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Calling all Major League Baseball fans! Grab your glove and pack up the Cracker Jacks, we're taking you out to the ball game! From the mound to the plate, it's time to see just how well you know these popular MLB pitchers.

How exactly do you make a name for yourself and become a popular MLB pitcher? You win games, of course! You pull through with the clutch moves at the most intense moments! With all eyes on you in a stadium filled with passionate fans hootin' and hollerin', heckling and more, we want to know if you can shine through it all! Because if so, you might just make this list! From the Boston Red Sox to the San Francisco Giants, did you know that each team in the league has at least 11 pitchers? Whether they are a starter like Dallas Keuchel, a relief pitcher like Mariano Rivera or a closer like Matt Barnes, popular MLB pitchers have one thing in common - they help win games! And as any fan knows, when your team wins games, the World Series trophy comes into sight - what could be better than that!?

The time has come to show your skills and only a true fan can ace this quiz. Think you can hit this one out of the park?!

He made his MLB debut with the Cincinnati Reds in 2010. Who is this pitcher at bat?

Mike Leake played college baseball at Arizona State University before the Cincinnati Reds selected him in the first round of the 2009 MLB draft. While his pitching record currently stands at 99-93, he is also regarded as one of the league's strongest pitchers at bat.


He was the 2015 NL Comeback Player of the Year. Do you recognize this pitcher?

Matt Harvey, a native of Connecticut, was drafted by the New York Mets in 2007. He made his debut with the team in 2012 and helped lead them to the World Series in 2015. (They were defeated by the Kansas City Royals though!)


Do you know this pitcher who was the sixth overall pick of the 2009 MLB Draft?

Zachary Harrison Wheeler was selected by the San Francisco Giants in 2009, but he made his MLB debut with the New York Mets in 2013. A surprising fun fact about Wheeler is that he is a right-handed pitcher, but he bats left.


He made his professional debut in Japan with the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, but he now pitches for the Los Angeles Angels. Who is he?

Shohei Ohtani is a native of Japan where he once recorded a 99 mph fastball as a high-school pitcher. Today he is a right-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels and occasionally serves as a designated hitter and outfielder. He has hit 31 home runs thus far in his MLB career.


He was a Red Sox pitcher from 2006 - 2014. Can you name him?

Jon Lester is a left-handed starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. He is a five-time All-Star and three-time World Series champion - winning with the Red Sox in 2007 and 2013, and the Chicago Cubs in 2016.


They thought he had stage fright, but he proved them wrong. Who is this 2018 AL Comeback Player of the Year?

David Price has been an MLB starting pitcher since 2008. Previously criticized for waning under pressure, he proved critics wrong in 2018 as he helped lead the Boston Red Sox to their fourth title in 15 years!


He was the 2018 NL saves leader. Who is the pitcher seen here?

Wade Davis made his debut in 2009 and has since pitched for the Tampa Bay Rays, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies. He is a three-time All-Star, a 2015 World Series champion, and has recorded 122 saves in his career.


He was once the oldest active MLB player. What pitcher is seen here?

Bartolo Colón began his career with the Cleveland Indians in 1997. Since then, he has pitched for 11 different teams. At 45 years old, he was once the oldest active player in Major League Baseball. And oh, he goes by the nickname "Big Sexy."


A two-time AL Cy Young Award winner, which starting pitcher is seen in this photo?

Corey Kluber went unselected in the 2004 MLB draft, but by 2007, he was signed by the San Diego Padres. He made his MLB debut in 2011 for the Cleveland Indians and has been one of their starting pitchers ever since.


He pitched 13 seasons for the Tigers from 2005 - 2017. Who is this starter?

Justin Verlander is quite the decorated pitcher. He is a seven-time All-Star, two-time MLB wins leader, and five-time AL strikeout leader. He has also won the World Series, AL MVP, AL Cy Young, AL Rookie of the Year and pitched two no-hitters in his career!


A 2018 World Series starting pitcher, who is seen here?

Chris Sale was the Red Sox's starting pitcher in Game 1 of the 2018 World Series between the Red Sox and the Dodgers. He was also the closer in Game 5. Sale currently holds two MLB records: fewest innings pitched to reach 1,500 strikeouts and strikeout-to-walk ratio career leader.


He pitched for the Kansas City Royals in the 2015 World Series. Can you name this player?

Johnny Cueto was born in the Dominican Republic in 1986. He made his MLB debut with the Cincinnati Reds in 2008 and one his first World Series with the Kansas City Royals in 2015. He was the NL strikeout leader in 2014.


He was drafted in the 16th round of the 2000 draft by the Tampa Bay Rays. Who is this pitcher?

After six years in the minors, James Shields made his MLB debut in 2006 with the Tampa Bay Rays. Since then, he has played with the Royals, Padres and White Sox, recording 2,234 strikeouts.


A three-time NL MVP, who is this starting pitcher?

Clayton Kershaw has pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2008. And he's fit to stay! He signed a franchise record seven-year contract with the Dodgers in 2013 worth $215 million.


He was a college shortstop turned professional pitcher. Can you name him?

Jacob deGrom holds two MLB records. He has had 26 consecutive starts allowing three runs or fewer, and he is tied for the most consecutive strikeouts (8) to start a game. He was also the 2018 NL Cy Young winner and MLB ERA leader.


He has pitched for the Pirates and the Astros. Do you know who this is?

