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The road to becoming a Navy officer is a long and fulfilling one! You'll want to be prepared for everything, from the testing to the requirements. There is so much to learn about the job. Think you're ready to board an aircraft carrier and serve your country?

Do you know any terms that are used heavily throughout the Navy? Do you know the positions and hierarchy within the branch? Do you know what knots would come in handy when working aboard a Navy ship? There is a lot of unique knowledge to know when serving with the Navy. It's no ordinary job, after all!

Do you know what equipment is used on board a Navy ship? If you do, then do you know how to operate them, or what they're used for? Do you know all of the parts of a ship and where to report to when you may be asked? Don't forget the time. You'll be using Military time, meaning that you'll have to know it well! This quiz will start at 1800 hours, officer.

So, you think you have what it takes to become a Navy officer? Then you'll have to prove it by getting an incredible score on this quiz!

Who is the CO?

The CO is the commanding officer. These officers are the ones in charge of certain units in both the Navy and the military.


Which of the following school subjects can come in handy on this exam?

You'll need to know your math to ace the Navy officer test! Math is important in life as an officer as you'll use things like algebra and data on a daily basis.


If you're asked to "bear a hand," what should you do?

"Bearing a hand" is a fancy way of asking for some help. Even if you aren't tasked to, helping out is always a great thing to do, especially during life as a Naval officer.


What is the purpose of a catapult?

A catapult is used for launching aircraft off a carrier. They are needed to give the plane enough acceleration to make it off because of the short runways on the carriers.


Is it true or false that the riding light must be turned on when anchoring the ship?

This is true. Riding lights are sometimes called anchor lights due to when they are turned on. You need to know the rules and requirements to work as a Navy officer!


What is a term used for a small boat?

A dinghy is a small boat that could be carried on a larger ship. These boats are often inflatable and can come in handy when you're stuck in a jam.


Is it true or false that radars are used on board a naval ship?

This is true. Radars are important to any military vehicle as they help with a variety of things. They're able to calculate distances and objects that could put the ship in harm's way.


If you serve in the Navy you'll need to know what "ETD" is. What does it stand for?

The estimated time of departure is important to everyone who is assigned to a ship in the Navy. You need to make sure you're there on time, or you'll miss your ship!


In addition to testing your skills, what else does the test determine?

The Navy officer test also determines how suitable you are for certain military positions. This section of the test acts as an aptitude test.


Ships are divided by what?

Bulkheads divide up the ship so that it is water resistant. The bulkheads are what can help to save a ship in dire times when it may take damage and put the crew's lives on the line.


What object is held at half mast at certain times?

A flag can be raised at half mast. This is typically done to respect and mourn people who were highly respected while still alive.


Is it true or false that "sitrep" is short for a situation report?

This is true. The situation report is used to assess different naval units. The report can allow for the unit to make improvements in order to serve their best.


How is the speed a boat is moving at described?

Navy officers need to know the double meaning of knots! The speed of a boat is measured in knots, and being able to tie knots is just as important.


What is the purpose of a combatant ship?

Combatant ships do just that – engage in combat. This ship is filled with plenty of ammunition and weaponry so that the people on board are prepared.


Instead of calling it a ceiling, what is it called on board a naval ship?

Naval ships don't have a ceiling, but instead, an overhead. It has a fitting name as it is in fact, over your head while inside the ship!


Is it true or false that "taut" means slack?

This is false. Taut instead means tight or strict rather than slack. You'll need to know this term if you want to be a Navy officer, especially if you're dealing with cargo!


Which of the following is the name of a knot?

A barrel hitch is a type of knot that is tied around an object. It is often used to hoist up certain objects on a ship effectively.


Where would an officer go to sleep at night?

The billet is the place in your quarters where you would sleep as a Navy officer. These quarters are found "below" on the ship, as the deck is exclusively reserved for working operations.


If you're asked to report to the bridge of a ship, where should you go?

Depending on the ship, there can be different reasons for being called up to the bridge.


What do sealift ships carry?

A sealift is used to carry extra supplies to a naval ship. This can include many different things including weapons and personnel who are deployed to the ship.


What is "armament"?

"Armament" is a fancy term for weapons. If someone tells you to ready your armaments, make sure you have your weapons prepared.


What time is 1900 hours?

If you have something to do at 1900 hours, you better be there at 7 p.m.! It's important to be punctual in the Navy.


Is it true or false that the Navy uses submarines?

This is true. The Navy needs submarines for their operations. They have all different purposes, with some being used for nuclear deterrence.


Which Navy officer gets a pay grade of O-1?

The lowest Navy officer pay grade is O-1 which is awarded to the rank of ensign. In contrast, the highest pay grade is the O-11 which is awarded to the rank of fleet admiral.


The Navy deals with operations on the water, but they also dabble into another part of the military. What else do they have a large part in?

The Navy is involved in aviation, although not as heavily as the Air Force. They have aircraft carriers that transport planes and allow them to take off from the ships on the water.


What is often used in order to move cargo?

Winches are very helpful to have on naval ships in order to move cargo. If you want to become an officer, you'll want to know how to use one in case you're tasked with the job.


Is it true or false that if you're on "standby" then you are on vacation?

This is false. To be on standby in the Navy means that you should be prepared for taking action. Don't go out on vacation just yet, you may be needed!


If you're ordered to "lighten ship," what should you do?

When directed to "lighten ship," it's important to help do just that, through removing weight. This lingo is commonly used on board Navy ships, and important to know if you're preparing to become an officer.


Is it true or false that a weather deck is exposed to weather?

This is true. The weather deck has no protection from the elements as it is right on top of the boat. It protects anyone underneath, however!


What is the first step in a man overboard drill?

During a man overboard drill (or an event) the first step is a muster to guarantee an accurate headcount.


Officers in the Navy are evaluated on what?

Navy officers are evaluated on their physical fitness on a test called "FITREP". The higher ranked officers are given a different test, which evaluates their skills in other ways.


Which of the following is a unit of measurement used at sea?

A fathom is a unit of measurement used in the Navy. It is equivalent to six feet, and the reason it is important to the Navy is because it is often used to measure depth, although metric units are becoming much more common.


What are commuted rations?

Commuted rations is a form of allowance from the military. It is given to qualifying officers for expenses which are accepted by a disbursing officer.


What is the Navy officer test called?

The ASVAB test is not only given to aspiring Navy officers, but also anyone who would like to take a position in the military. The test is used for a variety of things, such as to test your skills and knowledge as well as help to determine your best fit in the organization.


What is an old synonym for "by the board"?

"By the board" was used to mean overboard in the past, but now they mean something is no longer used. For example, you could say: "The rules we once had are by the board now, after the new officers came in."


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