Can You Pass This "I Dream of Jeannie" True or False Quiz?

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In 1965, Jeannie popped out of a bottle and into the hearts of America. For five seasons, she grants her master's wishes and falls in love. If you wished for a quiz about this classic series, consider your wish granted!

Jeannie is 26 years old when the series begins.

Jeannie is actually a 2,000-year-old genie. 🧞‍♀️We'd love to get her skincare routine! In the pilot episode, Tony finds her bottle on the beach and the rest is television history.


Tony is an astronaut.

Major Anthony Nelson is indeed an astronaut. When his one-man capsule lands on a beach that's far from his intended recovery area, he discovers Jeannie's bottle. After she uses magic to get a rescue helicopter, Tony tells her she's free. Since Jeannie has fallen for him, she and her bottle roll into his bag to follow him home.


The opening narration tells us, "So she followed him back to Cocoa Beach, a mythical town in a mythical state called Florida. And there in this house, the girl in the bottle plays Spin the Boy."

A number of season one episodes include an opening narration that recaps how Jeannie met Tony in the pilot episode. She doesn't play Spin the Boy, though. She plays Spin the Astronaut.


Jeannie's evil sister is also named Jeannie.

Barbara Eden plays both sisters on the show, switching into a dark wig and green genie getup when she's the evil Jeannie.


Tony and Jeannie get married.

Tony and Jeannie get married in the fifth and final season. Of course, the wedding doesn't go off without a hitch. Since genies can't be photographed, Jeannie is worried about the photos that NASA wants to take.


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