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Unknowingly and throughout our lives, we are filled with bits of trivial information that somehow stick in our brains. During this quiz, we want to see how well you do on a basic trivia quiz. You might think you deserve a spot at a local trivia night, but do you really? 

From geography to food to authors, there are certain things you should just know without much thought. After all, pop culture drives the idea of knowing everything into our heads with its repetitive nature. Even when you aren't paying attention, you are likely to be learning a random fact or tidbit of information. We're simply wondering how much you have retained over the years. 

To answer our nagging curiosity, we have designed a basic trivia quiz that will challenge your sense of trivia. While some of our answers might seem like a given, others might require you to use our hints and to do a little thinking. The average intellect shouldn't struggle with our questions at all, but are you above the average?

Put the things you think you know to the test with this quiz, and we'll let you know where you stand. Is your brain up to the challenge? There's only one really basic way to find out - quiz on! 

Do you know the name of the person who created "The Walking Dead"?

Writer Robert Kirkman is the author and creator of the comic book series "The Walking Dead." Now in its ninth season, Kirkman remains one of the executive producers on the show and still writes many episodes.


Which gemstone is considered the official gemstone of Wednesday?

Along with being the designated birthstone of February, amethyst also gets the special distinction of being the official gemstone of Wednesday. It is also said to balance your chakras - it only makes sense that its day falls on hump day.


Can you name the capital of the South American country of Peru?

With a population of over 7.6 million people, Lima, Peru is one of South America's largest capital cities. Lima sits on the Pacific coast side of the continent and boasts a well-preserved colonial downtown area.


Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments on top of a mountain - which mountain was it?

Mount Sinai sits on the Egyptian peninsula of the same name. Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments at the summit of the mountain, and many cultures consider it a holy site.


What kind of dogs does the Queen of England like most?

Since 1952 when she ascended to the throne, Queen Elizabeth has owned over 30 corgis. She loves these dogs because her parents had them when she grew up. Her last corgi, Willow, passed away in 2018.


Boiling water is hot; how hot does is need to be to boil?

While water begins to freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the boiling point of water is 212 degrees. Boiling water evaporates very quickly, and you should monitor it very closely. You should always practice safety when you are working with it.


You hear his name at a lot of pools, but where was Marco Polo from?

Italy's Marco Polo was born in Venice in 1245. Before he became known as a pool party game, he was known as one of the first great explorers to reach undocumented parts of China.


Do you know the name of the actress who played the daughter in "Beetlejuice"?

Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice" was released in 1998 starring Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder. During the film, Lydia is the only person that communicates with the previously passed owners of the house. Much to fan delight, "Beetlejuice" has remained a classic.


In what year did The Beatles begin their British Invasion?

On February 11, 1964, The Beatles played their first American concert at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, D.C. Many fans were so enamored with the group that they lined the streets waiting for them to arrive and passed out from excitement when they took the stage.


What is the spicy word that means pepper in Hungary?

Although Hungary is well-known for its love of paprika, the peppers used in the spice mixture originated in Mexico. Paprika is a mixture of ground and dried peppers, and can be recognized from its deep red color.


Can you name the largest freshwater lake in the entire world?

Covering an area of almost 32,000 square miles, Lake Superior is considered the largest freshwater lake in the world. It is also one of the five Great Lakes located in the north-central part of the United States.


Sometimes, it's called The Red Planet - what is the planet's real name?

Although it is sometimes called The Red Planet, the fourth planet from the sun is actually named Mars. Mars has a thin atmosphere, and its iron-rich soil makes the planet appear to have a reddish hue.


Which animal is nicknamed the ship of the desert?

Because camels can retain water for long periods in desert environments and because they can carry large amounts of cargo, they are often nicknamed ships of the desert. In Victorian times, the camel was known as the camelopard.


Don't blink! Which animal is considered the world's fastest land animal?

Capable of running up to 68 miles per hour, the cheetah is considered the world's fastest land animal. The second fastest is the pronghorn antelope. It can reach speeds of up to 61 miles per hour!


What is the hardest known substance on earth?

In addition to being one of the world's most prized and valuable gemstones, diamonds are also the hardest substance on earth. They are often used in equipment needed to cut glass and metal.


Think back to biology class - what is the most basic unit of life called?

One of the first things you learn in biology class is that the most basic unit of life is called the cell. Cells are comprised of a nucleus and cytoplasm encased in a membrane. Microscopic organisms can sometimes only have one cell.


Who is the sculptor that created "The Thinker?"

