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Man's best friend is willing to help with just about anything... including hunting. Take this quiz to see if you know which dogs do what while hunting.

Approximately how long ago did dogs begin helping their human friends hunt?

Hunters sought the aid of their canine companions for the purpose of hunting about 20,000 years ago. Some call the dog the most important hunting companion in history.

Which of the following is a category of hunting dog?

There are three categories of hunting dogs: hounds, gun dogs and terriers. Each group does something slightly different.

What category of dog was once used to hunt smaller game and to track down wounded prey?

Terriers were traditionally used to hunt small game. In the U.S., terriers are now, for the most part, merely house dogs.

What type of dog is used to pursue game that runs?

Hounds are used to chase running prey. They are still used in England for hunting parties.

What type of dog flushes out prey that hides?

Gun dogs are used to flush out hidden prey. Birds and some small mammals are examples of prey that hides.

What group of dog uses its nose to track prey and its voice to signal position?

Scent hounds are used to follow prey because they are good scent dogs. Their bark is so loud that they are easy for the hunter to follow, even if they are out of sight.

What type of scent hound will corner prey that hides in trees?

The tree hound group is a sub category of scent hounds. These dogs are trained to remain at the base of a tree once the prey has climbed up.

What group of dog is best for hunting birds?

Gun dogs are good as hunting companions in wetland areas. They are good at flushing out birds and other small game, like rabbits.

What do gun dogs do after the prey has been brought down?

Gun dogs locate downed prey. They often bring that prey to the hunter.

What type of dog hunts near the hunter?

Gun dogs stay in close proximity to the hunter. Conversely, hound dogs may be quite a distance away from the hunter while chasing down prey.

What type of dog would you use if you wanted to flush out birds from hiding?

Spaniels are best suited for flushing out birds from hiding. After the hunter downs the prey, the spaniel then retrieves it.

What type of dog would you use if you wanted to quietly locate ground prey?

A pointer quietly locates prey and points, giving the hunter the opportunity to locate the prey and flush it out for harvesting. A coonhound is a noisy hunter, and would therefore be a bad choice.

Which of the following is an example of a tree hound?

Bluetick hounds are tree hounds. They bark loudly during pursuit and once the prey is treed.

What might a hunter want a Munsterlander to do?

The Munsterlander is a versatile breed that may be used to hunt both birds and furred game, as well as retrieve waterfowl. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is an equally versatile gun dog.

Which of the following is an example of a retriever?

Standard Poodles are retrievers. Other retrievers are Golden, Labrador, and Chesapeake Bay.

Which of the following is an example of a setter?

The Gordon is a setter. Other setters include the Irish and the English.

Which of the following is an example of a spaniel?

Field dogs are examples of spaniels. Other spaniels are the Springer and the Cocker.

Which type of dog is best suited to hunt geese and doves?

Golden Retrievers are best used to hunt geese and doves and other prey that hide. Bluetick, Beagle, and Basset breeds are hounds, best suited for prey that run.

Which of the following would be best suited for hunting fox and wild boar?

The Bluetick hound is best suited for hunting prey that runs, like fox and wild boar. Retrievers, Setters and Pointers are best suited for hunting prey that hides, like birds.

What is considered the best window for training a hunting dog?

The first two years are considered the ideal window for training a hunting dog. During this time, the dog must not only have training, but also exposure to real hunting situations.

What type of dog uses a method of tracking prey called coursing?

Sight hounds use the coursing method to track prey. Coursing is essentially sighting from a distance, then stalking and pursuing prey.

What type of hound often hunts in packs?

Scent hounds often hunt in packs. The pack does the chasing, and the hunters try to keep up.

Which of the following dogs would be a good pointer?

English Setters are good pointers. They are gun dogs, often used to hunt waterfowl.

Which of the following is the oldest class of gun dog?

Spaniels are considered the oldest class of gun dog. They were first used for hunting as far back as the Renaissance.

The Greyhound is a member of what group?

Greyhounds are sight hounds. Sight hounds are used for their speed and agility.

Which dog's instinct to kill may be exploited for dog fighting?

Terriers, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, are often exploited for dog fighting. They do, however, make loyal family dogs.

Which dog was specifically bred for both saltwater and freshwater conditions?

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are common in the United States. They are known for hunting in icy water.

Which dog was originally used in Germany to hunt ducks?

The Standard Poodle was once used by the wealthy in Germany to hunt ducks. They are water dogs, often considered better at retrieving than the retrievers.

Which of the following dogs was bred to kill?

The Terrier was specifically bred to kill. They were once used in urban areas to kill vermin and were popular in Victorian London.

Which of the following dogs would be best used for tracking?

The Bloodhound is best used for tracking. They have a strong sense of smell and a great tracking ability.

The Saluki is a member of what hunting group?

The Saluki is a sight hound. The Saluki is also known as a Persian Greyhound.

The Weimaraner is what type of dog?

The Weimaraner is a gun dog. They are mostly used to hunt smaller prey, like birds and rabbits.

What type of dog is best used for upland bird hunting?

Pointers are useful in upland bird hunting. Upland prey tends to hide in brush, which makes pointers useful.

Coonhounds were bred to hunt what prey?

Coonhounds were bred to hunt coons and other game animals. They are known for their treeing ability.

Water dogs belong to which hunting group?

Water dogs are gun dogs. They are used to flush out and retrieve prey.

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