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Halloween was once the one time of year where you could get and eat all of the candy you wanted. Nowadays, candy is at your disposal every day of the year. Bonus? You don't even have to dress up as something else to get it. But has the candy gone downhill? Having candy only once in a while made it really special, and made companies put a lot of time and effort into the candy they produced knowing that people waited all year to eat it. But now, with all the instant gratification, pumping out candy as fast as possible may have a downside. Was candy back in the old days just better?

While that's up for much debate, you can't lie that some of the candy available back in, let's say, the '50s, probably isn't available today. Unless, that is, you're willing to shell out serious money for a vintage bar. "Old-timey" can also mean any time before the one that we are in now, so some candies that you totally forgot about from your childhood are still up for purchase and will bring back all of your childhood Halloween memories. With so much candy out there throughout time, do you think you name all of these old-timey candies? Take the quiz to find out!

Now this is something we haven't seen yet! Fluff yourself up and enjoy one of these twisty treats. What is it?

Marpoles are exactly what their name suggests, marshmallow poles! They are twisty sticks of multicolored marshmallow that go down way too easy. They basically look like what you would expect a unicorn horn to look like.


While the ice cream version of this is still very popular, this flavored candy is a chewy cube and not a frozen treat. Can you name it?

These are, of course, banana-flavored chews in a cube shape. It might be an acquired taste, but Necco is used to that. You can recognize them by their signature yellow wrapper, and the bananas on the wrapper definitely give it away.


Another sugar-coated jelly candy reined supreme in the good old days. Which cheerful candy made people smile?

Much like a lot of other candies, Chuckles were fruit-flavored, sugar-coated jellies. What sets them apart are the flavors. Chuckles came in cherry, lemon, licorice, orange and lime. Is there anything better than citrus-flavored jelly candies?


Which colorful candy with an animal name was originally caramel, but had different flavored and more colorful siblings?

There is a new version of this, but it's nothing like the original. The original Black Cow is caramel dipped in chocolate, but there were other flavors, like banana-flavored toffee and chocolate-flavored toffee. All of them were discontinued in 1998.


A favorite of kids and adults everywhere, this took chewy and sweet to a whole new level. Can you name it?

Vanilla cream surrounded by chewy caramel? There's nothing wrong with that. They were so crave-worthy that it's a good thing they sold them in bulk, because you could never eat just one.


Not to be confused with the previous candy, which other fruity, chewy and sugary confection is from the same company?

Jujyfruits are a bit similar to Jujubes in that they are fruit flavored jellies, but the fun thing about Jujyfruits is that they are shaped in the fruit of their flavor. There are pineapple, raspberry, grape and banana candies.


If you've ever been to a movie theater in the last 100 years, you've definitely seen this nutty concoction. What is it?

Still around today, these chocolate covered peanuts were first introduced in 1925. It's hard to believe that humans have been blessed with this sweet and salty snack for so long. The name "Goober" derived from the Gullah word for peanut.


You wouldn't eat these legumes at a barbecue, at least not with the main entree. What are they?

Boston Baked Beans are simply sugar-coated peanuts. They get their name for a fairly obvious reason. They look like baked beans! They fall into the panned candy category, which means they get tossed in a big pan as they are coated with flavorings.


Which candy below comes in some interesting flavors, like violet and lilac?

Jujubes are another classic jelly candy, but this time in unique flavors like lime, violet and lilac. The colors didn't coordinate with the flavors, which could have been confusing. This candy is actually named after a fruit known as a Chinese date.


This bulk candy is packed with flavor and is the perfect snack to just pop in your mouth when you need a sweet or salty bite. What is it?

These little candies feature a roasted peanut with a butter toffee center, all covered in a maple-flavored coating. If you were lucky, one of your aunts had a bowl of these at her house for you to munch on.


Which sweet and crunchy old-school candy turned out to be quite controversial?

Candy cigarettes were once quite popular, and kids used to use them to pretend to smoke. So, naturally, you can see why they became less desirable in a time when smoking became a known cause of cancer and not something children should emulate.


Share these sweet chews with your best friend, mom or significant other and let the god times roll! Which candy are we talking about?

These are kind of like gum drops in that they are sugar-coated fruit chews, but the heart shape really sets them apart. They were also cinnamon flavored, which might turn some people off, but they gave that zingy mouthfeel others craved.


Once called Johnny (blank) Treats, which fruit flavored candy below doesn't have a lot going on upstairs?

Appleheads, and all of his fruit head companions, are made under the Lemonhead brand. The first time customers saw this treat on their shelves was in 1962, and they haven't stopped loving them since.


Still popular today, which smooth, salty and sweet candy originated in the 1920s?

Baby Ruth bars combine all of the best things about candy: chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat. What else could you need? Did you also know that it was named after Grover Cleveland's daughter and not Babe Ruth? It's true!


Who doesn't love a multipurpose candy? Which candy below starts out as just your normal candy, but turn into a completely different one once chewed?

Razzles are fun to eat because the fun doesn't stop once you're done chewing. The fruit-flavored candy, once chewed, turns into gum. Razzles really are the gift that keeps on giving.


This orange stick, although not orange flavored, is dusted with coconut, but not coconut flavored. What is it?

This candy is a little bit of an anomaly. It's orange, but is peanut butter flavored, and covered with toasted coconut, but isn't really coconut flavored. They've been around since the 1950's, so they must be doing something right.


