Can You Recognize These Famous Coats of Arms?

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A coat of arms is a very recognizable image all over the world. Would you be able to identify one when you see one?

The general design of a coat of arms is usually in the form of a shield. In that shield, there will be some letters, words or numbers depicted in them. In some instances, the combination of all three will be featured there. These symbolic representations will mean something to the one bearing the coat of arms. And usually, these symbols will have years, decades or even centuries of meanings embedded in them.

Organizations, groups, clubs and other kinds of associations will have their own coats of arms. And members of such groupings or formations are always proud of their linkage to these formations. That is why the members all proudly display their varied coat of arms designs in various articles of clothing or other kinds of display accessories. And they also honor it highly, affording respect to it like they would afford the national flag of their respective countries. 

Do you think you can name some of these famous coat of arms in this quiz? We made a mix of the real and the fictional here, for more fun. Why not give it a try? Open it up and see!

Which country has this coat of arms design?

This is the official coat of arms of the reigning British monarch. They also call it the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom or UK.

How about this one?

The Great Seal of the United States is actually used as the country's coat of arms. So that familiar eagle and flag design should be there.

This one is also of a country's coat of arms. Name the country.

Mexico's coat of arms features a cactus and a rattlesnake. There's also the golden eagle symbol.

He's a US President with his own coat of arms design. Which president is this?

Dwight Eisenhower was knighted by the Order of the Elephant. That's in Denmark.

Another US President has one. Whose coat of arms is this one?

George Washington also has his own personal coat of arms. It carries the motto "The outcome is the test of the act."

How about this US President?

John F. Kennedy has his own coat of arms. It was granted to him by the Chief Herald of Ireland.

This is a country's coat of arms. But which country?

Thailand is a monarchy. This coat of arms is used by them, and also the government.

Which country has this coat of arms design?

This is Germany's coat of arms. That's also an eagle, much like other countries' coats of arms.

Name the country that this coat of arms identifies with.

The Emperor of Japan uses this Chrysanthemum Seal. It is called the Imperial Seal of Japan.

This is the latest addition to the British Royal Family's coat of arms design. For whom is this design created?

Since she is now the The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has her own coat of arms. It's a tradition in the Royal Family.

This coat of arms is for which US military service?

This is the US Air Force coat of arms. They also call these service emblems.

This is also for a US military service, but which one?

This is the US Navy coat of arms. Can you see the ship there?

It's logical to have this design for a Declaration signatory, but which one?

John Hancock also has his own coat of arms. Of course, it should have a hand designed in there...

Even the most controversial associations had their own coat of arms. Which organization had this one?

Nazi Germany tinkered with the national coat of arms of the country. Their version has the swastika in there, that definitive marker of our times.

Which US military service has this design in their coat of arms?

This is the US Army coat of arms. You have to have official permission to reproduce it.

Which US President carried this coat of arms?

Franklin Roosevelt's coat of arms has a good design. But it's not that totally different from the design of Theodore Roosevelt's.

Perhaps he's the latest US President to have this own coat of arms design. Who is he?

Bill Clinton is the last known US President to have his personal coat of arms. His was granted by the Chief Herald of Ireland.

Which US military branch has this design?

This is the US Marine Corps coat of arms. It's a bit similar in elements with the US Navy one, don't you think?

Which US President carried this design with him?

Ronald Reagan also has his own coat of arms. It has the motto "Deeds, not words."

Which explorer has this coat of arms?

Capt. James Cook is the known explorer and cartographer. That's why his coat of arms has that design.

This historic woman also has her own coat of arms. Who is she?

The former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher also has her own coat of arms. It carries the motto "Cherish Freedom."

Another early explorer who has his own coat of arms with the strange design. Who is he?

The controversial Capt. John Smith's coat of arms is not such a strange design, given his history. It's because he fought the Ottomans.

This design is for what country?

This is the coat of arms of India. That's in South Asia.

This design is for which European country?

This is the coat of arms of Iceland. That's still in Europe. Don't you love the knight leaning on the central symbol?

This coat of arms is for a US military branch, but which one?

The US Coast Guard is in charge of guarding the waters. It often works closely with the Navy.

For fictional coat of arms, this one's found in the Game of Thrones. Which one is this?

House Lannister counts Casterly Rock as its seat. Of course, as of the most recent season, there's an issue there ...

This other GoT coat of arms is for which house?

Winter is coming! It is indeed, for House Stark.

For Harry Potter lore, which house has this coat of arms design?

Gryffindor seems to be the favorite house in Hogwarts. That's cool!

This other Harry Potter house design is for which one?

Slytherin has had a long and arduous history. But it's still a cool house...

Another important American to have his own coat of arms is this man. Who is he?

Benjamin Franklin has a simple but elegant coat of arms. As a Founding Father, he deserved one!

This African country's coat of arms is for...?

This is the coat of arms for Botswana. It's interesting to note the zebras in there, for a change.

This is for which of the Founding Fathers?

Thomas Jefferson has an elegant coat of arms. He's an important Founding Father who also became a president.

Which country has this design for their coat of arms?

It's apt to adapt the elephant and its tusk for Ivory Coast's coat of arms. They are, after all, named after this precious material.

This coat of arms is for which country down under?

It's obvious that this is the coat of arms for Australia. The kangaroo gives it away.

This coat of arms is for which South Asian country?

Afghanistan has no animal whatsoever in its emblem. That's a mosque in their coat of arms.

And this one is for which US service?

The US National Guard has this in their coat of arms. They act as reserves for domestic purposes.

Another GoT coat of arms is this one, for which house?

Fire and blood! That's what House Targaryen is all about.

And for which GoT house is this design?

Are they still legit? This coat of arms nonetheless symbolizes House Martell.

This is for which of the 4 Gryffindor houses?

Hufflepuff has black and yellow as the official house colors. So their coat of arms also reflect that.

This last one is for which house in Harry Potter?

The house colors for Ravenclaw are blue and bronze. That's obvious in their coat of arms, too.

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