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Whether you grew up saying that everything was "groovy" or "tubular," you know that youth culture is always finding new and interesting ways to mix things up. When it comes to fashion, film, music, and even language, the up and coming generation is always putting interesting new twists on everything to truly make their mark. Even before the age of social media, this was a common part of being a kid for generations of Americans. 

New slang words are often born in the Black community before being absorbed into the mainstream, and African-American Vernacular English is often appropriated as it enters the mainstream. Do you know which words were common in communities that aren't your own before social media brought them to you? 

These days, social media helps to circulate new ideas in a flash, so before you know it everyone is saying things like "Let's get this bread" and "RIP" all the time. But what do these things mean in the context of millennial slang? What do the people who are saying them actually mean? If you know the tea on Millennial slang then you might just kill this quiz! 

Are you with the times and do you know what the kids are really talking about? Can you pick out the common actually used millennial slang from all of the words its claimed they use for clicks, that no one has ever actually said?  Put yourself to the test and see how much Millennial slang you really know with this quiz!  

If someone is "finna" do something, what does that mean?

"Finna" comes from the word "fixing to." This phrase was originally a part of Black American Southern English and has changed to "finna" over time as a part of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). It means that someone is going to, trying to, or about to do something.


Where would you be most likely to find someone who is "swole"?

"Swole" is milennial slang for fit or buff. However, you will rarely see actual muscular people who work out a lot describe themselves as swole. It is mostly used jokingly or ironically by everyone else.


Who is your "bae"?

"Bae" is a word that young people use to mean girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner. Some people claim that it is an acronym that stands for "Before Anyone Else." It too entered AAVE before hitting the mainstream. This is starting to fade out of fashion, but most people still know what it means.


When can the phrase "RIP" be used?

This millennial phrase is used all the time in all kinds of situations. A lot of millennial culture and slang is built around hyperbole, irony, and gallows humor, and this short phrase covers all of it.


In what situation would a Millennial say "Let's get this bread!"?

Bread has been slang for money since at least the 1960s. In this context, it is being used to mean "let's work and make this money." It is sometimes used ironically by people who know that they will not get paid well, regardless of how hard they work.


What is it called when somebody sneaks weird brags into complaints?

Humblebrags are when people try to sneak obvious brags about themselves into complaints. They think that people don't notice, but its so commonly disliked that there is a popular slang word for it.


What does it mean to "spill the tea"?

A lot of current popular American slang was invented in the black, drag, or LGBT+ communities before being adopted by the mainstream. This is one such phrase. If someone asks you for the tea, they are asking you for the juicy details and information about something.


How can the word "yeet" be used?

Yeet is a slang word that can be used in many ways. It can be used like the word "yes" or even as a positive exclamation. It can also be a feeling of excitement or adrenaline. It can also mean to discard something or leave a place quickly.


If you are ghosting someone, what are you doing?

All young people hate to be ghosted, and yet many of them have done it. It is when you just stop answering a person's texts or calls with no explanation as to why. While it limits confrontation, it is usually very frustrating for the person getting ghosted.


What does the phrase "a full beat" relate to?

While not all millennials are into makeup, those that are a part of the massive YouTube makeup community might say things like "I'm beating this face" and "a full beat." While this sounds gory and unpleasant, it just means that they are putting a lot of time and effort into a glamorous makeup look.


If someone is thick, they are dumb, but what does it mean if they are "thicc"?

The word "thicc" is often used to refer to women who are not thin but still have hourglass figures and larger bottoms and thighs. It is the sort of figure that was popularized by celebrities like Nicki Minaj.


What is an "incel"?

Incels are a relatively new phenomenon. It stands for "involuntarily celibate." Essentially, it is a group of men who band together online against women because they can't get dates. They are not taken seriously by most people outside of their community.


Which of these can the word "meep" be used to mean?

"Meep" is usually used in the same way that the word "yikes" is. It is a little milder and can also be a sort of negative sentence filler type word.


If someone asks to see the "receipts" what are they asking for?

Receipts refer to proof of someone's hypocrisy or bad behavior. They can involve old text messages, emails, or other kinds of obvious written proof. After all, if you want to spill tea, you better have those real receipts.


When a person is acting "extra," how are they acting?

Someone who is extra is always over the top and over dramatic about every problem and situation. A piece of clothing or anything else that is too much can also be described as "extra."


If you are keeping an event "low-key," what is the event like?

