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Every generation has slang words that help other generations get a sense for what they're really like. For example, millennials use words such as "extra" or "woke," while Gen Xers use words like "gnarly." Many generations have words that also have the same meanings. Take "awesome," for example. In the 1920s, someone would say that something was "the bee's knees" whereas someone in 2019 would say "it's lit." It can be quite crazy to see the change that words take over the years.

Baby boomers grew up during a time when the generation as a whole tried to promote peace and love in a chaotic world. They're often known as hippies and advocates for what was right. Mostly calm individuals, when people think of them, boomers remember the iconic Woodstock Music Festival and the incredible musicians of the time. They also lived in a time when there were many activists and civil rights advocates. It's hard to imagine what the world would be like without that generation's impact on the world.

If you think you're an honorary baby boomer or a true member of the generation at heart, then now is your time to prove it. Take the quiz to see how well you really know the slang!

If you hear the word, "boss," it's likely not in reference to your boss at work. What does it actually mean?

That's pretty boss, man. That's a phrase you might have heard in the '60s from all the coolest cats. While today it may take on a bit of a different meaning, for boomers, it will always be a synonym for cool.


A "flower child" is what?

One thing for which the baby-boomer generation is known is its hippie ways. When someone says "hippie," the thing that most often comes to mind is the infamous Woodstock Music Festival.


What word can be used for "guy"?

For baby boomers, a "cat" is more than just your average household pet and can refer to a person you're talking about. For example, one way you could use it is like this: "The cat down the road sure knows how to dance."


You might say this if you think someone is quite the character. What is it?

Everyone has encountered some awesome people in their lifetime. Some of them are a little more enthusiastic than others and that's why baby boomers used a special term for those people. Anyone who was deemed enthusiastic or outlandish was known as a "fry."


Which word is used for "police"?

It may seem like a weird word for a police officer but baby boomers always knew them as "the fuzz." They weren't people you would want to see coming if you were having fun at an awesome party.


The word "neato" means which of the following?

"Neato" is a word that many people have heard before, whether or not they are part of the baby-boom generation. Although it stems from the generation, you've probably heard it used by characters in movies and television shows as well.


Where do you live?

While there are many words for a house, baby boomers like to use the word "pad." Newer generations may prefer to use words like "crib." However you can still hear "pad" nowadays as well.


Which of the following is not such a kind term?

"Kiss up" is the baby-boomer generation's way to say "suck up." In short, it's not something that you want to be labeled as. As a kid, if you were a kiss up you might have been known as the teacher's pet.


If you're making "bread," what are you doing?

Making bread in the '60s didn't mean you were baking. Instead, you were working hard and collecting your pay. Or maybe you weren't working hard, but you still collected that money!


Describing something as "groovy" means what?

If you've ever watched "Scooby-Doo," chances are you've heard this word a few times. Shaggy often says it to describe something that he deems to be awesome or really cool. Back when baby boomers were young adults, they might have called the drive-in "groovy."


How might a baby boomer say "OK"?

If you got this question right, we say "right on." While "OK" might not be the most fun way to say it, you can feel like a true baby boomer with this phrase. If someone says, "sock it to me," you can say "right on."


Which of the following terms tells you that you're going to have trouble?

If you're cruisin' for a bruisin', then you may want to stop what you're doing. It can mean that you're annoying someone and making them angry, and they're letting you know that it won't end well for you.


Someone tells you to "beat feet." What should you do?

"Beat feet" might be something you hear when you're somewhere you shouldn't be. Maybe a friend says it to you, or maybe an authority figure does. But what they really want is for you to get out of there.


If you're "clean," what are you?

You've heard of the saying, "fresh and clean." But in baby-boomer language, "clean" means "looking good." The word can be used in different ways, such as in reference to a person or even a car.


Which word means "out of control"?

"Don't have a hairy," is something you might have heard a baby boomer say. It means you shouldn't lose control or freak out. So remember, when things get tough, don't take a hairy!


"Threads" are what to a baby boomer?

Baby boomers had all the coolest threads. All you have to do is look back at their photos from the past. Typical style was usually nice patterns and modest clothing, but eventually, it became bolder as the generation began to age


Do you know who is known as the "old lady"?

