring in her own right, and she is also a tomboy as well.

Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino) is the de facto leader of the Sailor Senshi and the titular character of the TV show, Sailor Moon. As her name suggests, she has been shown to have abilities that draw their power from moonlight, as well as also healing, sound and energy.

The “Man of Steel” is one of the most iconic superheroes in the world and also one of the most powerful. Superman is not only a member of the Super Friends, he also (for all intents and purposes) the leader of the team as well.

"Guarded by Pluto, planet of time. I am the soldier of revolution, Sailor Pluto!" This is Sailor Pluto’s introduction to viewers and as this statement suggests, her powers are time-based – premonitions, a sense for time distortions, and even the dangerous (to her health) ability to stop time.

One of the most dangerous and sadistic villains in Dragon Ball Z, the bio-android Cell was created to be the perfect warrior. While his original purpose was simply to kill Goku, he soon simply became obsessed with attaining power, testing his limits and proving himself to be the strongest warrior.

Conqueror, warlord, and at one point in time even the vehement emperor of the known Dragon Ball Z universe, Frieza is by far one of the most memorable villains in the Dragon Ball Z series and anime in general. He was eventually defeated by Goku, ending his tyrannical reign in the process.

Also known as the "Soldier of Flight”, "Soldier of the Heavens" or the "Soldier of Sky," Sailor Uranus is the seventh Sailor Senshi to be introduced in the anime. As her titles suggest, she has powers that are based around the sky; she is also the wielder of the Space Sword.

The eldest son of the dead king of the fallen Saiyan race, Vegeta is officially the Prince of all Saiyans (those that still remain). Originally introduced as a villain serving under Frieza, Vegeta has since then progressed to being an anti-hero (and even a full-blown hero at times).

Ryo Sanada – also known as Ryo of the Wildfire – is one of the main characters of the series and the leader of the Ronin Warriors. As his title suggests, his armor has the ability to draw power from virtually any fire source.

The main character of Dragon Ball Z, Goku (Sayian name “Kakarot”) was originally sent to Earth to destroy it; however, he has ironically become Earth’s greatest defender, saving the planet, its inhabitants, and even the universe, multiple times. Goku is undeniably “pure of heart” and has an insatiable love for food.

The main character of the ThunderCats series, Lion-O is the leader of the group and the rightful “Lord of the ThunderCats”. Although he was initially portrayed as being somewhat immature at the start of the series, he eventually matured and learned to be an effective leader.

Mumm-Ra (also known as Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living), serves as the main antagonist for the ThunderCats series. A truly formidable opponent for the ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra has consistently shown that he has an extensive mastery over countless forms of magic.

Arthur Curry, more commonly known as Aquaman, is one of the founding members of the Super Friends and more importantly, the King of Atlantis. As a royal Atlantean, Aquaman has superhuman strength and speed, control over all marine animals, and the ability to control water as well.

While most people may simply know him as being the faithful sidekick of Batman, Robin also served as an integral part of the Super Friends. Due to his young age compared to other superheroes, coupled with his extraordinary skills, he earned the name the “Boy Wonder”.

“Protected by Saturn, the planet of Destruction, Guardian of Silence.” Sailor Saturn’s introduction sounds ominous for a reason, since she is quite possibly the most feared and powerful Sailor Guardian – she has been shown to be able to destroy entire worlds.

Kento Rei Fang (also known as Kento of Hardrock) is quite possibly the strongest member of the Ronin Warriors. His armor is shown to be powered by the earth and he has even used attacks that have caused massive earthquakes.

Phong is by far the oldest sprite that lives in Mainframe and he also serves as the city’s leader. He lives in the city’s central operating center – Principal Office – and is responsible for the smooth running and safety of the city.

Hadji Singh is one of the main characters of the Jonny Quest TV series and also the adoptive brother of the titular character. He is shown to be extremely intelligent and levelheaded, being a direct contrast to his brother Jonny’s impulsive behavior.

Across the entire Dragon Ball franchise, Bulma is notable for being the longest-running female character and second longest-running character overall after the main character Goku. She is an extraordinarily gifted scientist, Goku’s first and oldest friend, and the wife of Vegeta.

In the world of ReBoot, Hexadecimal is a virus who exhibits immense power that is only matched by her unpredictable insanity. As a result of this, she is fittingly titled as the undisputed Queen of Chaos – and she is inherently programed to cause chaos and malfunction within a computer program.

Tuxedo Mask is the main male character of the Sailor Moon series and a faithful ally to the Sailor Soldiers. His first appearance in the series had him coming to the aid of the titular character in one of her first fights.

One of the members of the elite team known as the ThunderCats, Tygra is as fierce as he is smart. He serves as council leader for the ThunderCats and is also a scientist and an architect as well.

