Quiz: Can You Name These Wild Animals From a Photo?
Can You Name These Wild Animals From a Photo?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Doug Cheeseman/Photodisc/Getty Images, Nataliya Ford/Moment/Getty Images, Created by MaryAnne Nelson/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The world is full of cringe-worthy wild critters that most of us know very little about. This quiz will change that, at least for you. No need to purchase outrageously priced plane tickets and hotel stays in far-off, extreme destinations where the most elusive wild ones are purported to dwell. Then again, you could just download a coupon and splurge on a nominal admission fee at your local zoo, where you're more likely to find the most bizarre, deadliest, venomous, smelliest ... 

Ah, yes, the smells of the local zoo. When the words "wild" and "zoo" come to mind, the idea of a three-hour nose-clutching stench-fest is a none-too-distant dissuader. On second thought, avoid the torturous strains of amalgamated wild animal funk that await at the local creature camp. Spare your olfactory organs by gaining first-rate creature lowdown with this quiz, instead. Brush up on the latest mating practices, camouflage techniques and burrowing habits that the wild animals are into these days. Learn which beloved beasts finally made it to the top-10 critically endangered list in recent years. For some reasons, a few you will discover herein, there are always one or more new brutes that make the list every year. Find out, breathe in, click on and enjoy this digital safari! 

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Which wild bear is the only species that typically carries its young on its back?
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Which frog shares its genus with no other frog?
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In the state of Minnesota, which is the wild owl you will most likely find?
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Crotalus adamanteus is the genus and species of which wild snake?
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Which wild lizard can only be found in Asia?
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The largest population of which sea lion is found on Dangerous Reef in Spencer Gulf and Kangaroo Island?
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Can you guess which wild crocodile roams the smallest range?
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C. pallescens is the only species of which wild monkey found in Paraguay and Brazil?
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Can you guess which seal is the second largest in the world?
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Which majestic wild crane has pink legs and a neck with dark gray and white stripes?
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The natural habitat of which wild creature is the furthest southern and southwestern regions of Madagascar?
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Which type of lemur always has 13 alternating black and white stripes on its tail?
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Can you guess which wild baboon is only found in Ethiopia?
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Which rather aggressive wild badger is also called the ratel?
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Which aquatic animal is the largest member of the dolphin family?
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Which wild hoofed creature is also called chevrotains?
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Which animal is the second largest cat with spots in South America?
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The oldest living sloth ever recorded was which type?
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Which wild creature is a part of weasel family and is also called "Tayra"?
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Which python is the largest subspecies of the Indian python?
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Which wild eagle is America's national symbol?
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Can you guess which gecko species is the largest?
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Guess which otter is the smallest marine animal.
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Which African jackal is actually a subspecies of gray wolf?
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Which wild fox is the smallest and palest of them all?
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Which kangaroo-like marsupial is the only surviving subspecies of the brush-tailed bettong (Bettongia penicillata)?
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Can you identify the largest freshwater sport fish in North America?
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Which gorgeous wild bird is the only flamingo located throughout the Caribbean sea?
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Can you identify the heaviest snake in the world?
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Approximately 2,000 of the 2,600 U.S. wolves of this type live in Minnesota. Can you guess the wolf species?
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The common name for which oryx is "Eland"?
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Are you able to identify the world's smallest penguin?
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Which now-endangered wild bird was once the most abundant bird on the Indian subcontinent?
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Can you identify the animal that shares its name with a wildly popular luxury apparel brand?
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Texas State University chose which skilled wild hunter as its school mascot with the name "Boko"?
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