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Generation X: a generation influenced by those before and after them, with different views and values than both. They grew up in a unique time, with incredible world events as well technology that no generation before them ever had. They had the movies, the stars and icons that are still talked about to this day. What are your favorite Generation X memories?

Do you know the name of the generations that surround Gen Xers? What about the many nicknames that the generation has collected over the years? Can you name the social media platform that Generation Xers use most? Make sure you know your stuff about the entire generation, including fun facts and traits!

Do you know what artists and movies were popular with the generation? What about the toys they played with as kids or the devices they used? How many companies can you name that were run by a member of Generation X? Can you name the channel that the generation grew up on? Don't forget about the pop culture aspects that the generation grew up alongside!

So, maybe you're part of the generation, or maybe you just know a lot about them. No matter what generation you are part of, test your knowledge on the infamous Generation X with this quiz!

Which word has been used as a synonym for the generation?

Generation X is often referred to as the latchkey generation. The name comes from the idea that many kids in this generation were home alone, while their parents were working.


Why were Generation Xers sometimes called the "MTV Generation"?

They got the name the "MTV Generation" because the channel was rising at the time that the generation was growing up. They saw the first music videos and the channel's influence in the music world.


Who created the term Generation X?

Douglas Coupland, a Canadian writer, created the term. He wrote a book about the generation which made the term famous.


What generation comes right after Generation X?

First came the baby boomers, then Generation X, and next came the millennials. Millennials were born just after the Gen Xers, in the late '80s to early 2000s.


Is it true or false that Gen Xers are the smallest generation in 2018?

This is true. Gen Xers are the smallest generation between Millennials and Baby Boomers. According to Pew Research, there are 65 million Gen Xers, compared to about 10 or 15 million more boomers and millennials.


Which of the following are Generation Xers known for?

Generation Xers are known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Out of the many small businesses that have been launched, the majority have been started by Gen Xers.


Which generation are the parents of Generation X?

Parents of Generation Xers are mostly baby boomers. The boomers were born between the '40s and early '60s, and they had a hands-off parenting style with their children.


What was introduced that led to declining birth rates among the generation?

Birth control pills became widely available in the 1960s. With the new contraception options readily available, birth rates declined as Gen X grew up.


Which music genre was growing popular while Generation Xers were growing up?

Grunge became very popular with Gen Xers. Nirvana was one band that was huge and popular with the generation.


Is it true or false that Generation Xers like to lead a unbalanced life?

This is false. In fact, Generation Xers like the exact opposite, especially when it comes to work and play. They prefer a good balance of both, which was influenced by their youth.


If you're part of Generation X, during what years were you born?

Generation X members were born between the '60s and the '80s. Generation X follows the baby boomer generation.


Which of the following traits is attributed to Gen Xers?

Gen Xers are often thought of as independent. They get this trait from the way they were brought up, as their parents had a high divorce rate.


What type of film was popular when Gen Xers were growing up?

Indie films were very popular when Gen Xers were growing up. Some of the most popular indie films that Gen Xers loved were "Clerks" and "Trainspotting."


Which of the following is a nickname for Generation X?

"Gen Xers" is a nickname for the generation. The generation has many different names that come from their traits, likes and dislikes.


Is it true or false that Gen Xers are big spenders?

This is true. Gen Xers have a little more disposable income than millennials. Gen Xers are even known as bigger spenders than the boomers.


Which of the following actresses was popular when Gen Xers were growing up?

Molly Ringwald was a popular actress with Gen Xers. She was in all of the best high school movies, including "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club."


Which game was popular when Gen Xers were growing up?

When Gen Xers were growing up, video games were just getting their start. Pac-Man was released in 1980 and became very popular among the growing generation.


Which device was used by Gen Xers?

Pagers were the way that Gen Xers first communicated. Cell phones were also around at the time, but they could be expensive and a bit difficult to carry around!


As kids, Gen Xers didn't see much of what?

While their parents were there for them when they needed them, Gen Xers often looked after themselves once they were old enough. Their parents typically held jobs and weren't home or constantly supervising them.


Is it true or false that Gen Xers were the first to grow up with computers?

This is true. Computers became accessible to consumers as Gen Xers were growing up. They were the first generation to grow up with computers in their homes.


Generation X was also a name for what?

There was a band called Generation X which featured Billy Idol. The band was active in the late '70s and early '80s and later shortened the name to Gen X.


Which of the following companies was founded by a Gen Xer?

Dell was started by a Gen Xer, Michael Dell. He was born at the very beginning of the generation in 1965, and he founded Dell in 1984. (Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, was born in 1964, right on the edge of the boomer generation.)


How were Generation Xers often labeled by older generations?

Older generations thought of Gen Xers as slackers. The generation proved them wrong by becoming hard workers and even starting their own businesses.


What disease was quite prominent while Gen Xers were growing up?

AIDS was spreading rapidly while Gen Xers were growing up. In order to combat the disease, sexual education became more prominent in schools.


Is it true or false that a Gen Xer has been president, as of 2018?

This is false. No Gen Xers have ever become the president of the United States. However, it will probably happen in the future.


What term is often used to describe Generation Xers as parents?

Generation Xers are often thought of as being helicopter parents. This is in contrast to what their parents were like, as they left their kids to watch themselves most of the time.


Which of these events happened as Gen Xers were growing up?

The fall of the Berlin Wall took place in 1989, at a time when most Gen Xers were kids. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked a new beginning for the country of Germany.


Which of the following people was an icon when most Generation Xers were young?

Princess Diana was a huge icon while Gen Xers were growing up. As they saw her go through some good times, they also witnessed the tragic end of her life.


What was the first music video to be played on MTV?

"Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles was the first music video to be played on the channel. Gen Xers might have witnessed this historic moment in 1981.


Which social media platform do Gen Xers use most?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform among Gen Xers. It's been said that they may even use social media more than millennials.


What movie is the phrase "You know what the real tragedy is? I'm not even supposed to be here today!" from?

This phrase is from the movie "Clerks," a popular indie movie from Gen Xers' youth. The film was released in 1994.


Who did Gen Xers know as the King of Pop?

Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop. He rose to fame during the time when Gen Xers were growing up. He contributed to the MTV era and became a global icon.


What "child" is the Gen X generation usually called?

Gen Xers are commonly compared to the middle child, due to how they feel about their generation. They come between two very different but larger generations that can make them feel a little less loved or noticed at times.


What is the name for a subsection of the generation, born closer to the millennials?

Xennials is the term used to describe this group. It often refers to kids born in the late '70s or early '80s who feel a bit misplaced and stuck between both generations.


Which toy was popular with Gen Xers?

The Rubik's Cube was a popular toy when Gen Xers were growing up. The Rubik's Cube was first sold in 1974, right in the middle of the Gen X era.


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