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Do you know U.S. geography like the back of your hand? Can you account for all the nooks, creeks and byways of America's backcountry and major cities? Put your knowledge to the test with this here quiz that separates the geography beginners from the pros. Guess directions, square miles, county seats and the like as you mentally trot from east coast to west while visualizing all points in between. That's only about 3,000 miles to imagine. A piece of cake, right?  

There's a little bit of landmark trivia and a lot of questions about water bodies. Mountain ranges spring up from time to time, and border facts are a guarantee on this quiz. We also touch on history tidbits, highlighting years built and dates formed of America's most prominent geo-markers. Major cities and rustic no man's lands get equal billing on this test of U.S. map wisdom. But no peeking for answers! Just think through the questions. Consider the proximities provided and follow the hints.

After this brief wit fit, you'll be one step closer to ditching your GPS for good. Go on and give it your best go! 

Which is the most populous U.S. state?

California is the 31st state of the union. This west coast state became the most populous state in the early 1960s.


Where is the Liberty Bell located?

In 1751, the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly commissioned the Liberty Bell to hang in Philadelphia's State House, which is now named Independence Hall. The bell is a symbol of freedom and was cast in London, England before it was delivered to America in 1752.


Which capital city lies in a valley?

Montpelier is the capital city of the state of Vermont. The city is positioned in a valley along the North Branch and Winooski rivers.


How many miles does the Hoover Dam span?

The Hoover Dam was first commissioned as the Boulder Canyon Project in 1928. The Hoover Dam is situated on the border between Nevada and Arizona.


Which states share a border with Texas?

New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana are all U.S. states that border Texas. Mexico lines the southwest border of Texas.


The Grand Canyon is located in which state?

The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world. It's a huge valley carved by the Colorado River and is located in the northwestern region of Arizona.


Where is the lowest elevation point of the U.S. located?

Death Valley is located in southeastern California. This structural depression is approximately 280 feet below sea level and spans nearly 140 miles.


Which U.S. state does not border Canada?

The U.S. state of Wyoming lies approximately 865 miles south of Saskatchewan, Canada. Montana lies immediately north of Wyoming, and lines Canada's southern border, as do Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, and Minnesota.


Which continent contains the United States?

North America is the world's third largest continent and spans nearly 9,400,000 miles. The United States, Canada and Mexico occupy the continent. The island of Greenland is also included.


Which city is located along the Missouri River?

Great Falls, Montana has been dubbed "Electric City" in recognition of its vast hydroelectric power technologies. It's Montana's second-largest city and lies at the junction of the Sun and Missouri rivers.


What is the largest U.S. lake by surface area?

The largest single U.S. lake by surface area is Lake Superior, which measures 31,700 square miles. The lake reaches 350 miles long and is one of the five Great Lakes of east-central North America.


Which is not a city in New Mexico?

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon. Albuquerque, New Mexico lies approximately 1,362 miles southeast of Portland.


How many boroughs are located in New York City?

Five boroughs, or districts, comprise New York City. The boroughs of New York City are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.


Which U.S. capital city is the furthest north?

Seattle, Washington lies nearly 60 miles north of capital city Olympia. The capital city is named for the Olympic Mountains that are situated in northwestern Washington.


Which state does not border the west coastline of the United States?

Kentucky lies in the eastern south-central region of the United States. Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia border Kentucky's northern territory.


Which is not a river located in the United States?

The Seine River measures 483 miles long and is located in Paris, France. The Moosup River spans nearly 24 miles in Rhode Island, and the Snake River flows through the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.


Which of these states doesn't have a volcano?

Active volcanos are at or near the earth's moving tectonic plates. Mount Hood is Oregon's highest peak and measures nearly 11,240 feet high. This volcano last erupted in the year 1865.


Which one is a desert in the United States?

The Sonoran Desert is located in the southeast region of California and the southwest region of Arizona. This desert covers approximately 120,000 square miles.


Birmingham and Auburn are non-capital cities of which state?

Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama. It lies approximately 91 miles southeast of Birmingham, and 60 miles southwest of Auburn in the state.


Where is Langlade County located?

Antigo, Wisconsin is a city in Langlade County and is located in the northeastern region of the state. It has a population of approximately 8,230.


Kansas City, Missouri spans how many square miles?

Kansas City, Missouri lies close to the Kansas-Missouri border. Kansas City, Kansas is approximately 4 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri.


Where is Lake Istokpoga located?

Lake Istokpoga is located in the southern central region of Florida. Orlando is approximately 130 miles north of Lake Istokpoga.


Yankee Stadium is located in which borough of New York City?

Yankee Stadium was built in 1923 in the South Bronx region of New York City. "The House that Ruth Built" is an alternative name for this baseball monument, which is home to the New York Yankees team.


How many counties are in the state of Indiana?

Indianapolis, Indiana encompasses nine counties, including Hancock, Johnson, Hamilton, Hendricks, Boone, Morgan, Marion, Madison and Shelby counties. The population of Indianapolis is 1,002,000.


Which state does not include the Appalachian Mountains?

The Appalachian Mountains reach approximately 2,000 miles from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada to Alabama in the United States. The mountain range is also referred to as the "Appalachians."


Where is the mouth of the Yukon River located?

The Yukon River flows through the northwest Yukon territory of Canada to central Alaska in the U.S. The Yukon empties into the Bering Sea.


Which state does not border Tennessee?

Alabama and Georgia are the only two U.S. states that border Florida, at the north edge of the state. Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi line Tennessee's southern border.


Which of these is not a state capital?

Fargo is the largest city of North Dakota. Bismarck, North Dakota is the state's capital city. Denver is Colorado state's capital city, and Baton Rouge is Louisiana's capital.


Which U.S. state has the lowest population?

The U.S. state of Wyoming is the country's least populated state. The state has a population of 573,720. Vermont state's population is approximately 50,200 higher at 623,960.


In which state is Toms River located?

Toms River is a township situated along the eastern coastline of New Jersey state. The town lies approximately 42 miles southeast of Trenton.


What is the state capital of Oregon?

Salem, Oregon is near both Interstate 5 and Interstate 22 freeways. Salem lies southwest of Portland in the northwestern region of the state.


Which state has a population less than 150,000?

The population of Waco, Texas is approximately 103,600. It's a small city nestled in McLennan county, Texas within the state's eastern central region.


Which state was one of the original 13 colonies?

North Carolina is sandwiched between Virginia at the north and South Carolina along its southern edge. North Carolina is an east-coastal U.S. state.


What is the smallest U.S. lake by surface area among the choices?

Lake Livingston, located in the southeast region of Texas, spans 130 square miles. The southern tip of Lake Livingston is approximately 90 miles northeast of Houston.


Which state has the highest elevation point in the United States?

Mount McKinley, which is also called "Denali," is North America's highest elevation point. Denali is a mountain peak along the Alaska Range located in the south-central Alaska region.


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