Rodin's "The Thinker" was originally part of a series called "The Gates of Hell." "The Thinker" is said to resent Dante as he contemplates his next story in the "Divine Comedy." Rodin is also famous for another sculpture named "The Kiss."


Do you know which of the following actors is a military veteran?

After turning down a scholarship, Morgan Freeman enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1955. After a four-year tour of duty, Freeman left the service to pursue his acting career.


Where would you find the cities of Honolulu, Hilo and Volcano?

Hawaii is home to the cities of Honolulu, Hilo and Volcano. As the 50th state inducted into the union of the United States, Hawaii boasts beautiful beaches, active volcanos and lush tropical jungles.


What is the name of the largest chocolate maker in the United States?

Founded in 1894, Hershey's has been owned an operated by The Hershey Company from Derby, Pennsylvania. Every year, Hershey's makes and sells over 1 billion pounds of chocolate!


After the Yangtze, what is Asia's second longest river?

Officially names the Huang He, the Yellow River is the seconds longest river in Asia. At a length of almost 3,400 miles, the Yellow River is considered the very cradle of Chinese civilization.


If you wanted to make pesto, which herb would you buy?

Basil is an easy-to-grow herb that does well in both containers and outdoor garden areas. In addition to being the main ingredient in pesto, basil is a great plant to use to ward off mosquitos.


In "The Jungle Book," what kind of animal was Kaa?

Based on Rudyard Kipling's book, Disney adapted the story for the animated screen in 1967. In the Disney movie, Kaa, a snake, is portrayed as a villain; however, Kipling's book shows Kaa as more of a mentor to Mowgli.


Where would you be able to locate the Sea of Tranquility?

Named by astronomers in 1651, the Sea of Tranquillity is located on the moon. Once thought to have been an ocean, the Sea of Tranquillity is also the landing site for Apollo 11 and its famous astronauts.


Do you know the name of the only marsupial native to North America?

The opossum is the only marsupial that is native to North America. When the opossum fears for its life, it will play dead. Although they are thought to be huge carriers of rabies, they almost never contract the virus.


Which author is responsible for "The Chronicles of Narnia"?

C.S. Lewis is the author that gave the world "The Chronicles of Narnia," published from 1950 to 1956. Translated and published in over 45 countries and selling over 1 million copies, the series is one of the world's most popular.


Can you choose the food that never expires?

As long as a container of raw honey remains unopened, it will never spoil. In fact, archeologists excavating ancient Egyptian tombs have found jars of honey dating back thousands of years that are still able to be spread on toast!


Other than your nose, which part of your body never stops growing?

Many people might think that gravity makes your nose and your ears look bigger as you get older, but they couldn't be more wrong. While bone and muscle stop growing, cartilage keeps growing until the day you die. Yes, your ears and your nose will get bigger!


Who is the person credited for creating HowStuffWorks?

In 1998, professor Marshall Brain created the hit website to pass the time and to create a broader informational outreach. The website was founded in Cary, North Carolina, and Brain gathered investors and quickly relocated the headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia in 2002.


Which vegetable classification is given to things like beans and peanuts?

Although peanuts are commonly referred to as nuts, they are actually in the same vegetable classification as beans. Each member of the legume family is a relative of peas. Like your peas or not, there's a lot of legumes you are sure to enjoy.


In 2008, AMC released a series with a character named Walter White - what was the name of it?

Walter White, played by Brian Cranston, was the main character from AMC's hit show "Breaking Bad." To fund his medical expenses, Walter turns from high school teacher into a drug maker and dealer. "Breaking Bad" was followed up by "Better Call Saul."


Which astronaut was the first to walk on the moon?

For three hours in 1969, Neil Armstrong had the privilege of being the first person to walk on the moon. After the Apollo 11 landing, he is credited with saying, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."


Natural pain relief comes in many forms - can you choose the tree that produces the same chemicals as aspirin?

The primary chemical in aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid, can also be found in the willow tree. Many other plants have healing properties, but the willow tree is best known for its pain relieving secrets.


Can you place the NFL team the Cowboys in the correct U.S. city?

Still considered the NFL's winningest team, the Cowboys are based in Dallas, Texas. Since 1960, they have been delighting fans. To date, the Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowl titles total.


It's in Europe, but do you know the name of the city where you can find the Anne Frank House?

Born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1929, Anne Frank recorded her painful Holocaust journey through her diary. After hiding from Nazi soldiers, Anne Frank and her family were discovered in Amsterdam in 1945.


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