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Baby boomers are an extremely large generation that has left a huge imprint on the world. They've left their mark on many different parts of society and continue to do so today. Their generation is known for many things, from attitude to work ethic, and they have influenced the modern world. So, you think you know them?

Do you know how the generation got their name? Do you know what boomers like to do and what they value? How much do you know about the financial situation of the boomers? Do you know the names of the two different boomer groups? If you can answer these questions, that's still only half the battle!

Can you name the band that caused a craze among members of the generation? What about the toys and technology that they grew up with? What do you know about the baby boomers who served as president? You'll need to know the people, places and things that set this generation apart from the others.

Are you a baby boomer? Or maybe your parents are? If you know your stuff, then your age won't matter. If you think you know about the generation of hippies and civil rights, take the quiz to prove your knowledge!

Where did the term "baby boomer" originate?

The term "baby boomer" was first used in the 1920s, but not for the generation that came later. It only became widely used after wartime, when babies were being born in large numbers.

What war were the boomers born just after?

The baby boomers were born after World War II ended and troops returned home. This was a time of celebration for the Allies and rejuvenation.

Is it true or false that baby boomers don't do any traveling?

This is false. Baby boomers actually do the most recreational traveling of any generation. They have the most disposable income, and therefore have the means to travel.

What inspired the generation's name?

The generation gets its name from the spike in births that occurred. It literally happened just like boom, with many children being born at one time.

What are boomers born between '46 and '55 called?

These baby boomers are called leading-edge baby boomers. They were the first group of boomers, born just after the war.

Is it true or false that baby boomers are more wealthy than other generations?

This is true. Baby boomers typically possess higher-paying jobs and more disposable income. Compared to other generations, they are the most financially well off.

Which country defines the boomer generation a little differently?

Canada's definition of the baby boomer generation starts around 1947, two years after the United States' definition. This is because of the number of babies that were born up north after that year.

Which event took place as boomers were growing up?

Woodstock is largely synonymous with the baby boomers. The festival took place in 1969, when most boomers were teens. The event was extremely successful.

Which generation came before the boomers?

The Silent Generation was the generation that came before the baby boomers. Often, the Silent Generation were the parents of later baby boomers.

Which genre of music was popular for boomers?

Rock n' Roll was a very popular genre during the youth of baby boomers. Artists such as Buddy Holly were popular at the time.

What device did boomers use while growing up?

Radios were a very popular choice of media when boomers were growing up. The radio brought the Top 40 and more.

Boomers were the first to grow up with what in their homes?

Television was still new to the world when baby boomers were born. It was invented in the late '20s, and this generation were the first to grow up with the new technology.

What was one segment of the generation known as?

Many baby boomers were known as hippies, due to their laid-back attitudes. Hippies also represented the generation's free thinking.

Which of the following television shows was popular when boomers were growing up?

"I Love Lucy" hit the small screen at the time when many baby boomers were just being born. The iconic sitcom was very popular among the generation.

What industry will be heavily affected by aging baby boomers?

The healthcare industry will be called upon to care for aging boomers. This will heavily affect the industry and the economy in general.

Which of these traits could be used to describe a baby boomer?

Baby boomers are independent, both in a physical sense and a mental sense. They think freely and know what they have to do.

Which band started an international craze as boomers were growing up?

The Beatles were an extremely successful band that got their start as the baby boomers were coming of age. Beatlemania was the phrase created to describe the worldwide attention that they garnered.

As kids of the boomer generation grew up, what did they do?

As baby boomers came of age and earned some cash, they started to live for themselves. This was at a time of liberation, when events like Woodstock were happening.

What do baby boomers perceive themselves to be?

Often, baby boomers think that their generation is unique and special. In many ways they're right - they grew up with the technology no other generation had and saw some incredible world events.

Which of these movies is a classic from the boomer generation?

"Easy Rider" is a classic that came out in 1969. It was a reflection of the alternate lifestyle that hippies from that generation experienced.

Which event took place as boomers were growing up?

The first man to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong in 1969. This was an incredible feat that the baby boomers were lucky to witness.

As baby boomers were coming of age, what did they start to do?

Baby boomers were a generation that cared about social change and often protested injustice. When they were growing up, they looked up to activists like Martin Luther King, Jr., who fought for civil rights.

What were boomers born between '56 and '64 called?

These boomers were called the trailing-edge boomers. They were the last boomers of the generation, sometimes holding different views or values than the first half.

Is it true or false that baby boomers have some of the highest-paying jobs?

This is true. Baby boomers are experienced and also hold some of the highest-paying jobs. They also show no signs of leaving these jobs - boomers are working longer and retiring later.

Baby boomers are the generation with the most what?

Baby boomers have the most disposable income of any generation. Their spending power can be attributed to a few factors, including high-paying jobs.

Which of the following was a word used to refer to baby boomers?

"Yuppies" was a word that was used for the baby boomers, often by older generations. It was used for them when they started to transition from rebellious teens to Young Urban Professionals.

When were baby boomers born?

Baby boomers are considered to be people who were born between the 1940s and the 1960s. The lines are a bit blurred when it comes to categorizing them, because Generation X started in the mid-60s as well.

Is it true or false that boomers are the largest generation as of 2018?

This is true. Baby boomers are the largest generation as of 2018. However, experts expect that millennial adults will outnumber boomers at some point in 2019!

Why do some boomers feel that they have a different experience than other boomers?

The two groups of baby boomers often feel like they've experienced life differently. The younger group grew up during and after the Vietnam War, whereas the older group protested against the war.

Which of the following presidents was a baby boomer?

Bill Clinton was a baby boomer, born in 1946. He was president from 1993 until 2001.

Which toy was popular among young boomers?

Barbies, introduced in 1959, were hugely popular among boomer girls. Most boomers were kids at this time and were the exact market for the dolls.

What trend have researchers seen among baby boomers?

Baby boomers have no plans to retire yet! They tend to keep active and work longer. Some even start up a brand new career later in life.

What do boomers do a lot of?

Boomers grew up as activists and in a time filled with civil rights movements. Their hearts are often in a good place, and to show it, they are more likely to volunteer than other generations.

Which of the following artists had a large influence on the generation?

He was a rock n' roll icon and actor when boomers were growing up. He was a heartthrob and idol for the generation.

While baby boomers planned to become empty nesters, what do they now find themselves doing?

Many baby boomers find themselves still financially responsible for their adult children. Grandchildren are often included, as well.

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