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We're playing basketball! We love that basketball! In the world of sports, men usually get all the recognition, but not today! The NBA is currently being dominated by King James, but today he's stepping aside for these WNBA queens! From Candace Parker to Lisa Leslie, can you name these women basketball stars?

Basketball was created by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. This sport would be brought all over the world, but it boomed in the United States. This would then lead to the founding of the National Basketball Association (for men) in 1946. The sport bred All-Stars like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, and Michael Jordan.

It wasn't until 50 years later that the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) would be founded. Just like the NBA, this side of the sport bred many All-Star athletes. 

Possibly the most-known WNBA player of all time, Lisa Leslie helped put the sport on the map. A member of the Los Angeles Sparks, she would go on to become a two-time WNBA champion as well as a four-time Olympic gold medalist. She was also elected to the basketball Hall of Fame in 2015.

Lisa Leslie is just one name in the WNBA. There are other athletes like Candace Parker, Sheryl Swoopes, and Ann Meyers. With all these talented female athletes, could you recognize them all from their pictures?

Are you ready to slam dunk this quiz? Let's find out if you'll be the MVP!

Tina Thompson was born on February 10, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from USC and was then selected by the Houston Comets in the 1st ever WNBA draft in 1997.

Cynthia Cooper-Dyke is an all-around basketball champion. She has won championships in college, the Olympics and the WNBA! She has been voted by vans as one of the Top 15 players in WNBA history.

Sheryl Swoopes was THE first player to be signed in the WNBA! Now retired, she was inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Sue Bird was born in 1980 in Syosset, New York. She graduated the University of Connecticut in 2002 and was selected 1st overall in the WNBA draft that same year!

Tamika Catchings played her entire 15-year career in the WNBA for the Indiana Fever. She helped the Fever win the championship in 2012.

New to the WNBA, Allisha Gray was selected by the Dallas Wings 4th overall in the 2017 draft. She was named WNBA Rookie of the Year in 2017.

Elizabeth Williams has played for the Connecticut Sun since 2015. She was named WNBA Most Improved Player in 2016 and was named to the All-Star team in 2017.

Born in the Bahamas, Jonquel Jones is 6'6" tall! She played college basketball for Clemson and George Washington, and now plays for the Connecticut Sun.

Standing 6'4" tall, Kelsey Bone began her career in the WNBA after being selected 5th overall in the 2013 draft. She has played for the New York Liberty, Connecticut Sun and Phoenix Mercury.

Yolanda Griffith's nickname is "Yo" or "Yo-Yo"! She played professional basketball from 1993 - 2009 and was inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014.

Diana Taurasi was the 1st overall pick of the 2004 WNBA draft. After playing basketball at the University of Connecticut, she was selected to the Phoenix Mercury with whom she still plays today!

Ruthie Bolton played her entire basketball career with the Sacramento Monarchs from 1997 - 2004. She also served as a first lieutenant in the United States Army Reserves as a transportation officer.

Chamique Holdsclaw was the 1st overall pick of the 1999 WNBA draft. She was selected by the Washington Mystics with whom she played until 2004. She then played with three other teams until 2010.

Born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, Ticha Penicheiro played basketball at Old Dominion before she was selected 2nd overall in the 1998 draft by the Sacramento Monarchs.

Teresa Gaye Weatherspoon is a retired American basketball player who played for the New York Liberty and Los Angeles Sparks from 1997 - 2004. She went on to be head coach of the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters.

Janeth Arcain was born in São Paulo, Brazil on April 11, 1969. She played with the Houston Comets for 8 seasons and was inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015.

Swintayla Marie "Swin" Cash Canal was born on September 22, 1979. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, she played for the Detroit Shock, Seattle Storm, Chicago Sky, Atlanta Dream and New York Liberty during her long career in the WNBA.

Dawn Staley played professional basketball from 1996 - 2006. While still a WNBA player, Staley began coaching the Temple University Owls women's basketball team in 2000.

Katie Smith is the all-time leading scorer in women's professional basketball! She scored more than 7000 points in both her ABL and WNBA career.

Standing 6'5" tall, Lauren Jackson was born on May 11, 1981 in Albury, Australia. She was selected 1st overall in the 2001 WNBA draft by the Seattle Storm.

Lisa Leslie is a three-time WNBA MVP and a four-time Olympic gold medal winner! She played her entire WNBA career with the Los Angeles Sparks from 1997 - 2009.

Tamecka Dixon was a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Sparks, Houston Comets and Indiana Fever during her 12-year career in the WNBA. She won the championship twice and was named an All-Star 3 times.

