Can You Rock and Roll Through This “Happy Days” Quiz Without Missing a Question?

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Fonzie and the Cunninghams have made audiences long for the good old days ever since "Happy Days" premiered in 1974. Just like "American Graffiti" and "Grease," it taps into America's nostalgia for the '50s. Find out how well you remember the hit sitcom that ran for eleven seasons!

"Sunday, Monday, happy days! Tuesday, Wednesday, happy days! Thursday, Friday, happy days! Saturday, what a day! ___________." Can you finish the lyrics?

The '50s classic "Rock Around the Clock" is the theme song for the first two seasons, while a version of this "Happy Days" ditty plays during the closing credits. The version with these iconic lyrics is the theme song from season three on.


Which of these isn't a catchphrase on the show?

Fonzie is known for a few signature lines, including "aaay," "whoa" and "correct-amundo." "Sit on it" is often attributed to Fonzie, but just about every character on the show says it when they're annoyed with someone.


What song does Richie sing whenever he's crushing on a girl?

When Richie has an extra pep in his step because of a girl he likes, he breaks out into the Fats Domino hit —"I found my thrill ... on Blueberry Hill." 🎶


When Joanie enters a dance marathon, who's her partner?

After Joanie is cut from the Pom Pom Girls, Fonzie agrees to help her beat the head cheerleader at the upcoming dance marathon. On the day of the marathon, Fonzie's motorcycle breaks down and he has to push it twelve miles. Despite his exhaustion, he pushes through and wins with Joanie.


Which of these isn't a "Happy Days" spinoff?

"Laverne & Shirley," "Mork & Mindy" and "Joanie Loves Chachi" are all spinoffs of "Happy Days." "Rhoda" is one of the spinoffs of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."


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