The word "low-key" can be used in several ways. You can have a low-key night in. You can also be low-key hungry. It can also mean that something is slightly secret or that not that many people are supposed to know about it. This term originated in African-American vernacular English before being used in the mainstream.


We all have moods, but what does it mean if something "is a mood."

You might hear or see Millennials reply to something with "That's a mood" or "Mood." It can mean that they approve of something, are into something, or it is relatable to them. Almost anything can be a mood.


Is it a good thing if something is described as "lit"?

While, originally, the word "lit" only referred to being intoxicated or wild parties, now it is often used to refer to anything that is positive. While it has been around in some form for over a century, people think that it blew up recently thanks to rapper Travis Scott.


When a person is acting "salty," what are they acting like?

If someone is acting salty, they are acting bitter or upset about something. They could also possibly be acting outwardly jealous or otherwise unpleasant. This originated in African-American Vernacular English before being taken by the mainstream.


If someone is "woke," what are they like?

While woke initially meant a person was aware of social justice issues, it has become tinged with irony and not necessarily a compliment all the time. It can also be used ironically to refer to people who use an interest in social justice to mask their own personal shortcomings.


What does it mean to be "thirsty"?

The word "thirsty" was first used in a slang way to only refer to people who were desperate for sex, and it still is for the most part. However, now, you can be thirsty for almost anything and it can apply across a variety of situations.


If someone is "basic," what kind of movies would they be more likely to watch?

Basic people only like and are interested in mainstream things. While it isn't inherently bad to enjoy mainstream things, if you do not have any likes outside of those things many millennials would consider you basic.


When someone "thows shade" at you, which of these have they done?

This term comes from the Black and Latino LGBT communities. Someone shady is untrustworthy, and someone who is being shady is either being tricky, two-faced, or mean. To "throw shade" at someone means to be subtly insulting either to or about them.


Millennials might say "I'm dead" in which sort of emotional situation?

Much of millennial humor and slang revolves around exaggeration and gallows humor. People of this generation are famously obsessed with death and a lot of their slang makes light of it.


You might have heard people talk about "internet trolls." What do internet trolls do?

Trolls are people who say offensive and mean things on purpose to shock people, hurt them, or start fights. You can be a troll in real life as well, and trolling is the act of being purposely controversial or offensive.


If something is "dank," what is it like?

If something is "dank" it is really cool or awesome. Many famous figures have fan communities on Facebook and other platforms called "Dank Meme Stashes," where fans posts memes about them.


What does it mean if you are "shook"?

This one is not so much of a stretch. If something leaves you "shook," it has left you shocked and surprised. You might hear people say "I'm shook." It has been common in Irish slang for a long time, but in the US it was first used as a part of African-American vernacular English.


If someone says something "savage," what kind of thing have they said?

A savage insult is both petty and deeply cutting. If someone makes a particularly cutting and cleverly cruel remark about another person, other people might say that that's savage.


When someone is "finessing" a situation, how are they handling it?

When you finesse a situation you are smoothing it out and making it work, possibly against the odds or with some sort of obstacles in the way. For example, one might finesse an ugly dress by styling it in the right way.


What does it mean if someone says that a couple is "goals"?

Someone might say that someone or something is "goals" when they want to either be or achieve it. You will commonly see this commented by fans and followers under influencer's pictures on Instagram.


What kind of picture has someone posted on Instagram if the picture is a "thirst trap"?

This refers to the slang word "thirsty," which can mean desperate for sex or other things. A thirst trap can be a sexy picture or flirtatious message posted on social media meant to make people thirsty.


If you snatch someone's wig, what are you doing to them?

Many Millennial slang phrases relate to exposing people's lies or hypocrisy. When you snatch someone's wig you either reveal their truth or another hidden truth to them suddenly and dramatically.


How do most millennials use the word "blessed"?

You will see many millennials posting about how they are #blessed on social media. While some people mean it genuinely, others just use it to brag, and both are made fun of by other people who use it ironically to mock them.


When someone tells you that "Everything's Gucci" is that good or bad?

"Gucci" is just slang for good. If someone tells you that "It's all Gucci" or "They're Gucci" it is not literal and has nothing to do with the designer brand. This likely happened because the two words are similar.


If someone says "weird flex, but ok?" what are they criticizing someone for?

This phrase refers to people who work out flexing their muscles to show them. "To flex" on people means to show off or brag. A "weird flex" is when someone attempts to use something weird to show off, and it falls flat.


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