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After the founding of America in 1776, for the first couple of generations, there was no rule that said education was compulsory. After all, the vast majority of children were going ot either be subsistence farmers, go into the trades, learn their job by apprenticing to someone in the field, or do some mind-numbing factory job that didn't require much education . Reading and writing were useful, but much more than that felt like a luxury. There was school, of course, but it was funded by private individuals and philanthropists, meaning you had to either come from a family of means or luck into having your schooling paid for by some benevolent rich person. This meant that it was not until the mid-1800s that primary education began to become available to everyone. While doubtless the first generation of children to be stuck in school did not appreciate this very much, it did lay the groundwork for the middle class to explode and for millions of people to be lifted from poverty and better themselves.

These days, we take school for granted as a fact of childhood. It's just what you do. Still, has it gotten harder or easier since the first universal classrooms were filled? Let's find out!

Which of these is NOT a rule for the use of capital letters?

You don't use capital letters for nouns in English, unless they're at the beginning of a sentence or they're proper nouns. That means words like New York or America.


Find cost of 6720 lbs. coal at $6.00 per ton.

It's 2,000 pounds to a ton so 6720lbs is 3.36 tons. Multiply by $6 to get $20.16.


Which of these is NOT one of the principal organs of digestion?

Kidneys clean your blood. They do not help you digest. You can live with just one kidney, so if you know someone who needs the other, you can donate it without much risk.


Blood in the circulatory system starts on the rest between beats. It goes into the atria on the first beat. Where does it go next?

It's atria, then ventricles, and then the aorta. After that it branches into smaller arteries, down to capillaries. It comes back via veins. You can remember it's out via arties and back via veins thusly, "A, A, Arteries away!"


What are the "organs of special sense"?

Organ of special sense are things like eyes, ears or nose. These are opposed to a sense like touch, which all your organs have a little of (except the brain, it doesn't really feel).


What is hygiene?

Hygiene includes proactive health maintenance and disease prevention. For example, flossing doesn't just make your breath nicer. It also stops you getting gum disease.


Define agriculture.

The full definition of agriculture is this: the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. These days, you can also "farm" carbon by changing methods of farming to put more of it into the soil. Agroforestry is farming in a way that preserves trees, which is increasingly viable.


Which of these is NOT a kind of soil?

Grainy soil is not a real thing, even though some soil has a grainy characteristic. Loam, chalky, saline, sandy, clay and peaty are all types of soil.


What plants are called root crops?

Root crops are anything where you eat the piece below the ground. For example, turnip, charlock, rutabaga, potato, carrot, parsnip.


In gardening, what is a cutting?

Cuttings are pieces cut off plants that then grow into new plants. Not all cuttings can do this, but some do. The soil and water conditions have to be appropriate to make it work.


Which is NOT one of most important cereal crops in the USA?

Quinoa (keen-war) is not a staple crop of the US, though it should be as it is delicious and nutritious. Rice, maize, and wheat are the big three.


Which of these is NOT an insect pest?

Ladybugs are insects, but they are on our side. They eat the bad guys, such as aphids.


What is punctuation?

The full definition is: "the marks, such as period, comma, and parentheses, used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning."


Which is NOT one of the three branches of the government?

One of the principles of democracy is the military is not part of the government. It is outside politics and has a civilian commander-in-chief.


What is meant by equal suffrage?

The principle that every vote is the same "size" is essential to our democracy. This is called "one man, one vote".


Explain the cause of seasons.

The Earth's tilt is what causes seasons. That's why they are more extreme at the poles, where the tilt is most dramatic. When your hemisphere is tilted "away," you get a colder season. The equator, being always the same distance fromt he sun, does not have seasons.


What shape is the orbit of the Earth around the sun?

The orbit of the Earth is an elliptical one. That is, it's a long, thin oval where the length is several times the width.


What are the Grand Divisions of Tennessee?

Tennessee is sometimes thought of being three states: East, Middle, and West. These areas are culturally and geographically fairly distinctive.


In what country is the city of Mumbai?

Mumbai was known as Bombay in 1879, so we have updated the question. It's the home of the Indian film industry, which is now bigger than Hollywood.


Which of these states does NOT border on the Gulf of Mexico?

Arkansas is landlocked. The other states listed here are all coastal states in the Gulf.


What is the biggest sector of the US economy?

Real estate is the biggest industry at the moment, bigger even than finance, oil, or manufacturing. Healthcare and government are also very big. Of course, we gave the correct answer for today; back in 1879 it was most likely agriculture.


Which of these cities (not counting the bigger metro area) is NOT in the top ten biggest in the USA?

Miami is big, but not in the top ten; in fact, it's not in the top 20. When you include the metro areas, it leaps to number 8.


Where is the emphasis in the word "palatable"?

It's palatable to say this word with the emphasis up front. In the original exam you had to do a couple dozen of these!


What is 7/8 as a decimal?

One eighth is 0.125 so seven of them is 0.875. It's one eighth less than a whole 1!


How many parties are there to a promissory note?

A promissory note is a guarantee between two parties that one will pay the other a specified amount on a specified date. We don't really use them much any more, of course.


Which of these is NOT part of a complete sentence?

Adverbs are not necessary for sentences. You do need to have a subject and a verb. You can have a question mark or other similar mark instead of a period.


Which of the below is NOT a complete sentence?

Since we've established in a prior question that we need an object and a verb, the non-sentence here is the one that is missing one of those. There is no object in "saying the way". It's nonsense on its own.


Which of the below is the root of the verb in the phrase, "He told the truth"?

"To tell" is the infinitive of this verb. Thus the root is "tell".


Which of the below includes a modal verb?

There are not a lot of modal verbs and they have a special purpose; to express the conditional, permission, prohibition, etc. They are "bare infinitives" that have no "to". Examples are must, should, can, and shall.


Which of these is NOT a notable explorer?

Patrick Henry was a founder. The other three are all notable explorers, though only Wiliam Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame) is American.


What Amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery?

The Thirteenth Amendment is a sticky one as technically it allows for enslaving those who have been "duly convicted" of a crime. However it was the mechanism whereby the slaves of the South were freed.


Which of these is NOT one of the original Thirteen Colonies?

Kentucky was not one of the original colonies that became the first thirteen states. Those were: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.


Which of the below was NOT invented in the 19th century?

The semaphore telegraph was invented in 1792 by Claude Chappe. Telegraph was a precursor to telephone, and was a good way to send messages compared to what came before it.


Which of the below is NOT a Cabinet level position in the USA?

There is a Secretary of Defense in the Cabinet who is in charge of military strategy, funding, and security, but he or she is not called the Secretary of War. This is a little cheeky since war is as much his or her job as peace.


What was the result of the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

The new states got together in 1787 to write a better set of governing articles than the Articles of Confederation. James Madison wrote most of the Constitution though others weighed in and amended it.


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