Can You Pass This Basic Survival Quiz?

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Maybe you went out on a hike, but you've managed to get so turned around that you're completely lost. Perhaps you're the lone survivor of a plane crash, and you find yourself all alone in the middle of nowhere. No one expects to be involved in a survival situation, but when it comes, those who are prepared stand a much higher chance of getting out alive. If someone else doesn't save you, are you more likely to be "Thriving," "Surviving," "Sick," or "Dead"?

If you know how to create a water filtration system out of natural elements and you can navigate by both the sun and the stars, there's a good chance that you've studied survivalist strategies in detail and you may have even practiced those skills out in the field. When you tell us that you can build a shelter out of pretty much anything and you have done some form of primitive hunting with weapons you've created yourself, we're confident that you're going to be just fine.

On the other hand, if you have never gone fishing, much less done a field dressing of an animal you've killed, we're starting to get worried for you. If your attitude is one of despair and you haven't spent a single night outside of a four-walled building, then it's not looking good at all.

Grab your bug out bag and let's hit the trail.

What's the most important thing to look for in a campsite?

How strong are your fire-building skills?

Do you know how to build a shelter?

Do you know how to properly maintain a fire?

How comfortable are you in figuring out if water is potable or not?

Could you create a water filtration system from natural elements?

What is a transpiration bag?

How sure are you that you could identify edible plants in your environment?

What part of the day will you engage in most of your physical activity?

How strong are your primitive hunting skills?

Do you know how to set a trap to catch an animal?

Do you know how to use the sun and stars to do basic navigation?

Do you know how to tie a bowline?

How many other knots can you tie?

Which method would you be most likely to use to signal for help?

What do you imagine that your attitude will be in a survival situation?

Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

Do you carry a water purification system of some kind with you?

Do you know how to make a solar still?

Have you ever filleted a fish?

Would you know how do a field dressing on an animal that you killed?

Do you have an emergency bag packed right now?

What are some signs of water?

Is it better to fill your stomach or eat small, rationed meals?

Do you cook food on coals or flame?

How much water do you need every day?

How much do you know about the terrain and local flora and fauna of where you are?

Do you carry a multi-purpose tool with you at all times?

You're completely lost in the woods, what is your first priority?

In an emergency situation, how confident are you in your abilities to make it through?

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