Quiz: Can You Recognize These Famous Coats of Arms?
Can You Recognize These Famous Coats of Arms?
By: Olivia C
Image: Wiki Commons via Glasshouse using elements by Heralder

About This Quiz

A coat of arms is a very recognizable image all over the world. Would you be able to identify one when you see one?

The general design of a coat of arms is usually in the form of a shield. In that shield, there will be some letters, words or numbers depicted in them. In some instances, the combination of all three will be featured there. These symbolic representations will mean something to the one bearing the coat of arms. And usually, these symbols will have years, decades or even centuries of meanings embedded in them.

Organizations, groups, clubs and other kinds of associations will have their own coats of arms. And members of such groupings or formations are always proud of their linkage to these formations. That is why the members all proudly display their varied coat of arms designs in various articles of clothing or other kinds of display accessories. And they also honor it highly, affording respect to it like they would afford the national flag of their respective countries. 

Do you think you can name some of these famous coat of arms in this quiz? We made a mix of the real and the fictional here, for more fun. Why not give it a try? Open it up and see!

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