Can You Name These U.S. States by Their Shapes?

By: Olivia Cantor
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The United States of America is a very diverse and eclectic land. And you can already see that just by looking at a map.

The very extensive map of America is an interesting layout to study for map enthusiasts. One can see the various ways that each state neatly connects to another. And some of the states also have distinguishable shapes that are instantly recognizable, visually, because their borders are formed by rivers, coastlines or other natural geographic features.

The fun of reading the U.S. map also lies in noticing which states border which other states, and how their natural wonders and man-made attractions differ. So if you are planning on a road trip or a train trip across this great nation, then you can see how the states will connect your path for you. And there is always more than one path to exploring this vast and beautiful land.

By looking at the map, you can also see some cultural nuances, both the distinct differences and the cool similarities. Wouldn't it be fun to just explore these sub-regions of the country and see what they all have to offer? So perhaps through this quiz, we can experience that. 

Try your luck? Let's go!

That unmistakable long shape is California. It's like the definitive shape of the West Coast.

That shape is Florida. It's really sunny there.

This group of islands makes up Hawaii. The Aloha State is a nice place for a vacay.

Who wouldn't recognize the shape of Texas? It's so unique that it stands out!

Wyoming is that square-shaped state. It's so easy to spot, isn't it?

That tiny speck with the complex coastline is Rhode Island. Yep, it's there!

Ohio's shape is like a vampire with its cape all opened up. That, or we vampire lovers watch too many movies!

New York's outline touches the border of Canada. Remember that! It also borders Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont.

What does Oklahoma's shape look like to you? For chefs, it might look like a huge butcher knife!

Virginia's shape is an interesting one. It looks like an elaborate ladies' hat! It's known as the Old Dominion State.

New Mexico's shape is a bit squarish, like some others. But that small extension below it marks the difference. New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment.

Oregon is just above California. So it's also on the West Coast. Oregon is the Beaver State.

Washington State is right above Oregon. The Evergreen State touches Canada's border.

This one is the Old North State. North Carolina's shape resembles a hawk looking to the left. Look closer!

North Dakota, the Peace Garden State, is at the top of the country. It touches Canada's border.

Can you see a face in Montana's outline? It's at the left!

The Heart of Dixie is not really found at the heart of the country. Alabama is a bit far from there.

It might be a bit hard to spot Delaware's shape. But the Diamond State is there!

That sprout-like shape is Alaska indeed. And yes, it's so cold there, always! Alaska borders no other U.S. states - only the country of Canada.

Contrary to popular belief, Chicago is not the capital city of Illinois. It's Springfield. Illinois is known as the Prairie State.

Contrary to popular belief, New Orleans is not the capital of Louisiana. It's Baton Rouge.

The capital of Arkansas, the Natural State, is Little Rock. Can you figure out where it is in that shape?

Mississippi is also called the Hospitality State or the Magnolia State. Its capital is Jackson.

Did you know that Georgia is also called the Empire State of the South? Its capital is Atlanta.

Colorado's capital is Denver. It's also the Centennial State's largest city.

The Hawkeye State is Iowa. Its capital is Des Moines.

Did you know that Maine is also called Vacationland? Yep, it's good for that!

Nevada, the Silver State, is where Las Vegas is located. But its capital is Carson City.

Contrary to popular belief, Pennsylvania's capital is not Philadelphia. It's actually Harrisburg. Pennsylvania is the Keystone State.

New Jersey is such an eclectic and multicultural state. Its capital is Trenton.

Did you know that Michigan is also called the Wolverine State? The capital is Lansing.

That small shape is indeed South Carolina. Its capital is Columbia.

The capital of South Dakota is Pierre. But its largest city is Sioux Falls.

Wisconsin's capital is Madison. But its largest city is Milwaukee.

Nebraska's capital is Lincoln. But its biggest city is Omaha.

Vermont's capital is Montpelier. But its biggest city is Burlington.

Do you know why Utah is nicknamed the Mormon State? That's because they founded their church there.

Yep, that silhouette is indeed New Hampshire. It's such a lovely state.

This small state is indeed Massachusetts. But the Pilgrim State is historically big.

Kentucky's capital is Frankfort. But its largest city is Louisville.

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