Wilykit is a female thunderkitten, the youngest member of the ThunderCats and the sister of Wilykat. She is noticeably more free-spirited and daring than her brother, who she spends most of her time going on adventures with.

Former leader of Voltron and currently a member of the Blade of Marmora, Keith is one of the key characters of the series. While he is temperamental and relatively hotheaded, he has also exhibited positive traits such as bravery and is constantly striving for justice.

The Flash – also referred to as the “fastest man alive” or the “scarlet speedster” – is a superhero who hails from Central City. True to his name, he has the ability to run multiple times faster than the speed of sound and even travel through time using the speed force.

The Amazon princess from Paradise Island, Wonder Woman is a powerful superhero and a skilled warrior. She has immense super strength, inhuman reflexes and accelerated healing. On the TV show she was known for her iconic magic lasso and her invisible jet.

The title character of the Jonny Quest TV show, 14-year-old Jonny Quest is the son of renowned scientist Dr. Benton Quest. Jonny is a headstrong individual who prefers to tackle problems head on. His adventurous nature makes him reckless and even impulsive at times.

Trunks is the son of Bulma, a wealthy scientist and Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans. This combination of parentage makes him a bit of a spoiled brat – since he is both rich and technically a prince himself as well. When we first see him, Trunks has traveled back in time to warn his friends and family about the impending danger of the evil Androids.

The green Namekian warrior Piccolo (actually Piccolo Jr.) is one of the strongest defenders of the planet Earth – although he originally debuted as an enemy of Goku. Compared to many of the other fighters in Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo focuses primarily on strategy and tactics, instead of just only on brute force.

Cye Mouri – also known as Cye of the Torrent – is a skilled warrior and one of the noble five Ronin Warriors. Compared to the other Ronin Warriors, Cye is notable for being especially calm, even when faced with adversity. His armor draws power from any source of water.

While average fans of Transformers may be used to the main character Optimus Prime transforming into a truck of some sort, his Beast Wars counterpart (Optimus Primal) instead took on the form of a “King Kong-sized” gorilla. While this temporary change was loved by some fans, other vehemently decried it with condemnations like “Truck Not Monkey”.

Anubis is a 400-year-old swordsman who wields the Armor of Cruelty (Armor of the Ogre) and as a result was also at one point in time the Warlord of Cruelty. However, he eventually was able to break free of the evil of the Dynasty and leave his life as the leader of the Dark Warlord behind.

The first son of the main protagonist Goku and his wife Chi-Chi, Gohan is the first half-Earthling, half Saiyan to appear in the TV show. While he is not as passionate about fighting as his younger brother and his father, Gohan is still one of Earth’s mightiest defenders. Gohan is named in honor of Goku’s adoptive grandfather.

Sailor Venus is the fifth Sailor Senshi to join the TV show’s group of heroes. Like her namesake Venus would suggest, some of her main powers are based around love; however, she has also been shown to have light-based powers and metal-based powers as well.

One of the primary characters of the TV show ReBoot, Bob is a protector of Mainframe – responsible for defending it against threats both external and internal. Bob is known for his impulsive nature, his “take things as they come” attitude, and his regularly broken convertible that he is always fixing.

Sailor Mars is the third Sailor Senshi to join the TV show’s group of heroes. Like her namesake planet, her primary color is red. Her most notable powers are based around aspects of fire and she has also been shown to have psychic abilities as well.

The beautiful Princess Allura is the princess of planet Altea. She is also sadly one of the only few Alteans who are still alive in the universe. She is a well-trained fighter and also has some ability to manipulate magical energies. She eventually becomes the pilot of the Blue Lion.

Rowen Hashiba – also known as Rowen of the Strata – is one of the main characters of the TV show and one of the five noble Ronin Warriors. He is the smartest Ronin Warrior by far (with an IQ of 250) and his armor draws power from the element of air.

One of the main characters of the TV show, Dr. Benton Quest is father of the titular character Jonny Quest. Dr. Benton Quest is known for being a world-renowned scientist and also a skilled phenomenologist. He also eventually founded the successful Quest Enterprises.

Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, is a staunch member of the Super Friends and one of the greatest defenders of Earth. Known also as “The Emerald Archer” or “The World’s Greatest Archer," his costume is noticeably similar to the clothing of Robin Hood.

Snarf is a companion to the ThunderCats and was Lion-O’s caretaker during his younger years. Snarf is not a fighter like most of the other characters on the TV show; however, he does have the ability to talk to animals and is exceptionally kindhearted.

Sailor Neptune is one of the gallant Sailor Senshi and her origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery. Like her name suggests, she draws power from the ocean and the sea; however, she also has some level of psychic-based powers as well.

An invaluable member of the ThunderCats and also a female Thundarian noble, Cheetara is both a fierce fighter and caring ally. She is incredibly fast, and while her top speed is unmeasured, her simple jogging speed has been recorded at a whopping 120 mph.

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