Can You Name These Old Testament Characters From a One-Sentence Summary?


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The characters from the Old Testament are timeless, and their archetypes inform our everyday lives. In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of some of the most important players from one of the most important books ever written. Amen.

The first man, created from dust.

Adam, from the book of Genesis, was the first man ever created. "By one man sin entered the world" (Rom 5:12)

The first woman, mother of all living.

Eve was the first woman ever created. She came from Adam's rib, and she ate forbidden fruit.

He killed his brother, Abel.

Cain killed his brother, Abel. He did it even though he was offered an acceptable offering.

He built an ark.

Noah is one of the most famous biblical figures. He built an ark, saved the animals and saved 8 people.

Father of believers who left Ur.

Abraham was the father of believers. He left Ur, the nation that was given to him. He was the 1st patriarch.

A spy who said Israel could defeat the Canaanites.

Caleb was one of two spies. He believed that Israel could defeat the Canaanites.

He had a speaking donkey and cursed Israel.

Balaam was the prophet who was paid by Balak to curse Israel as they passed. He had a talking donkey.

The last judge.

Samuel was the last judge. He was known for his wicked sons, and for being the first of the line of prophets.

His animal offerings were accepted by God.

Abel was killed by his brother, Cain. His animal offerings were accepted by God.

He looked on his father Noah's nakedness.

Ham was the son of Noah. His son was cursed because he looked upon his father naked. Never do that.

The son of Noah whom Jesus and Jews came from.

Shem was the son of Noah who started an important seed line. It led all the way to Jesus and the Jews.

How many sons did Noah have?

Noah had three sons. His third son was Japeth. He was saved on the ark by his father.

Abraham's servant.

Eleazer was the servant of Abraham. He was famous for going to Haran to find a wife for Isaac.

The wife who was found in Haran for Isaac.

Rebekkah was the wife whom Eleazer found in Haran. She married Isaac, and she helped Jacob deceive his dying father.

How many sons did Jacob have?

Jacob was Isaac's son. He had 12 sons by two different wives, and two different handmaids.

Jacob's twin

Esau was Jacob's twin brother. He was the father of the Edomites, even though Jacob took his birthright and blessing.

Who was Jacob's favorite son?

Joseph was Jacob's favorite son. He was sold into slavery in Egypt, and eventually brought Jacob's family to Goshen.

The king and the Messiah came from his tribe.

Judah was one of Jacob's sons, as well. He would create the tribe that the king and Messiah would come from.

Parted the Red Sea.

Moses did a lot of great things in his day. He led the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, parted the Red Sea and discovered the 10 Commandments.

Made the golden calf.

Aaron was Moses' brother. He made the famous golden calf, and he was the first high priest.

Moses' sister, struck with leprosy.

Miriam was Moses' sister and a prophetess. She was struck with leprosy, and criticized Moses' marriage.

Harlot of Jericho

Rahab was the harlot of Jericho. That poor girl. She was spared death because she hid the Israelite spies.

16 men chosen to defeat Israel's enemies.

The Judges were the 16 men chosen to defeat the Israelite enemies. They were chosen by God.

Defeated Midianites with 300 men.

Gideon defeated the Midianites with 300 men. He was a judge of Israel, and asked for signs with the fleece.

She was the only woman judge.

Deborah was the only female judge. She defeated Sisera with Barak's help.

She heard of the wisdom of Solomon.

The Queen of Sheba heard of the wisdom of Solomon. "The half has not been told"

She was the wicked wife of Ahab.

Jezebel was the wicked wife of Ahab, the king of Israel. She had Naboth killed to get his vineyard from Ahab.

Healed Namaan of leprosy.

Elisha was the one who took Elijah's place, and received a double portion of his power. She also healed Namaan of leprosy.

Replaced Vashti as Queen of Persia.

Esther replaced Vashti as the Queen of Persia. She also saved the Jews from Haman's plot.

Helped Esther save the Jews.

Mordecai was a relative of Esther. He helped her save the Jews, and refused to bow to Haman.

Saved from Sodom and Gomorrah.

Lot was Abraham's nephew. He was saved from Sodom and Gomorrah.

Gave birth at age 90.

Sarah was Abraham's wife. She gave birth to Isaac at age 90.

Sarah's handmaid who bore Ishmael.

Hagar was Sarah's handmaid who bore Ishmael. Abraham cast Hagar and Ishmael out of the tribe.

Father of Moses' wife, Zipporah.

Jethro was Moses' father-in-law and advisor. He was the father of Moses' wife, Zipporah.

Asked God to make the sun stand still in battle.

Joshua was Moses' successor. He led the Israelites into Canaan. He also asked God to make sun stand still in battle.

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