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The Renaissance is what we think of when we think of people like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and the Medici family. All played a large part in the Renaissance and what has come from it. If you were living at the time of the Renaissance, Italy was the place to be. The country was at the top of the world at this time with all the best talent, thinkers and revolutionary people of the time. So, you think you know all about it?

There are countless people who made the Renaissance what it was. Contributions in art, science and literature changed mindsets and created revolutions that were like no other. The Catholic Church was one of the leading forces at the time, and had a large influence over not just Italy, but the world. People who did not agree with the church and who spoke out with different ideas were not well liked. For example, Galileo is known to have had a conflict with the church over different beliefs that led to his house arrest.

While the Renaissance is thought to have been quite a revolutionary time, some could argue that it may not have been as open to hearing the new ideas from these people as we think. So, if you think you know all about the Renaissance, it's time to prove it by taking this quiz!

Which family was extremely important to the Renaissance?

The members of the Medici Family were investors in the Renaissance, so to speak. They invested heavily in art and artists, and appear in many Renaissance era works because of it.


Which of the following subjects were very important to the era?

Art, science and literature were all very important during the Renaissance. Each of the subjects contributed to the thinking and ideas of the time. It was also a period of time where each of these subjects thrived and often intertwined with one another.


What was one of the most famous books of the Renaissance?

The King James Bible was revolutionary during the Renaissance. It played a large role in the Protestant Revolution largely due to its unprecedented translation.


What is another term that is sometimes used in reference to the Renaissance?

Another word used for the Renaissance is the "Dark Ages," as it is somewhat part of the Middle Ages time period. The Renaissance was a time of change near the end, however.


What is humanism?

Humanism was an important part of the Renaissance, which was the belief that education and studying of Greek and Roman culture would lead to a rebirth. This was something that many philosophers wrote about at that time.


What is Galileo known for?

Galileo made many advancements in science and astronomy. Two of the most important discoveries that he made were the rings of Saturn as well as the moons of Jupiter.


What did Leonardo da Vinci often include in his art?

Science is often included in many of Leonardo da Vinci's works. For example, his studies often influenced the look and feel of his art to be more realistic.


What was the High Renaissance?

The High Renaissance was a time during the larger period of the Renaissance that is known for the production of some of the best and most famous artwork in history. It's known for its high quality and skillful work.


Who is said to be depicted in the painting, "Mona Lisa"?

Lisa del Giocondo was part of the Gherardini family of Florence and is also thought to be the subject of the most famous painting in the world, the "Mona Lisa". Despite being the subject of one of the most famous paintings in the world, there is not much known about Lisa.


Where did the Statue of David stand after its creation?

Michelangelo's masterpiece was shown off in front of the Piazza della Signoria in Florence. The iconic statue also has a few replicas which are still around the area for public viewing.


Who doubled as surgeons during the Renaissance?

It may not seem like the best idea, but barbers at one time also doubled as surgeons! Often, the barbers performed small surgical tasks but their dual jobs were serious enough to have an organization dedicated to them.


What was revolutionary during the Renaissance?

Gutenberg's printing press had an incredible effect on the Renaissance. Its creation allowed for mass production of the Bible and an increase in individuals who could read and write.


What type of religious practice was created during the Renaissance?

Protestantism was created during the time of the Renaissance. This was due to people at the time starting to think differently than the Catholic church had been teaching them, and coming to their own beliefs.


What did the Church try to do during this time?

The Catholic church wanted to censor anything that did not follow their beliefs and teachings during the Renaissance. Going against the church at this time led to consequences, sometimes as harsh as death.


What was Luca Pacioli known for?

Luca created the field of accounting that still exists today. He was a mathematician primarily, but we have him to thank for our accountants today!


What was Martin Luther's role in the Renaissance?

Martin Luther was the leader of the Protestant Reformation. His actions influenced those around him at the time to think differently and create their own branch of Christianity that they truly believed in.


What idea was proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus?

Nicolaus Copernicus proposed the heliocentric system that went against everyone's beliefs at the time. Others believed that the Earth was at the center of the universe, with all things orbiting around it.


What does the word "Renaissance" mean?

The word "Renaissance" means "rebirth", which defines the period of time perfectly. Europe, and specifically Italy, was going through a change that was never before seen. Ideas and beliefs started to shift, as well as advancements in many fields.


What technique was quite popular for art during the Renaissance?

Realism is one of the most popular techniques to use during the Renaissance. This style of painting is used to try and capture the true, authentic setting before you as it is. There are no embellishments in this style.


What did the "Vitruvian Man" show?

"Vitruvian Man" is a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci which shows the proper proportions for a person. He had the proportions down to a science. After all, he did extensive studies to perfect his own craft.


Which city had a rivalry with Florence?

The Italian city of Rome also had a rivalry with the newly thriving hub. Their rivalry had a lot to do with money and religion as well as pushing their city as the best.


Who painted the "Birth of Venus"?

Sandro Botticelli painted the famous "Birth of Venus". This is one of his most famous works, and it left its own mark on Italy at that time. It was painted on a canvas rather than a wood panel like all other paintings at this time.


What is a Renaissance Man?

A Renaissance man comes from the fact that many people during this time were skilled in a variety of different subjects. The term is more commonly used today for people who are talented in many things.


Who is known to be the "Father of the Renaissance"?

Petrarch is credited with this title due to his influence through his writing. Another title that he is credited with is being the "Father of Humanism" which was a huge philosophy during the Renaissance.


What was Filippo Brunelleschi known for?

Filippo Brunelleschi was the mastermind behind the Florence Cathedral's dome. The dome was Brunelleschi's masterpiece that he wanted to be exclusive to him. He refused to give out his secret to the creation of the dome!


What country was at the center of world culture?

Italy was the heart of world culture at the time of the Renaissance. It was great for trade and it influenced the rest of the world in many ways.


Who was a fan of da Vinci?

Raphael could also be considered a student of da Vinci. He admired his work and used it to better his own work. You could say that it really paid off for him!


In many Renaissance Era paintings, what are the Medicis usually shown holding?

The Medici Family was wealthy, but they were also important bankers at the time of the Renaissance. This explains why the family members were most commonly depicted holding cash. Look at the painting “Lorenzo de Medici” by Girolamo Machietti for evidence!


What was Machiavelli known for?

Machiavelli was a famous writer during the Renaissance. You may have heard of his most famous book, titled "The Prince". In addition to his writing, he was also very well known for his politics.


What type of painting became popular during the Renaissance?

Oil painting was the popular medium at the time of the Renaissance. Part of the reason for its popularity was its texture and vibrant color that was unmatched by any other form of paint at the time.


In what city did the Renaissance start?

Florence, Italy was the central hub of the Renaissance. It's where many of the famous figures of the time lived and worked, as well as the home of the Medici Family. It was the place to be in this era!


At what age was a man expected to be married at during the Renaissance?

By 30, a man during the Renaissance was expected to have married. Women, on the other hand, were expected to married much younger, usually while in their early teens.


Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Michelangelo is known for his many incredible works of art. The Sistine Chapel was one of them, and perhaps one of the hardest. He was required to stand on a scaffold and paint above his head to complete the entire ceiling.


What did famous artists do to learn more about the human body?

Artists were quite dedicated to their craft during the Renaissance, going so far as to dissect bodies in order to understand anatomy. These dissections were also illegal in Florence.


What was Michel de Montaigne known for?

Michel de Montaigne was a philosopher who was known for his essays. During his time, his writing was often criticized for being too much about him and his own experiences rather than the matter he wrote about.


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