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Imagine how many words you use on a daily basis. Whether it is writing an email or sending a text message or actually speaking with another human being, we all use words on a daily basis. And you have to admit that during those texts or conversations, you have accidentally said two words that ended up rhyming with each other. When you did it, you probably said those infamous words: "I'm a poet and didn't even know it." So, you continued to use rhyming words.

Even when you don't mean it, you can find yourself using words that rhyme. That is where this quiz comes into play. We are going to give you a word and you have to select the word that rhymes with it. While it may sound like an easy task, sometimes the words may throw you off. How good do you think you will be? Time will tell when you complete this quiz, but hopefully, you are feeling confident.

If you aren't feeling confident, then you might fail, which will make you wail and then you'll need a pail to catch all your tears. For now, test your rhyming knowledge and see if you can get every question right!

What word rhymes with "bunch"?

When you say it out loud, you can hear that bunch rhymes with lunch. As far as sounding out the words, lunch is pronounced luhnch. With that, bunch is pronounced buhnch, so the similarities are there.

Can you pick the word that rhymes with "great"?

They may not have a similar spelling, but it's clear that great and late are the rhyming words. They both end with that "āt" sound.

The word is "hood," but what word rhymes with it?

Mood has a similar spelling to hood, but they clearly don't rhyme. The answer here is good, as it rhymes with hood.

You are given the word "star" now, so what word rhymes with it?

If you sound it out, bar and star are the rhyming words. Bar is pronounced bahr and star is pronounced stahr.

We have the word "tight." Can you pick the correct word that rhymes with it?

Tight and flight have the same sound going on, so the rhyming match is there. When pronouncing tight, it sounds like tahyt. For flight, it sounds like flahyt.

The word is "jug" and you need to find the word that rhymes, but can you?

It is all about the pronunciation of these words. For jug, it is pronounced juhg. And for rug, it is pronounced ruhg.

Our word is "bold," so what do you pick this time?

Many of these words have that silent "h" sound going on. For bold, it is pronounced bohld. For cold, you pronounce it cohld.

The word is "dead," but what is the word that rhymes with it?

For this one, the "a" in dead is silent. Because of that, it is pronounced ded. This is almost identical to the rhyming word, bed.

You are given the word "bike." What word would you pick as the rhyming word?

If you pronounce the word bike, it sounds like you are saying bahyk. If you do the same thing for hike, it sounds like you are saying hahyk, so they rhyme.

We are starting with the word "chick" and ending with what word that rhymes with it?

When it comes to saying these words, it's like the "c" no longer exists. You would say "chick" as chic and you would say "brick" as bric, so they rhyme.

We are going to be "mean" here, but can you find the rhyming word?

When it comes to mean, you pronounce it more like you are using two e's together and not an "ea." So, it would be "meen," which makes "green" the word that rhymes with it.

You are given the word "small." What word rhymes with it?

Both of these words take on a weird sound when saying them. For small, you would pronounce it "smawl" and for call, it's pronounced "kawl."

We are giving you the word "gnome" and the word that rhymes with it would be?

These words may be spelled differently, but they still sound alike and therefore, rhyme. Gnome is pronounced "nohm" and comb is pronounced as "kohm."

This one consists of the word "plum." What is the word that rhymes with it?

The "h" sound is back. When saying "plum," you would say it as "pluhm." When saying "drum," you would pronounce it as "druhm."

You are playing the "flute" on this one. Can you find the word that rhymes with it?

When you say the word "shoot," it sounds just like it is spelled. However, for "flute," it sounds like "floot" and that makes the two words rhyming.

When given "third," what would you pick as the answer?

Both "third" and "word" contain different vowels in the middle. However, they both take on another vowel sound when saying them out loud. Third is pronounced as "thurd" and word is pronounced as "wurd."

We want you to find the word that rhymes with "bleed." Can you do it?

There is no doubt of the words that rhyme here. Both "bleed" and "weed" have the double e's in the middle, so they sound alike.

Can you find the word in this list that rhymes with "bad"?

They are basically the same word, as they are only one letter different. Both "dad" and "bad" have the same sound and pronunciation, so they rhyme.

When given the word "heaven," can you pick the word that rhymes with it?

We are working with some syllables on this one. When pronouncing heaven, you would say "hev-uh n." A very similar sounding word is seven, which would be pronounced "sev-uh n."

The word is "lobby." What is the rhyming word?

Not all words that are spelled so similar rhyme. However, these words do rhyme. Lobby is pronounced "lob-ee" and hobby is pronounced "hob-ee."

The word is "bell" and the rhyming word is?

Another set of words that are too similar not to rhyme. Bell is pronounced "bel" and well is pronounced "wel," so they rhyme.

Can you give us the word that rhymes with "mingle"?

The pronunciations of these words are spot-on. When saying mingle, it is "ming-guhl." When saying single, it is "sing-guhl."

Can you "chew" through this one and find the rhyming word?

These words don't have a similar look to them. However, they are pronounced very similar. You would say chew as "choo" and blue as "bloo," so they rhyme.

Can you "wade" through these answers and find the word that rhymes?

It's always fun seeing words with different vowels mixed in there that actually rhyme. Wade is pronounced as "weyd" and maid is "meyd," so the similarities are there.

We are away in a "manger" on this one, so can you help us find the word that rhymes?

If you added an "a" to manger, it would totally change the meaning of that word. However, we have "manger" and "danger," both of which have the same pronunciation.

It could get "weird" on this one, but only if you get it wrong. Can you find the word that rhymes?

Even though the words have a vowel combination of "ei" and "ea," they change when saying it. They both take on a double "e" sound, as it is "weerd" and "beerd."

Can you "make" it to the end? Yes, if you find the word that rhymes.

When you look at the pronunciation of these two words, it seems odd. However, it shows that they do actually rhyme. Make is pronounced "meyk" and cake is pronounced "keyk."

We are doing a quiz on finding words that rhyme, so why not include the word "rhyme" on the list? So, can you find it?

Coincidentally, there are many words that rhyme with "rhyme." One of those words happens to be "chime," as it is pronounced "chahym" and rhyme is pronounced "rahym."

You will be the "cream" of the crop if you find the rhyming word, but can you?

Many of the words in this quiz are pronounced with the "ee" sound. That includes these two words, which makes them rhyme. Cream is pronounced "kreem" and dream is pronounced "dreem."

You won't need to bring out your "claws" on this one if you get it right. Can you pick the word that rhymes?

We have different looking words in this one. However, they are pronounced the same, with "claws" sounding like "klawz" and "pause" sounding like "pawz."

We all have a "friend" we can count on, but can they help get this one right?

We hope your friends helped on this one. When you say "friend," it is pronounced as "frend." When you say "blend," it is pronounced as it looks and that makes the words rhyme.

We are getting closer to the end, but can you find the word that rhymes with "lace"?

This one is on the easier side of things, and we hope you got it correct. They are spelled almost the same; "mace" is pronounced "meys" and "lace" is pronounced "leys."

If you miss this one, you may need to go back to "school." Will you get it right?

Despite school starting with "sch," which could throw off the way it is pronounced, it doesn't. We say "skool," and tool is exactly as it sounds.

It's almost time to head out on the "town," as the quiz is almost done. Will you continue on a correct path?

If you are out on the "town," you would not want to see that "clown" from "It." However, they do rhyme, as the words are respectively pronounced "toun" and "kloun."

This last one rhymes with "pink."

One is a color and the other is where you wash dishes. However, they do rhyme! They both end with the sound of "-ingk," so it makes them rhyming words.

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