Quiz: Can You Pass US Geography?
Can You Pass US Geography?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Malcom MacGregor / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Do you know U.S. geography like the back of your hand? Can you account for all the nooks, creeks and byways of America's backcountry and major cities? Put your knowledge to the test with this here quiz that separates the geography beginners from the pros. Guess directions, square miles, county seats and the like as you mentally trot from east coast to west while visualizing all points in between. That's only about 3,000 miles to imagine. A piece of cake, right?  

There's a little bit of landmark trivia and a lot of questions about water bodies. Mountain ranges spring up from time to time, and border facts are a guarantee on this quiz. We also touch on history tidbits, highlighting years built and dates formed of America's most prominent geo-markers. Major cities and rustic no man's lands get equal billing on this test of U.S. map wisdom. But no peeking for answers! Just think through the questions. Consider the proximities provided and follow the hints.

After this brief wit fit, you'll be one step closer to ditching your GPS for good. Go on and give it your best go! 

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