Quiz: Can You Name These NFL Stars Who Went Undrafted?
Can You Name These NFL Stars Who Went Undrafted?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Dmytro Aksonov / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

As football fans, it's easy to go back and look at a player's career to judge just how big of a star the player was during the prime years of their time in the NFL. However, before these players ever made it into the league, they were judged by professional scouts and coaches who had to make the tough choice of taking them in the draft or not, and of course, some future stars never made it onto the draft boards. 

It's hard to be a scout, though. After all, some players are just developing when the time comes to enter the league. That means many of the best players go undrafted during one of the most pivotal times of their lives. The best of these players never quit, however, as they fight for a spot on an NFL roster. 

Do you know which players went on to have exceptional careers, winning Super Bowls, making Pro Bowls and earning their way into the Hall of Fame despite not being drafted? Here's a quiz where you can find out just that. 

If you think you know all of the greatest NFL stars who went undrafted, get started with this quiz and see if you would make a decent NFL scout! 

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