Quiz: Can You Name These TV Show Characters Who Worked in Hospitals?
Can You Name These TV Show Characters Who Worked in Hospitals?
By: Becky Stigall
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We can guess that most daytime soap opera characters worked in hospitals, but what about characters in other television shows? How well do you know these television hospital employees?

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What Zach Braff character is the lead on "Scrubs"?
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What title character is a diagnostician on "House"?
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What "Grey's Anatomy" character is Meredith's "person"?
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What "M*A*S*H" character was played by Alan Alda?
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What "Scrubs" regular is buddies with J.D.?
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What "Nurse Jackie" title character has a drug problem?
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What "Call the Midwife" main character left the show after season three?
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What neurologist is one of House's original diagnostics team?
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What "Scrubs" female character has a man's name?
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What "Private Practice" neonatal surgeon was once married to a character on "Grey's Anatomy"?
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What "M*A*S*H" physician was known as Ferret Face?
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What "Grey's Anatomy" character eventually becomes a pediatric surgeon?
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What "House" character was an immunologist on the original diagnostics team?
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What season five "Walking Dead" character is a doctor at Grady Memorial Hospital?
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What "E.R." medical student left the show after 11 seasons?
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What adolescent doctor was played by Neil Patrick Harris?
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What original member of House's diagnostics team specialized in intensive care medicine?
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What title character on "Grey's Anatomy" is played by Ellen Pompeo?
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What "E.R." original character went on to become a huge movie star?
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What "M*A*S*H" head nurse was on-again, off-again with Frank Burns?
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What surgical intern on "Grey's Anatomy" was killed off at the end of season five?
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What "E.R." nurse attempted suicide in the pilot episode?
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What Director of Nursing and title character is played by Jada Pinkett Smith?
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What "Scrubs" nurse marries Turk?
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What Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedic was played by Randolph Mantooth on "Emergency!"?
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Denzel Washington played what "St. Elsewhere" doctor?
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What "Chicago Hope" doctor once had a guest spot on "Happy Days"?
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What 1970s doctor and title character was played by Robert Young?
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What "St. Elsewhere" doctor was played by a game show host?
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What "Chicago Hope" surgeon was played by Mandy Patinkin?
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What "Nip/Tuck" plastic surgeon is the biological father of his partner's son?
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What "Royal Pains" character is a concierge doctor?
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What "Chicago Hope" cardiac surgeon was played by Christine Lahti?
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What 1960s television show starred Richard Chamberlain in the title role?
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What "Nip/Tuck" plastic surgeon married his college sweetheart?
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