Since making his MLB debut in 2013, Gerrit Cole has recorded 74 wins and 47 losses, 1,010 strikeouts and an earned run average of 3.37. Did you know he struck out the first batter he pitched to in the MLB?


He was a closer for the 2006 NLCS and World Series. Which pitcher is seen in this photo?

Adam Wainwright has played with the St. Louis Cardinals sine 2005. He began as a relief pitcher, but he soon became a clutch closer, helping the Cardinals to win the 2006 World Series. He has been a starting pitcher ever since.


He was the NL wins leader in 2012. Do you recognize this pitcher?

Gio Gonzalez was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the first round of the 2004 MLB draft. After his success in the minors, he was called up for his MLB debut with the Oakland Athletics in 2008. He has since struck out 1,746 batters.


His nickname s "Tsunami." Who is this pitcher?

Carlos Martinez is a right-handed pitcher who signed with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2010. Since making his MLB debut in 2013, he has recorded 54 wins and 38 losses, 800 strikeouts and an earned run average of 3.37.


A former California State University pitcher, which of the following has been with the Cincinnati Reds since 2015?

The Cincinnati Reds selected Michael Lorenzen in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft. But that wasn't the first time he was drafted. He had been chosen by the Tampa Bay Rays in 2010 but opted to enroll in California State University instead.


He was the 17th overall pick of the 2002 MLB draft. Can you name this pitcher?

Cole Hamels has played with the Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers and now with the Chicago Cubs. He not only won the World Series with the Phillies in 2008, but he was also named the series MVP.


A native of Osaka, Japan, who is this right-handed pitcher?

Before joining the Texas Rangers in 2012, Yu Darvish was an All-Star pitcher in Japan. His initial contract with the Rangers was for six years and $60 million. The very next year, he ended the season as the AL strikeout leader.


He made his MLB debut on July 10, 2013. Do you recognize this pitcher?

Sonny Gray was selected by the Oakland Athletics in the first round of the 2011 MLB draft. He made his debut just two years later. In 2015, he was made the All-Star team. Gray was recently traded to the Cincinnati Reds.


Known for his triple-digit fastball and interesting pre-pitch stance, who is this pitcher?

Craig Kimbrel is a seven-time All-Star and the youngest player in MLB history to record 300 saves. He has played with the Braves, Padres and Red Sox with whom he won the World Series in 2018.


He has pitched for the Diamondbacks and now the Nationals. Who is this pitcher?

Patrick Corbin is a two-time All-Star with a win-loss record of 61-59. Since making his debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2010, he has missed just one season after suffering an ulnar collateral ligament injury. He began playing with the Washington Nationals in 2019 and is a starting pitcher.


His latest MLB contract was for three years and $38 million with the Chicago Cubs. Do you recognize him?

Tyler Chatwood began his MLB pitching career in 2011 with the Los Angeles Angels. Since then, he has pitched for the Colorado Rockies and now the Chicago Cubs. He has an earned run average of 4.40 and 548 strikeouts on record.


A three-time Cy Young recipient, who is this veteran pitcher?

Max Scherzer has pitched for the Diamondbacks, Tigers and now the Nationals. He is a six-time All-Star, four-time wins leader, three-time NL strikeout leader and has thrown two no-hitters thus far in his career.


He made his debut in 2004 at just 20 years old. Do you know this pitcher?

Right-handed Zack Greinke is a five-time Gold Glove Award winner and two-time MLB ERA leader. He has pitched for the Royals, Brewers, Angels, Dodgers and is currently with the Diamondbacks.


The No.1 pick of the 2009 MLB draft, who is seen in this photo?

Stephen Strasburg was the first overall pick of the 2009 draft. He has pitched for the Washington Nationals ever since. His record includes 1,444 strikeouts, an ERA of 3.14 and 94 wins.


He was the opening day starting pitcher in 2017 and 2018. Who is this pitcher?

Noah Syndergaard was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2010 draft but made his debut with the New York Mets. He is 6 feet, 6 inches tall and can throw a fastball up to 101 miles per hour.


He has pitched two no-hitters in his career. Can you name this pitcher?

Jake Arrieta pitched and won Games 2 and 6 of the 2016 World Series, helping lead the Chicago Cubs to their first title after 108 years. Two years later, he signed with the Philadelphia Phillies where he plays today.


He is a former player in the Japanese professional baseball league. Do you recognize this Yankee pitcher?

Masahiro Tanaka signed a seven-year contract with the Yankees worth $155 million. Since 2014, he has recorded 64 wins, 34 losses, 798 strikeouts and an earned run average of 3.59.


He is 6 feet, 5 inches tall and has won three World Series championships. Who is he?

Madison Bumgarner's nickname is MadBum. He has pitched for the San Francisco Giants since 2009 and won the World Series with the team in 2010, 2012 and 2014. He was named World Series MVP in 2014.


A native of Cuba, who is this left-handed pitcher?

Albertín Aroldis Chapman de la Cruz is nicknamed the "Cuban Flame Thrower." He holds the MLB records for the fastest pitch thrown in MLB history at 105.1 miles per hour, as well as the fastest MLB pitcher to reach 500 strikeouts.


He is referred to as a "King." Who is this Venezuelan pitcher?

Félix Hernández's nickname is King Félix. He made his MLB debut in 2005 with the Seattle Mariners and continues to play with them today. Hernández is a six-time All-Star and pitched a perfect game on August 15, 2012.


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