Can You Pick the Preposition That Completes the Movie Title?

By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

It's great to see movies with simple titles, and we know there are many of them. But there are also many movies with really long titles. If you removed an article here, conjunction there, or a preposition here and there, would you still be able to guess what movie we're talking about? Now, this is really a quiz for the sharpest of eyes!

Movies with one-word titles or even two-word titles are very awesome and catchy, but sometimes, the movies with the longer titles are more fun to remember for some people. That's because what they got going for them is this concept called "unique selling point." Imagine that the first thing one would remember about a film is not really its story nor the title, but the actors. And often, these actors are personal favorites of viewers. So to add to the second layer of interest would be this move: give these actors cool movie projects that have a great tandem of a memorable story and a catchy title. That will then complete people's curiosities and hook them to no end - until the next movie comes along, that is.

So, let's see if any of these popular and classic films were memorable enough for you to remember their titles. Just fill in the blanks with the correct preposition and you're good to go. Action!

That time-traveling comedy is called "Back __ The Future."

That great Civil War-themed epic is called "Gone __ the Wind."

One of those theme park ride-turned-movies is called "Pirates __ the Caribbean: __ World's End."

Espionage became a household term, thanks to "__ Russia __ Love."

An example of a historical revisionist tale is "The Assassination __ Jesse James __ the Coward Robert Ford."

Sing along to that famous European-set movie called "The Sound __ Music."

When romance and military life intersect, you get "__ Here __ Eternity."

Watch another reluctant hero's action-packed journey in "Die Hard __ a Vengeance."

That Gen-X indie-feels fave is called "__ Sunrise."

Cool films like "Rebel __ A Cause" popularized slicked-back hair for men in the '50s.

The story of a closeted man-and-teen boy love is featured in "Call Me __ Your Name."

When a political thriller meets a historically dystopian view, you get "V __ Vendetta."

Stage musicals also become movie musicals, like "__ The Woods."

When history is filmed like a shoot 'em up western, you get "Gunfight __ the O.K. Corral."

Children's books get turned to children's films featuring fantastic elements, just like "The House __ a Clock __ its Walls."

An unlikely comedy intersects theater and the mafia in "Bullets __ Broadway."

Countryside life and some fishing get featured in "A River Runs __ It."

Morning-after thoughts usually start with something "__ Last Night..."

Discovering a musician's life focuses on going "__ Llewyn Davis."

When martial arts and police work cross paths, you get catapulted "__ The Law."

When ancient writers get the feels, you get "Shakespeare __ Love."

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi family drama unfolds in "__ Earth."

If a film is about a huge spectacle, you get to see "The Greatest Show __ Earth."

An American in an Italian setting is what "__ The Tuscan Sun" is all about.

When something's not familiar, you feel that there's "A Stranger __ Us."

One of the Academy Awards' favorite family dramas of the '80s is "__ Golden Pond."

When the Fab Four's songs become a film, you get to travel "__ The Universe."

This modern warfare film is all about being "__ Enemy Lines."

When you're embroiled in so much drama, you feel like you're "__ All Odds."

That older film about men and monkeys is known as "__ The Planet __ the Apes."

Steven Spielberg directed "Raiders __ the Lost Ark" featuring Harrison Ford.

The first J.R.R. Tolkien book to be filmed by Peter Jackson is called "The Lord __ the Rings: The Fellowship __ The Ring."

When you're in a relationship, sometimes you feel that there's "A Thin Line __ Love and Hate" as shown in this film.

Aliens, government secret agency, and comedy all intersect in "Men __ Black."

New York City stockbrokers are in the limelight in "The Wolf __ Wall Street."

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