Jennifer Gillom is nicknamed "Grandmama." She graduated from Ole Miss in 1986 and later played for the Phoenix Mercury and Los Angeles Sparks from 1997 - 2003.

Becky Hammon stands just 5'6" tall and played as an undrafted player in the WNBA from 1999 - 2014. She now serves as assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.

Born in 1974 in Hartsville, South Carolina, Shannon Johnson was selected by the Orlando Miracle in 1999. She played point guard during her 12-year career.

Vickie Johnson is the current head coach of the San Antonio Stars. She played as a shooting guard for the New York Liberty and San Antonio Silver Stars from 1997 - 2009.

A graduate of University of Connecticut, Rebecca Lobo was selected by the New York Liberty in the 1997 WNBA draft. She stands 6'4" tall!

Taj McWilliams-Franklin won the WNBA championship two times: once with the Detroit Shock and once with the Minnesota Lynx. She is the current assistant coach of the Dallas Wings.

DeLisha Milton-Jones is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time WNBA champion. She is the current head coach of the Pepperdine women's basketball team.

Deanna Nolan is a native of Flint, Michigan. She attended Georgia for college and was selected 6th overall in the 2001 WNBA draft by the Detroit Shock. Her nickname is "Tweety".

Nykesha Sales was born in Bloomfield, Connecticut on May 10, 1976. She played for the Orlando Miracle/Connecticut Sun from 1999 - 2007 as a small forward.

Andrea Stinson played for the Charlotte Sting and Detroit Shock from 1997 - 2005. She was named an All-Star three times during her career.

Now a member of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, Natalie Williams was named an All-Star four times. She played as a forward from 1996 - 2005.

Tracy Reid was selected 7th overall by the Charlotte Sting in the 1998 WNBA draft. She was named Rookie of the Year that same year - the lowest draft pick to ever do so.

Betty Lennox played for many teams in the WNBA from 2000 - 2011. They include the Minnesota Lynx, Miami Sol, Cleveland Rockers, Seattle Storm, Atlanta Dream, Los Angeles Sparks and Tulsa Shock.

Jackie Stiles was a star at Southwest Missouri State from 1997 - 2001. She was selected 4th overall by the Portland Fire in 2001, though her WNBA career lasted only 1 season before injuries took over.

Cheryl Ford played college ball at Louisiana Tech from 1999 - 2003. She was then selected 3rd overall in the 2003 draft by the Detroit Shock with whom she played her entire career until 2009.

Temeka Johnson is just 5'3" tall and plays professionally as a point guard. Though her talent was doubted because of her height, she was selected 6th overall by the Washington Mystics in 2005 and went on to become that season's Rookie of the Year!

Seimone Augustus graduated LSU in 2006 and went on to become the 1st overall pick of the WNBA draft by the Minnesota Lynx. She has played with them ever since - winning 4 championships with them!

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1985, Armintie Price played college ball at Ole Miss. Upon her graduation in 2007, she was selected by the Chicago Sky, 3rd overall, in the WNBA draft. She was named Rookie of the Year that same year.

Standing 6'4" tall, Candace Parker has played her entire career with the Los Angeles Sparks. She is the younger sister of former NBA player Anthony Parker and was the first overall pick in the 2008 WNBA draft.

Angel McCoughtry played for Louisville from 2005 - 2009 and was then selected 1st overall in the 2009 draft by the Atlanta Dream. She still plays with them as a small forward to this day.

Tina Charles was born in Jamaica, New York in 1988 and stands 6'4" tall today. She was selected 1st overall in the 2010 draft by the Connecticut Sun, named Rookie of the Year, and now plays for the New York Liberty.

Maya Moore played forward for the University of Connecticut women's basketball team, and won back to back national championships in 2009 and 2010. She was selected 1st overall by the Minnesota Lynx in 2011.

Born in Tomball, Texas, Nneka Ogwumike was drafted number 1 overall in the 2012 WNBA draft. She is the older sister of Chiney Ogwumike, who also plays in the WNBA.

Standing 6'5" tall, Elena Delle Donne was born in Delaware in 1989. She played with the Chicago Sky from 2013 - 2016, being named WNBA MVP in 2015, and now plays for the Washington Mystics.

Sister of Nneka Ogwumike, Chiney played college ball at Stanford while her sister played at UCLA. Chiney was selected 1st overall in the 2014 draft by the Connecticut Sun.

Jewell Loyd was born in 1993 in Lincolnwood, Illinois. She was drafted 1st overall in 2015 and went on to become Rookie of the Year! She currently plays for the Seattle Storm.

A native of Syracuse, New York, Breanna Stewart was the 2016 number 1 draft pick as well as the 2016 WNBA Rookie of the Year! She currently plays for the Seattle Storm.

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