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Life in a suburban split level isn't the only option if you're daring, desperate or have some architectural savvy. The old lady who lived in the shoe may have been an extreme home pioneer. These days, people feather their nests in some pretty peculiar places. Let's see if you can suss out fact from fiction when it comes to some notably weird, wacky and futuristic dwellings.

South Australia is the home of a community of cave dwellers living in caverns excavated to mine what substance?

The town of Coober Pedy is home to a network of caves and tunnels originally used to mine opal, a semi-precious stone used in jewelry.


The teapot house in Zillah, Wash., was built in 1922 to raise awareness about what event?

That would be the Teapot Dome bribery scandal that took place during President Warren G. Harding's administration.


The toilet house in Suwon, South Korea, sports what easily recognized toilet-centric feature?

Although the building is white and curved in the general shape of a loo, one big distinguishing feature of the toilet house is its toilet seat-style roof.


The famous shoe house of Hellam, Penn., may look like it belongs in a fairy tale, but it was originally built by what notable professional.

The shoe house was built in 1948 and 1949 by shoe magnate Colonel Mahlon M. Haines as an advertising stunt. It was actually used as a guest house for a while, but has been sold a few times and used as a backdrop for a number of retail ventures.


One of architect Antti Lovag's unique bubble houses in Cannes, France, has the distinction of being the summer home of what well-known designer?

From his famous bubble dress designs to his unusual bubble summerhouse, designer Pierre Cardin isn't afraid to experiment with new shapes and styles.


The Falling Water house in southwestern Pennsylvania is partially built over a scenic waterfall. Who is its famous designer?

This was an easy one. The falling water house was built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. In 1966, it was given National Historic Landmark status.


What's one of the biggest problems with living underground in a dugout or cave?

Finding a reliable light source can be a challenge, but using reflective mirrors, electricity and skylights can help.


Living in a spaceship house can present some challenges, too, not the least of which is installing the appropriate décor. What iconic design inspiration was used for the New Paltz dome house in upstate New York?

The rotating 40-ton dome house used a simple but elegant nautilus shell as a design inspiration.


How big is the tallest tree house in the world?

That honor goes to the Minister's Tree House in Crossville, Tenn. It's built on a foundation of six oak trees and currently boasts 10 floors made entirely from recycled materials, mostly salvaged wood.


A micro mini house may max out at a few hundred square feet. In that small a space, where's the most common place to put the bed?

If you embrace the environmental advantages of living small, don't be surprised if you end up sleeping over the action in a bed-sized loft bunk.


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