This is one term that baby boomers used that is still pretty common to today. While it may not sound like the nicest term, it is, in fact, a term of endearment that is used to refer to someone's wife.


Which word can be used here? "Let's _________."

"Let's split," meant that it was time for you or others to leave. Usually, it was used when it was time to leave a party or a large gathering. Maybe that's where "let's make like a banana and split" came from!


What does it mean to "hang loose"?

Everyone has a different way to hang loose. For some, it might be watching television; for others, it might be exercising. Of course, there are many other things that people may find enjoyable as pastimes. Many baby boomers loved to attend a good drive-in, for example.


If someone says, "lay it on me," what do they want you to do?

If you hear a baby boomer say this, you'll want to tell them what you have to say. It can often be used in heavy situations or even more lighthearted ones. It lets you know that they're open to listening.


Can you fill in the blank with a word that means to "peel out"? "It's time to _________."

Although it is probably not the safest thing to do, burning rubber is something that many enjoyed. If you partake in the activity, then you can look back at the marks the tires on the car made on the road.


Which word can be used to describe an attractive woman?

"Foxy" is a compliment when it comes from a baby boomer. While this word is typically used when speaking of a woman, "hunk" is often used when it comes to men. There are many more terms of endearment where these two come from.


How would a baby boomer ask you for a favor?

You've probably heard this term at some point, even if you're not a boomer. Although it is still used today, it comes from the slang terms of the generation and is a popular way to ask someone for a favor.


What does "out to lunch" mean?

When baby boomers say they're out to lunch, it can mean one of two things. Either they're not understanding something or they're really out having lunch. The slang term can be used by someone is confused or to refer to someone who is not quite "all there" when it comes to understanding something.


Someone says, "We're going to the passion pit." Where are you going?

The drive-in theatre is an iconic symbol of the baby-boomer generation. Who wouldn't want to watch a movie under the stars with their best friends and significant others? That's why it was also called the passion pit.


A "spazz" is _________.

The word "spazz" was heavily used by baby boomers. In a sentence, you might have heard it used like this: "C'mon man, don't be a spazz." It's still a term that can be heard today, as well as in pop culture.


Which phrase is used when asking for a handshake?

It may sound a little weird to other generations, but for the baby boomers, it's normal. It's also the name of a song by the band, "The Stooges," but in this context, it doesn't really have the same meaning.


You hear someone say, "I'm so jazzed." What does it mean?

While today we might say something like "I'm getting lit," baby boomers had their own way of saying it. If you're ever hanging out with someone from that generation, make sure to add "jazzed" to your vocabulary.


"Tune out" means what?

The baby-boomer generation grew up with radio and television. If you ever wanted to change a station, you'd have to tune out from it or turn it off. It's no wonder that "tune out" became a term for ignoring something or someone.


What slang term fits here? "Wow, you're ________."

Someone who is "decked out" is dressed up pretty nicely. In the '60s, if you were decked out, you might have been wearing a nice turtleneck sweater and a whole lot of polyester. Maybe you even topped it off with a visor.


Which actor has some baby boomer slang named after him?

Humphrey Bogart was a popular movie star during the baby boomer generation. He was often referred to as "Bogie," a name given to him by one of his greatest friends, Spencer Tracy. To "Bogart" meant to keep something to yourself, as in, to be selfish or not share something.


Baby boomers may tell you to take a what?

If someone tells you to "take a chill pill," then you better not "spazz." They're telling you to calm down and relax a little bit. This is another term that you might even hear nowadays, like many other words from the baby-boomer generation.


Someone who is "having a gas," is having a what?

Everyone loves to have a good time, especially baby boomers. No one could put on a show as incredible as the bands and artists of the time. It takes the artists and the fans to make a show memorable, as the generation proved to the rest of the world.


What term fits into this sentence? "Don't be a ________."

This slang term means you better come down from space, where your mind is at the moment. It was most commonly used when someone made a remark or comment that was deemed to be dumb or, well ... not so smart.


Which shape is used to say that something or someone is uncool?

You've probably heard the phrase, "don't be a square." It comes from the baby-boomer generation, and means you shouldn't put a wrench in the fun or be uncool. Of course, you can be any other shape and you'll still be just as fun!


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