Keep the spice flowing with this candy that is equal parts sweet and hot. Which is it?

Chewy and spicy, these bear shaped gummies might be cute, but don't let that fool you. They are spicy, but addictively so and will keep you going back for more. Did you also know a Cinnamon Bear is an actual species of bear?


Available in three flavors, another chocolatey, chewy champion entered the candy airwaves in 1925. Which is it?

Candy makers really love taking something chewy, like taffy or nougat, and covering them in chocolate. The Charleston Chew is no exception. Coming in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavored nougat, then covered in chocolate, it's actually named after the dance, not the city.


Several generations have enjoyed this crunchy sugar candy and the package it came in once in a while. What is it?

The best part about eating candy buttons was that you always inevitably ate some of the paper they were stuck to. You also probably just wrote it off, saying that if it wasn't safe to eat, they wouldn't make it stick to it so much.


Not everyone is going to be a fan of this, but which licorice candy pleased audiences and maybe even converted some naysayers into fans?

If you took thin strips of licorice and rolled them all together in a coil, you would get Broadway Rolls. They came in flavors like strawberry, and all of their flavors have licorice undertones, which is why some people loved them and some couldn't stand them.


First appearing in 1924, which nutty and chewy delight claimed to be low in fat?

A honey-flavored chewy taffy candy bar with bits of almond snuck in there was a delight in the 1920s. There were spinoffs like Bit-O-Licorice and Bit-O-Peanut Butter, but the honey version was the original and move beloved.


This surprisingly vegan treat has many qualities of the other favorites of the era, meaning it's dipped in chocolate. What is it?

This is the stick version of its regular bar compadre, the Peanut Butter Bar. The difference with the stick is that it is crunchy versus creamy and over five inches long. These sticks are also Kosher, gluten free and vegan!


Freshen your breath with these astringent treats and fun flavors. Which mighty mint is it?

Choward's Mints were so fun and unique because of their flavors. Coming in lemon, violet and of course peppermint and spearmint, these were the sought-after mints during the 1930s. The folks over on "Mad Men" also loved them!


This British candy lives up to its rhyming name and just so happens to be covered in decadent chocolate. Can you name it?

Curly Wurly candy originated in the UK, but the US did make a version called Marathon bars. They have that signature Curly Wurly swirly shape, featuring a caramel center covered in chocolate. There were tons of varieties available, too.


Coming in mouthwatering flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, which of these will satisfy you for a long time?

BB Bats were kind of like lollipops, except that they were chewy taffy bars on sticks. They had other flavors, too, like banana and molasses peanut. It was the kind of candy that you could suck on for a while and still not eat it all.


Get a jaw workout with this chewing gum with a very catchy name. Which name is it?

Originating in Philadelphia, this bright pink-colored bubble gum became a household name almost immediately. Not only was it fun to eat and say, the original Dubble Bubble came wrapped with comics called Fleer Funnies, named after the Fleer Chewing Gum Company.


Don't be stupid, get on board with this old-timey candy which is still out there today! What is it?

Basically, these are candy tablets that are sweet and tart, not to be confused with Sweet Tarts, which are their own thing. Smarties are crunchy and really just dissolve in your mouth.


Seen very often in pop-culture, which candy of years past shines in all of its chewy peanut butter glory?

Fun fact alert! Abba-Zabas were a favorite on shows like "Boardwalk Empire" and "Gilmore Girls" and on albums such as "A Child's Garden of Grass" and "Safe As Milk." It's no wonder, too, because it's a delicious taffy bar with a peanut butter center.


Free them! Oh, not that kind. Which hard caramel candy came in varieties like caramel and licorice?

The Nip line was created in the 1960s and produced so many different varieties of the candy. The Coffee Nip was the most popular and was designed after a candy that people would eat during a coffee break.


Let the honey burst into your mouth after breaking through the hard candy shell of which candy?

Double Honey Filled Candies. Say that ten times fast! These candies will not only be a real treat for your mouth, but they can also soothe your throat if you're under the weather.


Chew on this information! This candy was brought out in 1936 and is one of the oldest remaining brands of its kind. What is it?

Beechies will hit you right in the nostalgia feels as one of the oldest gum brands out there. It came in two flavors, spearmint and peppermint. Keeping it simple was part of the huge draw for the brand.


You bring the mouth, they'll bring the chew. Which timely candy pumps up the flavor in a small package?

This candy was first brought to market in in the '60s, and there are now over 19 flavors available. If you are an OG, you remember that the first flavors were red, blue and green.


These candy bars are almost impossible to find, if at all, but their big and bright ads make them look super appealing. Can you name it?

This candy first went into production in the '50s and is a bar of roasted peanuts covered in a sweet nougat. They were really known for their advertisements because they were full of energy and brightly colored.


Taffy galore! Which of the taffies below features three flavors and have been made in the US since 1924?

Whether you choose chocolate, vanilla or banana, you won't be disappointed with a Kits Taffy. They were produced by Gilliam Candy Company, who also happened to be the producer of BB Bats.


The name can be deceiving, as this chocolate-covered old-timey treat is actually a cluster. What is it?

The Vanilla Cream Bun was the first to bear the name, and soon followed the other flavors: sea salt caramel and maple. What was the obsession with maple-flavored things? Not quite sure, but many folks were grateful for it.


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