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You're a "Top Gun" fanatic and you know everything about the Navy. Now, it's time to test your knowledge on the aircraft carriers that make their operations possible. Life on the ship is like no other way of life with small spaces and living underneath the deck. The personnel make sacrifices to complete their important work aboard the ships.

Do you know what happens to a ship after construction takes place? Do you know how many planes or people can fit on your average aircraft carrier? Maybe you know the term used for a ship that is under construction? Make sure you know your aircraft carrier basics in order to ace this quiz!

Do you know which ships are nicknamed "Ike", "Gold Eagle" or the "Iron Gator"? Can you name any movies that the real aircraft carriers have been featured in or used for filming? Do you know the call signs or classes of each aircraft carrier? This quiz will take your knowledge to the next level, testing you on specific ships as well!

If you think you know your stuff about the important naval ships, we bet this we'll be a breeze for you! Are you ready officer? Unpack your bags and get ready to take a trip into the world of US Navy Aircraft carriers!

How often do Nimitz class carriers need to refuel?

The Nimitz-class carriers are nuclear-powered! They can go many years between reloading their reaction mass.


Approximately how many personnel can fit on an aircraft carrier?

On the average aircraft carrier, 5,000 people can fit. Life on an aircraft carrier is very different than regular life, as spaces are confined and you can't always find a time to go and enjoy the fresh air.


Which ship is nicknamed "Gipper"?

Just as many aircraft carriers and ships are named after presidents, they often take on their nicknames as well. The "Gipper" was the nickname of Ronald Reagan, who played a character that also took on the nickname.


Which ship is sometimes called by its nickname, "Ike"?

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower got the nickname "Ike" from the president that it was named after. The ship was built in the '70s and it boasts many awards for its effectiveness.


The USS America was named for what?

This supercarrier got its name from its home country, America. The ship, which is part of the Kitty Hawk class represents its country well with its coat of arms proudly displaying the country's name.


What does the flag on the USS Harry S Truman say?

"Give 'Em Hell" was the motto of Harry S Truman's campaign. It was also fitting for the flag that represented the ship which took part in incidents such as Operation New Dawn and Operation Southern Watch.


Which of the following ships are no longer active?

The USS Yorktown was a ship that was only in service for four years in the late '30s and early '40s. It met its demise in the Battle of Midway, being the only ship sunk during the battle.


What helps to thrust the plane off of the carrier?

Catapults are used to get an aircraft to the speed it needs to be at in order to make it off of the ship. This has a large impact on the human body as well, as it creates a large amount of force that can thrust the pilot backward in their seat.


How many supercarriers does the United States Navy own?

There are ten supercarriers in the Navy that are among the largest in the world. The supercarriers have much more resources and facilities that could be needed in times of crisis.


What is the USS Theodore Roosevelt's nickname?

The ship's nickname comes from the phrase that President Theodore Roosevelt was famous for saying: "speak softly, and carry a big stick." This massive ship can carry up to 90 planes on its deck.


Which ship was named after a living president at the time?

Ronald Reagan was still alive at the time that the ship named after him was commissioned. In fact, it was sponsored by Ronald's wife, Nancy in the mid-'90s. The ship is still going strong today many years later, and as of recently has being doing rounds around Asia.


Is it true or false that the United States Navy has the largest carriers in the world?

This is true. The United States Navy aircraft carriers are some of the largest in the world. The Nimitz class alone has become known for their large size and capacity.


What was the USS Theodore Roosevelt's first operation?

The USS Theodore Roosevelt was first launched in the '80s and didn't see its first true mission until Operation Desert Storm in the early '90s. The ship has won awards like the Battenburg Cup and the Battle Efficiency Award.


How many planes can fit on a supercarrier?

90 planes are able to fit on a supercarrier, while other carriers can vary in number. The planes on the carriers belong to the Navy, and often helicopters are also aboard the carriers.


Which aircraft carrier is the largest?

The USS Gerald R. Ford is the largest aircraft carrier not only in the United States Navy, but in the entire world as well. The ship was officially accepted into the Navy as of 2017, but has not yet been deployed.


What was the USS Wolverine used for?

