Can You Pass This 2-Digit Multiplication Quiz Without Using a Calculator?

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Are you a mental math whiz who doesn't need a calculator to put numbers in their place? Many people struggle with math throughout their lives, a struggle that starts in their early years of schooling. However, everyone's brain is different. While some people can read a book in a night or pick up foreign languages with ease, other people are mathematical machines. Some people rarely have to use calculators to do math in their day-to-day lives, because they are the calculator. We all have different skills and strengths, but when it comes to math, it's not many people's idea of fun. 

However, for some people, numbers just make sense. They click. If you are a number-crunching genius with a truly mathematical mind, see if you can take on this 2-digit multiplication quiz without so much as taking a peek at your handy calculator. Are you ready to stretch the muscles of the mind and put your brain to the test with a fun math quiz? 

Challenge your mind and see if your mental math skills are truly up to snuff with this calculator-free multiplication quiz! This math test is a no-calculator zone! No tech! No cheating! Get ready to multiply! 


12x18=216. Be honest - were you tempted to use a calculator for this one? Break it down into two parts - 10 times 18 and 2 times 18.


10x15=150. When multiplying a number by 10, you can just add a zero to it to find the right answer.


17x25=425. Whenever you multiply a number that ends in a 5, the result will end in either a 5 or a 0.


11x30=330. When you multiply a two-digit number ending in zero by 11, repeat the first digit and then add a zero on the end to find the answer.


21x52=1092. Did you use a calculator or break it down and do it in your head? It's just 20 times 52, plus one extra 52.


34x12=408. When two even numbers are multiplied, the answer is also even.


98x10=980. Here the rule of ten applies.


61x29=1,769. You could try multiplying 60x29, then adding one extra 29!


50x31=1,550. If it makes it easier, you can break problems like this down. Multiplying 31 by 5 and then multiplying that answer by 10 will get you to the same place.


42x70=2,940. Multiply 42 by 7, then add a zero at the end!


11x95=1,045. Think about it - you could just add 950 and 95.


52x71=3,692. Multiply 52 by 70, then add an extra 52.


85x29=2,465. Sometimes, when dealing with multiples of five, breaking things down can help. 5x17=85. So, multiplying 29 by 5, and then that answer by 17 will get you to the same place.


69x93=6,417. Did you break this down? Multiply 70 by 93, then subtract 93.


87x19=1,653. Try multiplying 87 by 20, then subtracting the extra 87!


52x76=3,952. How did you break this one down? Perhaps 50 times 76, added to 2 times 76?


80x29=2,320. When broken down, this one gets a little bit easier. 8x10=80, so you can also do 29x10, and then multiply that answer by 8 to get to the final answer.


90x45=4,050. Try 9 times 45, then multiplying that by 10. Simple, right?


55x99=5,445. 99 is almost 100, so multiply 55 by 100 and subtract 55.


13x77=1,001. Remember, when you multiply a pair of odd numbers, the answer will always be odd. How did you break this one down into manageable parts?


51x45=2,295. Multiply 45 by 50, then add an extra 45, right?


23x76=1,748. When an odd number and even number are multiplied. the answer is always an even number.


52x11=572. That's 520 plus 52. Does that make sense? Use the 11 to your best advantage.


85x82=6,970. 8x8 is 64, which can give you a rough instant idea of around what the final answer will start with. Remember your simple multiples!


90x50=4,500. When multiplying by two-digit numbers that end in 0, each adds a 0 to the final answer.


98x71=6,958. Don't panic - it's just 98 times 70, then an extra 98. That's 6,860 plus 98, which is 6,958.


84x79=6,636. Think about multiplying 84 by 80, then take things from there.


12x66=792. You can break this down into the multiples of 12 to make it a little easier. For example: 66x4x3=792.


88x88=7,744. Multiply 88 by 8, then multiply 88 by 80, then add the results. So many 8s!


51x52=2,652. You know 50 times 50 is 2,500, so your answer has to be a little bit more than that.


78x23=1,794. Remember, multiplying an odd and an even number always results in an even number.


62x58=3,596. Will you round down the 62 to make this one easier, or round up the 58?


66x37=2,442. Multiply 6 by 37, then 60 by 37. Now just add those together.


15x90=1,350. When multiplying multiples of 5, your answer can only end in 0 or 5.


99x99=9,801. You can break multiples of 9 down into 3s if it helps! Alternatively, multiply 100 by 99, then subtract 99.

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