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Lent is a period of different types of fasting, which includes giving up meals, particular food groups, items or leisurely activities. This also depends on the religion, church and a person's own morals and ethics regarding Lent.

Some people like to give up sweets, soda, video games or TV during the spring period of Lent, while others take it more seriously by not eating for several days out of the week. There are also different types of rules on what you can and cannot eat during Lent, but that also depends on the particular church you're involved with. For example, Eastern Orthodox Churches are more strict regarding Lent rules than Roman Catholic Churches.

Lent is observed during the spring months, right before Easter. Aside from fasting, it also involves enhancing and maintaining a spiritual connection with the Lord. This can be through various activities, such as reading certain scriptures of the Bible or going on prayer walks.

In this quiz, we'll take a look at the history of Lent, the types of "rules" that certain churches follow and what should not be consumed in terms of food and drinks. If you think you're an expert on Lent, try and score 90 percent on this quiz now!

When does Lent start?

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday. It is considered to be 46 days long (Sundays don't count), and goes until Easter.


"Lent" originates from which of these words?

"Lencten" has Old English origins, which translates to the word, "spring." Hence, Lent occurs during the spring months.


What is Good Friday?

Jesus was crucified on the cross on Good Friday. This is also the Friday that comes before Easter Sunday.


Why is the day called "Ash" Wednesday?

The day is called "Ash" Wednesday because of the ash that followers smear on their foreheads. It comes from the ashes of the palms from Palm Sunday.


Which of these holidays represents Fat Tuesday?

On Fat Tuesday, a big party is held in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is known as Mardi Gras. This is a day of overindulgence in eating and drinking and eating​ since Lent starts the day after (on Ash Wednesday).


According to old Catholic tradition, what can't you eat during Lent?

Mammals are warm-blooded creatures and should not be consumed during Lent, according to old Catholic tradition. Examples of warm-blooded animals include pigs and chicken.


What is the official color of Lent?

Violet is a type of purple color that also represents Lent. Violet is also a royal color that is used to acknowledge the resurrection of Jesus.


When does Lent end?

Good Thursday is when Lent officially ends. This is due to The Last Supper, which was the last meal Jesus consumed before he was crucified.


Which of these days is NOT part of Lent?

Sundays are actually not part of Lent. This makes Lent 46 days long (because it excludes Sundays), rather than 40 days long.


Why do we celebrate Lent?

Since Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert, Lent is about giving something up to honor this. This also occurred after his baptism.


What is Easter Sunday?

An Easter bunny and fun-colored eggs are part of the non-religious festivities associated with Easter Sunday. This was the day when Jesus rose from the dead.


According to the Conference of Catholic Bishops, what is the age range for those who should fast on Ash Wednesday?

The correct answer is 18-59. On Ash Wednesday (and Good Friday as well), those in this age group are expected to fast.


Which type of meat are you allowed to consume on the Fridays during Lent?

According to the traditions of Lent, you're not supposed to eat any meat on Fridays. The only exception is fish.


Which of the following are you supposed to give up for Lent?

Lent is about honoring the fasting that Jesus went through for 40 days in the desert. Although there are certain days of fasting during Lent, the tradition is now more about giving up any leisurely activity or item.


Which of the following is NOT part of Lent?

Overindulgence is NOT part of Lent, but it is a part of Fat Tuesday, which occurs the day before Lent begins. Acts of charity are also a big part of Lent, such as giving away money or toys.


According to the Conference of Catholic Bishops, what is considered fasting on Ash Wednesday?

Those who follow Lent practices according to the Conference of Catholic Bishops should only eat one meal during Ash Wednesday (and Good Friday). This meal must not have meat in it.


The day after Good Friday is called...?

The last day of Holy Week is Holy Saturday, which is the day before Easter Sunday. On this day, Jesus rested in his tomb after his crucifixion.


"Mini-Easter" days occur on which days during Lent?

Sundays during Lent are known as "mini-Easter" days. These days don't count toward Lent, hence why Lent is actually 46 days long.


When does Lent begin for Eastern churches?

For Eastern churches, Lent begins on Monday, seven weeks before the Easter holiday. It also ends on a Friday for a total of 40 days.


Which of the following observes "Great Lent"?

Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate "Great Lent," which lasts for 40 days. With "Great Lent," the tradition starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday, and also includes both Saturdays and Sundays.


When did Lent become official?

During 325 CE, the First Council of Nicaea took place, which made Lent official. Now known as İznik,Turkey, Nicaea was where this first council was held.


When Lent became official, which of the following could be consumed?

Plants could be consumed during the early days of Lent, but not fish, eggs or butter. This also included all types of meat as well.


During the early days of Lent, when were you allowed to consume your one meal?

During the early days of Lent, you had to wait until the evenings to consume your meal. Only one meal was allowed, which only occur now on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday.


For Orthodox Christians, which of the following is allowed for consumption during Lent?

Water is allowed for liquid consumption for Orthodox Christians during Lent. Olive oil, milk and wine are all prohibited.


When did the Roman Catholics become more lenient regarding traditional Lenten rules?

During WWII, the Roman Catholics became more lenient regarding traditional Lenten rules. This meant that only Ash Wednesday and Good Friday were "strict" days of fasting.


Which of these churches does NOT traditionally observe Lent?

Evangelical churches don't traditionally observe Lent. Many other types of Protestants also don't traditionally observe Lent, as well as some nondenominational churches.


The "Book of Common Prayer" is studied and practiced by Anglican churches. What does this book say regarding Lent?

According to the "Book of Common Prayer," Anglicans should fast during Lent. Other churches, like Lutheran, denote giving up an item or activity during Lent.


"Cheesefare Week" refers to the week _______ Lent.

The week before Lent is known as "Cheesefare Week," which is also called "Pancake Week." This is the week of preparation for fasting for Eastern Orthodox churches.


What does a "media" fast refer to during Lent?

If someone is on a "media" fast during Lent, that means that the person has chosen to give up certain aspects of media. This includes movies, TV shows, video games, the news, etc.


What does a "partial" fast refer to during Lent?

If someone is on a "partial" fast during Lent, this refers to giving up a certain food group. This could be anything from soda, candy, gluten, carbs, sugar, etc.


To what does "alms-giving" refer?

Charity work is synonymous with "alms-giving." Examples of charity work that can be done during Lent include donations and yard work for a church.


Which of the following is NOT a practice during Lent?

Overindulgence is not one of the three practices of Lent, and is the opposite of what Lent is supposed to be about. The rest of the answers are, in fact, the three practices of Lent.


Which of the following is NOT a Holy Day during Lent?

Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, starts the day before Lent begins, but is not considered a Holy Day. The rest of the answers in the list are Holy Days.


According to the Roman Catholic Church, which of these days does NOT make up the Easter Triduum?

Clean Monday is not part of the Easter Triduum, which consists of the evening from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. This counts as three evenings, or three days long.


What is a "whole" fast?

A "whole" fast refers to not eating for one to two days out of the week. This is different from a "partial" fast, which refers to giving up a particular food group.


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