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How many landmarks located in North America can you recall? From Canada all the way down to the Caribbean, there are many great places to check out on the continent. There are countless unique physical features of the continent that can't be found anywhere else. Where else can you get a glimpse of something as gorgeous as the Grand Canyon? Think you're an expert on all the geography in North America?

At one point, all the continents in the world were all one large land mass called Pangea. Did you know that at one time, most of the North American continent was known as "Laurentia?" To ace this quiz, you'll need to know major cities, landmarks and parks around the continent. Don't forget the many countries that make it up. Although you may often think of North America as a combination of Canada, the United States and Mexico, there is much more to it. It can be helpful to know the most major geographical areas and regions as well.

So, if you think you know all there is to know about North America, then this quiz was made just for you! Take it to prove that you're a champ at North American geography!

Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?

The Colorado River flows through a large part of the United States. Starting at the Rockies, it eventually makes its way through the Grand Canyon.


The capital city of Nicaragua is what?

The city is filled with beautiful buildings and a lot of history. Despite the buildings, there is plenty of farmland, which is important to the city's economy. Don't forget to stop by Lake Nicaragua if you're ever visiting!


What are the cordilleras?

A cordillera is a mountain range, but not a specific one. It can be used in reference to ranges such as the Rocky Mountains. In fact, the Rockies are likely one of the most famous cordilleras in North America.


Of the following mountains, which is an active volcano?

Mount MacKenzie is an active volcano, but that doesn't stop anyone from visiting it! Active volcanoes have erupted within the last 10,000 years.


How many Great Lakes are there in North America?

There are five Great Lakes in the world, and they are all located in North America. The lakes are quite significant, as they are a large source of fresh water. In fact, they're the largest source of fresh water in the world!


Which of the following areas is not part of North America?

Although Greenland is part of North America, Iceland is considered to be part of Europe. Greenland is situated much closer to North America than its European counterpart, which makes it North American territory.


The St. Lawrence River runs through which country?

The St. Lawrence River runs through a large part of Eastern Canada. It also runs through some major cities, such as Montreal and Morristown, until it hits the United States—specifically, New York state.


Do you know which body of water separates North America from Asia?

The Bering Strait is the body of water that separates the two continents. It touches Alaska and is often thought to be the method Native Americans used to make their way to America. At one point, there was thought to be land that stretched across the strait.


Where is the Denali located?

The Denali is known for being one of the highest mountains in North America. At one time, this mountain was not even known as the Denali, but rather as Mount McKinley. You may recognize that name, and it's because there was a presidential candidate who inspired it.


The Naj Tunich is located where?

The Naj Tunich is a cave filled with ancient history. Not only is the cave filled with paintings and depictions from ancient times, but it is also associated with many different artifacts. It's a true treasure of North America.


Yosemite Falls is located in which state?

Yosemite Falls is one gorgeous stop to make if you're ever in California! It's in Yosemite National Park, where you can also catch the Horsetail Falls, which look as if they are burning at certain time of the year.


Can you name the two countries that the Rocky Mountains are in?

Canada and the United States are home to the Rockies, which span all over multiple provinces and states. One great place to get a look at these gorgeous mountains is in Banff, Alberta. Colorado also gives quite the amazing view!


How many countries are in North America?

There are 23 countries in North America, as it stretches over a vast area of the world! From Canada in the north, all the way down to the Caribbean in the south and out to Greenland. Think you can name all of the countries?


Which of the following physiographic regions is not part of North America?

The physiographic regions of North America are important because they divide the area into areas of similar land. And seas aren't land to be divided!


The largest portion of Reindeer Lake lies in which province?

Reindeer Lake is one of the largest in Canada and is also largely located in Saskatchewan. It's a popular fishing spot as well as a great place for a vacation in a lodge. The best part is that it's all fresh water!


How many waterfalls make up Niagara Falls?

Although it may appear to be one, three waterfalls make up the famous landmark. They are called the Bridal Veil Falls, Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. If you're feeling daring, you can even take a trip over the falls in a barrel, but we wouldn't recommend it!


What national park is the largest in North America?

Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest in North America, and you can visit it in both a province and a territory: Alberta and the Northwest Territories. It's known for being a great home for the bison and animals who live there.


Which North American country is the largest in the continent?

Although Canada isn't the largest country in the world, it is the largest in North America. When it comes down to it, Canada isn't much bigger than the United States. The difference between them is just over 100,000 kilometers.


Can you name the most-populous city in North America?

Mexico City is home to over 8 million people, which rivals New York City quite closely: There's around a 200,000 person difference between the two cities. After these two in credibly large cities, Los Angeles comes in third, with only 4 million people.


What country is landlocked in North America?

In North America, no country is landlocked. Canada, the United States and Mexico are all touching the sea, and much of the other land included in the area are islands which are accessible to the sea as well.


Where would you find Chichen Itza?

Chichen Itza is an incredible piece of history that can give us a glimpse into the past. History buffs can get a glimpse of the Kulkulkan Pyramid, an impressive piece of architecture with some interesting "Easter eggs."


If you wanted to visit Redwood National Park, where would you go?

The Redwood National Park is known for many things, but most notably for being home to some of the tallest trees in the world. It's also possible to catch a glimpse of many different species of animals.


Do you know where the famous Crater Lake is located?

Oregon is home to the collapsed volcano now known as the famed Crater Lake. The volcano is dormant, so luckily we can visit it without any danger in the foreseeable future. It's one beautiful sight!


What is the longest river in North America?

The Mississippi River is over 3,300 kilometers long. It connects to other waterways to make a large continuous flow of water. Not far behind comes the Mackenzie River, which is also known for its great length.


The smallest desert in North America is which of the following?

When you think of a desert, one in the Yukon probably doesn't come to your mind! But not only is the Carcross Desert the smallest in North America, it's also the smallest in the world. It's easy to enjoy the one mile of land that it lays on.


What is the capital city of Canada?

Ottawa is not only the capital of Canada, but also the home of the Canadian government. There are countless government buildings in the city that provide many jobs for residents. You can also visit the Rideau Canal!


If you were to visit the Space Needle, where would you need to go?

The Space Needle is part of the Seattle Skyline. Although it was built for the World Fair in the mid-1900s, it's currently used for observation purposes. It is one incredible view, although it doesn't really reach space!


What is the biggest mall in North America?

The West Edmonton Mall is one that you have to visit at some point in your life! If you love shopping and fun, then it's quite the experience: Not many malls have a full theme park inside of their walls.


Do you know the name of one of San Francisco's most famous bridges?

The Golden Gate Bridge was once thought impossible, but its existence proves that if you set your mind to something, it can be done! Thanks to the hard work in building it, San Francisco has one important piece of history that makes them stand out.


Where would you find the Black Hole of Andros?

The Black Hole of Andros is one very interesting part of North America. In fact, it can give us a little taste of what Earth's oceans were like millions of years ago through the oxygen-free water. It may look like ordinary water on top, but there is so much to be uncovered underneath the surface.


What is the Grand Prismatic Spring?

Deep in Yellowstone National Park lies the biggest hot spring in the United States, the Grand Prismatic Spring. It's an incredible sight with an array of colors surrounding it and a beautiful backdrop.


One unique thing about the Steamboat Geyser is what?

Another awesome landmark in the Yellowstone National Park is the Steamboat Geyser. It's the largest in the world and quite the sight! In 2018, it even set a record for having the most documented eruptions in one year, setting it at 30 in total.


Is it true or false that North America is the third-largest continent in the world by area?

This is true. North America comes in behind both Asia and Africa, which are the largest of all of the continents. In contrast, the smallest continent is Australia. Despite having 23 countries within its borders, America's total population does not beat Asia's either.


Where would you find L'Anse aux Meadows?

It might seem odd to find an ancient Norse settlement on the shores of Canada, but L'Anse aux Meadows proves it! Today, it's still possible to see the remains of the settlement, although it looks much different than it would have when it was first built.


The city of Port Royal can be found where?

Once a bustling pirate town in Jamaica, Port Royal was sunk into the sea due to earthquakes and other natural disasters. The famous Henry Morgan made his way to this city and became the governor, passing away before the city went under the sea.


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