The USS Wolverine was used for training at the time of World War II. After the war, the ship was destroyed as it was no longer needed for training.


How many Navy ships have been named after Abraham Lincoln?

Although two ships owned by the Navy have been named after the president, only one was an aircraft carrier. The USS Abraham Lincoln was built in the '80s and it is known to be fast and quite agile.


Which naval aircraft carrier is the oldest ship that is still currently running?

The Nimitz CVN-68 is the oldest carrier in the United States fleet. It was first launched in 1972 and it is still active today, having been through missions such as Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


After a naval aircraft carrier is completed, what takes place?

Ceremonial ship launching takes place when a ship is first placed into the water. It can also be referred to as christening the ship. This produces large events that often attract members of the public as they see the vessel off into the sea.


Which ship's motto is "Uncommon valor"?

The USS Iwo Jima uses this motto, which was a quote from Admiral Chester Nimitz when speaking on the actual Battle of Iwo Jima. The ship holds a lot of significance to the battle as it is also the site of a medal placed by a soldier who was in the Battle of Iwo Jima, Private First Class Jacklyn Lucas.


Which ship got its name from a Civil War vessel?

USS Kearsarge got its name from a ship used in the Civil War which sunk in the late 1800s. The modern day ship is part of the Wasp class which carries everything from helicopters to fighter planes.


Which movie was the USS Carl Vinson used in?

The USS Carl Vinson was used in the filming of "Behind Enemy Lines". Did you know that after the death of Osama bin Laden, this was the ship that was used to conduct his burial?


What is the call sign of the USS George Washington?

The callsign for the ship is "November November Golf Whiskey" which is used by stations to identify the vessel. This follows the callbook created by the FCC that all operators must be familiar with.


Which ship is called "Gold Eagle"?

The "Gold Eagle" is the USS Carl Vinson, which is part of the Nimitz Class. This ship was built in the '80s and used for missions such as the relief of the Haiti Earthquake.


What does it mean if a ship is laid down?

When a ship is being laid down, it means that it is in the process of being built. Many of the aircraft carriers that are in service today have been built by companies like Newport News Shipbuilding.


What did the USS Boxer deal with?

The USS Boxer has had to deal with many pirates throughout the years. The ship has been in service since the early '90s and uses the motto, "Honor, Courage, Strength."


Which of the following ships are not part of the Kitty Hawk Class?

The USS Enterprise is not part of the Kitty Hawk Class, and instead, the lead ship of the Enterprise class. Did you know that the USS Enterprise that sailed the seas from the '60s to the late 2000s was the first nuclear powered carrier?


Who sponsored the USS George Washington?

Barbara Bush, President George Bush's wife, sponsored this ship in the late '80s. The ship is one of four vessels named after George Washington, also where it gets its nickname, "GW".


Which ship's home port is Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia?

This port is home to the USS George H. W. Bush, and was first used as a port in the early 1900s. The port doesn't just service aircraft carriers but also many other naval vessels as well.


What does the red disk on the USS Wasp's coat of arms represent?

This disk represents Japan, also where the homeport of the ship is. It is in Sasebo, located in southern Japan along the coast, making it the perfect location for a port.


Which ship is known as "The Iron Gator"?

The USS Essex is known as the "Iron Gator" which was built in the '80s. It left the port in 1994 and it was involved in events such as Operation Southern Watch and aiding in Japan when needed.


Which film was the USS Nimitz in?

The USS Nimitz was shown in the movie "The Final Countdown," an alternative history film that had a great concept, but poor execution. The film starred large actors such as Kirk Douglas and Katherine Ross.


What is unique about USS Makin Island?

The USS Makin Island uses diesel-electric as well as gas propulsion in order to travel. The ship is quite new, only being launched in 2006, but it did not go on any missions until three years later.


Which ship was involved with a crash in 2017?

The USS Bonhomme Richard was involved in an event where a plane crashed off the coast of Australia in 2017. Did you know that the vessel was used in the movie "Battleship"?


Which ship is named after a president?

The USS Gerald R. Ford is the named after the 38th president of the United States, Gerald Ford. The ship is still active today and it was sponsored by Gerald's daughter, Susan Ford.


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