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Beginner cooks and masters alike, this is the quiz for you! When starting anything new, it's important to know the basics. Cooking is no different, as learning the ropes can help you improve in the long run. What was the first thing that you learned when you started to cook?

Can you name the ingredients that are used when making brown gravy? Do you know which part of the avocado gets removed? Do you know which ingredient doesn't get doubled when doubling a recipe? Do you know what you can substitute for butter while cooking? The basics involve knowing about the food that you're cooking with!

Do you know what you would use to make a smoothie? Do you know how you can get the juice from a lemon easier? Can you name the different grades of meat that are available? Can you name any basic cutting techniques? There are so many techniques and tricks that can be used to make even basic cooking a little easier.

Beginners, intermediates and experts, this quiz will test your knowledge no matter how experienced you are at cooking. If you think you can handle the heat in the kitchen, take the quiz to see how much you truly know!

Which of the following can be "prime"?

Prime is the grade of meat, and the highest of all of the grades. These are also the hardest to get your hands on as they are in high demand.


How is a smoothie made?

A smoothie is made by blending ingredients inside a blender. The ingredients can include everything from fruits to chocolate.


Which of the following would not be baked?

Caesar salad dressing would not be baked. This dressing is typically best enjoyed cold, and is often found the the refrigerator. All of the other items however, are required to be baked before eating.


Which of the following can you poach?

An egg can be poached, which involves many techniques such as simmering and stirring. Poached eggs are perfect for making recipes such as Sweet Potato Toast.


Which of the following is not a type of cut?

Sauté is a cooking word, but it is not a type of cut. Julienne produces long strips, diced produces small cubes and brunoise is a combination of both of those cuts.


What is a corer used for?

Corers are used for taking the core out of fruit. There are a few different types, with the most common one being a small tool with a circle on the end to remove the core.


What is a spatula used for?

A spatula is used to flip the food, commonly in a pan. Did you know that NASA once sent a spatula to space in the form of a person?


If you're looking to eat healthier, what can you substitute for butter?

If you want to eat a little healthier, you can use canola oil as an alternative to regular butter. Olive oil is also an option to the other two. Note: There is some debate on the truth of this.


What type of cut does julienne produce?

The julienne cutting method produces long strips. The method is most commonly used when cutting up vegetables to serve or use as ingredients.


What can you do to make your cake easier to ice?

Freezing your cake can make it easier to ice as the cold will make it less crumbly. This is a common problem when it comes to icing the cake after it is baked.


What part of the avocado is removed from the middle?

The stone is removed from the avocado before it's used. Did you know that the stone can be ground into a powder that you can use?


Which of the following would you do to a chicken that you're about to cook?

While this is optional, stuffing the chicken is common for many to do. The stuffing can be made of many different ingredients and gives the chicken some more flavor.


What can you do to get lemon juice straight from the lemon easily?

Rolling the lemon on the counter or another hard surface before cutting it can help get more juice out of it. It squishes the contents inside, pushing out the lemon juice.


What would you use to measure small amounts of ingredients?

Measuring spoons would be best used for measuring small amounts of ingredients. The spoons typically include fractions of tablespoons and teaspoons.


What should you spray your pan with to keep food from sticking to it?

Cooking oil is important to spray on your pans if you want to minimize the amount of residue and stuck on food. The cooking oil helps to remove and prevent this.


Which of the following is an acceptable way to serve pasta?

Al dente is an acceptable way to serve pasta. This means that it is firm, but still soft to bite into, and when cooked this way it even has health benefits!


What type of cut does something that is minced produce?

If something is minced, the finished product is cut into very tiny pieces. The cut is even smaller than the brunoise cut.


Which of the following can you do if your pot starts to boil over?

If a pot starts to boil over, you could remove the lid from the pot. The lid keeps in the heat, making the water rise due to the pressure buildup. By removing the lid, the pressure is relieved from inside the pot. You could also turn down the heat as an alternative.


What should you do to prepare the waffle maker before adding batter?

Before adding batter to a waffle maker, it is important to grease it. It helps to minimize the residue and stuck on batter in the machine.


When slicing food with the food sitting on the counter, where should your hand be holding it?

When slicing any type of food, your hand should be on the large side of the food, away from the knife. This minimizes the risk of accidentally cutting yourself while slicing.


What is used to make pancakes?

A pancake is cooked in a pan, as its name suggests. Did you know that pancakes date back all the way to ancient Rome and Greece?


What are you supposed to do to bread dough?

It is important to knead bread dough so that it will rise properly in the oven. If it's not kneaded, it will likely turn out to be flat.


What can you use as a substitute for real sugar?

Xylitol is a substitute for real sugar. The artificial sweetener is used in many things such as gum.


Is it true or false that a wooden spoon can stop your pasta from boiling over the top of the pot?

This is true. Placing a wooden spoon over a boiling pot does in fact stop it from boiling over. The wooden spoon pops the bubbles and relieves pressure from the boiling water.


Which of the following is a brand of slow-cooker?

The Crock-Pot is a popular brand of slow-cooker. These appliances are used to slowly cook a meal while the operator goes about their day.


Which of the following is not a way to cook your meat?

Charcoal is not a way to cook meat. Well-done means that the meat will be brown throughout, medium is pink throughout and rare is red throughout.


Is it true or false that the ladle is used to serve soup?

This is true. A ladle is meant for serving soup or even stew as it is a large spoon-like utensil. Did you know that there have been forms of ladles found from even ancient history?


What tool is used to take the excess water out of pasta?

A strainer is used to complete this process. The strainer is typically metal and has holes that allow the water to drain out the bottom and into the sink.


What would you use to take the skin off of a vegetable?

A peeler is used to take the skin off of a vegetable or even fruit. There are many different types to suit the needs of anyone who uses them.


What do you pour ingredients into to make a cocktail?

Cocktail ingredients have to be poured into a cocktail shaker to make the drink. The shaker serves many purposes such as holding the ingredients, chilling them and mixing them all together.


What is brown gravy made from?

Brown gravy is made with meat drippings as well as vegetables. It is commonly eaten with everything from french fries to chicken.


What can you do to help protect yourself from crying while cutting an onion?

Freezing the onion before cutting it can help to stop you from crying. This slows down the process of the chemicals as they affect your eyes.


If you double your recipe, what ingredient should you not double?

When doubling your recipe, do not double to amount of salt used. A little can be added to the recipe if it is needed, but it is important to not overdo it. Note: This is not true for baking recipes.


What technique can add some flavor to your meat?

Brining can add flavor to your meat, as it is soaking in water and salt. This works especially well for poultry.


Is it true or false that throwing spaghetti against the wall can tell you if it is ready?

This is true. This is a common way to tell if pasta is ready. If you throw it against the wall and it sticks, that means that the spaghetti is ready.


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