Quiz: Can You Pass This Dog Breed Identification Quiz Without Any Hints?
Can You Pass This Dog Breed Identification Quiz Without Any Hints?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Photos by R A Kearton/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The World Canine Organization is one of the largest international federations of kennel clubs in the world. They count approximately 330 official dog breeds, divided into 10 categories based on their appearance and the purpose for which they were created. 

Dog breeding dates as far back to the prehistoric era, when wolves were slowly domesticated into the dogs we know today. They were all bred for a specific purpose which played to their genetic attributes. Dachshunds were bred because their size allowed them to dive into tiny burrows in order to sniff out badgers, bull mastiffs were used as guard dogs to keep intruders away, bloodhounds were bred for their super sense of smell, and Newfoundlands were sought after for their ability to pull heavy items.

How well do you know the different dog breeds found across the world? If you were given images of a mix of rare and common, would you be able to identify them? To make things bit more challenging, will you be able to get them right without any clues or hints? To find out just how much of an expert you are, you should take this quiz!

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