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"O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!" When it comes to the land of the free and the home of the brave, or the United States, rather, there are tons of well-known cities. Can you name them all from a well-known fact?

There are a few major cities within the United States that you'll see people from all around the world come to visit. With the beacon of the Statue of Liberty standing over the largest city in the country, this makes New York City a hot spot. Millions of people travel from all over the world to take a picture with the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and step along the Walk of Fame. Even with these two coastal cities acting as lighthouses to the United States, we can't forget our other beloved cities! 

Where are you going if you're traveling to the "Windy City" to eat a deep dish pizza in front of The Bean? To visit the heart of country music, you might travel to this Southern city. You might want to imagine the ringing of the Liberty Bell in this Pennsylvania hub. 

The United States has tons of major cities with tons of history like Houston, Boston, and Seattle. How many of them can you name from a well-known fact? Are you ready to take this trip around the United States? Let's find out!

This is the largest city in the US and is made up of 5 boroughs…

The five boroughs of New York City are Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Under the 1898 City Charter adopted by the New York State Legislature, a "borough" is a municipal corporation that is created when a county is merged with populated areas within it.


This city is home to the famous Hollywood sign and the motion picture industry…

The Hollywood Sign is an American cultural icon and landmark located in Los Angeles, California. "HOLLYWOOD" is spelled out in 44-foot white capital letters and is 352 feet long!


Craving a delicious deep-dish pizza and your photo in front of The Bean? Head to ________.

Cloud Gate, also known as "the bean" is a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Sir Anish Kapoor. It is located in the center of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park in Chicago.


___________ is the home of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, as well as his Ranch!

The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center where human spaceflight training, research, and flight control are conducted. It was named in honor of President Johnson, by an act of the US Senate on February 19, 1973.


You can eat a cheese-steak and see the Liberty Bell all while visiting _________.

A cheesesteak is a sandwich made from thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak and melted cheese in a long hoagie roll. It is a popular fast food with roots in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!


This city is home of The Alamo...

San Antonio is home to approximately 1.4 million people. It was founded on May 1, 1718 and is named for Saint Anthony of Padua.


Ever been to Cowboys Stadium? This city is home to America's football team...

Now called AT&T Stadium, Cowboys Stadium is a retractable roof stadium located in Arlington, Texas. Its seating capacity is 80,000 people!


_________ hosts a famous festival called SXSW each year...

SXSW stands for South by Southwest. Inaugurated in 1987, it is a conglomerate of interactive media, music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas.


The Golden Gate Bridge is located in ________ and is one of the most photographed bridges in the world...

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate. The Golden Gate is the one-mile-wide strait which connects San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.


Located in the mid-west, __________ is the site of the world-famous 500-mile automobile race!

The Indianapolis 500 is part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport. The other two include the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Monaco Grand Prix.


This city is known as the Mile-High City...

Denver is nicknamed the Mile High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile above sea level. It is the highest major city in the United States.


_______ is the home of America's Capitol Building and the White House.

The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. It has been the residence of every U.S. president since John Adams in 1800!


This US city is the site of the oldest and most prestigious annual marathon in the world!

Established in 1897, the Boston Marathon is held annually on Patriots' Day - the third Monday of April. It begins in Hopkinton and travels 26.2 miles to downtown Boston!


Feeling lucky? Head to ________ for some gambling and good times.

Las Vegas has numerous nicknames. They include: Sin City, City of Lights, The Gambling Capital of the World, Capital of Second Chances, The Marriage Capital of the World and America's Playground!


If you're a fan of Elvis Presley, you've definitely been to Graceland in ________.

Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. Known as the King of Rock and Roll, he died of a heart attack at the age of 42 in Memphis, Tennessee.


Aspiring country singer? Show off your voice in this US city...

Nashville is the capital and largest city of the state of Tennessee. Its current Mayor is Megan Barry, the first woman to hold this office!


In 1971, world-famous Starbucks coffee was founded in ________.

Starbucks is no longer JUST in Seattle. Nope! There are 23,758 locations WORLDWIDE!


Just 38 miles from __________ is the United States Marine Corps Base of Camp Pendleton.

Camp Pendleton is the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps. The site was built in March 1942 and is still in use today. Its current commander is BGen Kevin J. Killea.


This US city is known as the Vegas of the east coast...

Atlantic City is known for its casinos, boardwalks, and beaches. The city is known to have inspired the American version of the board game Monopoly!


This city was the home of the first baseball stadium, built in 1909...

Located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is home to more than 305,000 residents. It is the 63rd largest city in the United States!


Did you know that ________ was the first city in the country to install a traffic light back in 1914?

Not only was Cleveland the location of the first traffic light, in 1930, they were also the site of the first air traffic control tower! "Progress & Prosperity" is the city's motto.


This city is known as both "Motor City" and the "Car Capital of the World"...

The name Detroit comes from the French word détroit meaning strait. The city is a major port on the Detroit River, one of the four major straits that connect the Great Lakes system to the Saint Lawrence Seaway.


Wanting to celebrate Mardi Gras this year? Head to _______!

Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday." It reflects the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season.


_________ is home to the Dolphins, Marlins and the Heat.

The Miami Dolphins are the city's NFL team. The Miami Marlins are its MLB team, and the Miami Heat are the city's NBA team!


This was the host city of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games...

The 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta took place between July 19 - August 4. There were 10,320 athletes in total, representing 197 nations in 26 different sports!


There's only one reason you go to _______... Walt Disney World!

Orlando's nickname is The City Beautiful. Home to approximately 238,000 people, it is visited by more than 68 MILLION people each year - mostly who come to visit Walt Disney World and the other parks!


Before Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States, he lived in this mid-western city...

Little Rock derives its name from a rock formation along the river, named "la petite roche" by the French explorer Jean-Baptiste Bénard de la Harpe in the 1720s. The William J. Clinton Presidential Library is located there today.


If you drive a car, your tires were most likely made in _______, the Rubber City.

Akron was co-founded along the Little Cuyahoga River in 1825 by Simon Perkins and Paul Williams. Residents of the city are called Akronites.


This City of Roses, is known for hosting the annual college Rose Bowl football game and the Tournament of the Roses parade each year...

The Rose Bowl is nicknamed "The Granddaddy of Them All" because it is the oldest bowl game. It was first played in 1902, and has been played annually since 1916, generally on New Year's Day!


The Blue Devils of Duke University hail from this US city...

Duke University was established in 1838. The school is known for its academics, as well as athletics. There are approximately 6,500 undergraduate students.


America's beloved Miller Brewing Company maintains its headquarters in __________.

The Miller Brewing Company was founded in 1855 by Frederick Miller after his emigration from Hohenzollern, Germany. The brewery's location in the Miller Valley in Milwaukee provided easy access to raw materials produced on nearby farms!


This city is famous for straddling the border between Kansas and Missouri!

The state of Missouri is home to about 6 million residents, whereas Kansas is much less populated with 2.9 million residents. The city of Kansas City spans 8,472 square miles between the states.


_______, the "Valley of the Sun", is known for its cotton, cattle, citrus, climate and copper!

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and also the fifth most populous city in the United States. The city is known for its "Five Cs" of the economy.


__________, Massachusetts is home to two of the world's most prestigious universities: Harvard and MIT.

Situated directly north of Boston, across the Charles River, Cambridge was named in honor of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom! Its motto is "Distinguished for Classical Learning and New Institutions".


This city is regarded as the most tax-friendly city in the United States!

Anchorage was settled in 1914 and is named for the anchorage at the mouth of Ship Creek! Its location on Earth puts it just 9.5 hours by air to nearly 90% of the entire industrialized world!


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