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So, you think you made it through college? It's time to take a trip down memory lane back to physics class. What may seem like such a difficult subject is extremely vital to our world. From the equations to the concepts, there's a lot to remember! If you know mass from volume, then this is the quiz for you!

Can you identify a missing value from any equation? Do you know the many terms of measurement and units that are needed in the subject? Do you know the meaning of the symbols and characters used in equations and charts? Math is only part of the subject, but make sure that you know it well to get a great score on this quiz!

Do you know the big names in the world of physics? What about the terms, concepts, and equations that they contributed to the subject? Do you know which terms used in physics were named after these intelligent people? We all know Einstein, but you'll need to know more key names as well!

So, if you think you have what it takes to pass a college-level physics course, then now is your time to shine. Take the quiz to see how much you really know about the fascinating world of physics!

What does a capital "V" stand for in an equation?

The capital "V" in an equation stands for volume, and we're not talking about turning up your music! Volume in this case refers to the inside of a solid object.


Which of the following is measured in mole?

Molar mass is measured in moles, as well as kilograms. No, not the animals in the ground! Mole is part of the International System of Units and has been the subject of debate a few times.


Which equation is used to measure magnetic fields?

Ampere's Law is a complicated equation that is used to measure magnetic fields. It also has to do with conducting electricity that then produces a magnetic field.


What equation is used for measuring how long a projectile is in the air?

The time of flight formula is used for this. It takes the velocity and multiplies it by the sin of the angle the projectile was launched, then divides it by acceleration.


What is the missing element in the equation for Newton's Law of Motion? F=__a

The missing element is "m". In this equation, "F" means force, while the "m" and "a" means mass times acceleration. This is used to calculate the force needed to help an object of a certain mass to accelerate.


Which of the following is an equation by Einstein?

This equation is one of the most famous in the world, and was developed by Einstein. The equation is used to calculate energy through mass and the speed of light. His development was first made public back in 1905!


Is it true or false that I=vr is the equation for velocity?

This is false. This is actually the equation to solve for the value of an electric current. You may even know it better as Ohm's Law, taking voltage and dividing it by resistance.


What does the symbol of a triangle mean?

A triangle symbol is a Greek symbol that stands for delta. This is used when there is a change taking place within the equation. It is most commonly placed alongside a letter that gives it more meaning as to what is changing.


What is an ohm?

An ohm is a unit of resistance that is used to measure electricity. You may have also heard of Ohm's Law, which is all about the consistency of a current through a conductor.


What does a rotation curve of a galaxy measure?

The rotation curve of a galaxy measures the speeds of stars. This typically refers to and is used when in relation to a spiral galaxy.


What does a lower case "x" stand for in an equation?

A lower case "x" stands for position within an equation. A lower case "y" can also indicate this, as the corresponding letters refer to the x and y axis on a chart.


What formula is used to measure density?

The correct formula used to calculate density is mass over volume. This means that you divide the mass of an object by its volume in order to get the answer of its density.


The first mathematical-based form of physics came from where?

The Ancient Greeks were the first to base their physics on mathematical equations and proper science. Their contributions only helped to kickstart the useful knowledge that we have on the subject today.


What does this equation calculate? EOT= GHA - GMHA

As the EOT at the beginning of the equation states, this equation is used to calculate time. The difference of this equation is that it works in relation to solar time.


Who was responsible for the quantam theory?

Max Planck's development of quantum physics changed the world, but so did his discovery of the energy quanta. You don't win a Nobel Prize for nothing! His incredible work is still used today.


Is it true or false that the equation for flow rate is Q=tps2?

This is false. The correct equation for flow rate is Q=Av. The way it is calculated is by taking the area and multiplying it by the speed to get the flow rate.


Is it true or false that there are multiple equations for free falling?

This is true. There are a number of different equations that can calculate many aspects of free falling. For example, distance and time equations are used in relation to each other and to gauge the fall.


What does a capital "K" stand for in an equation?

A capital "K" in an equation represents kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is accumulated by an object moving at a certain speed. Kinetic energy, however, can be converted into other types of energy as well.


Which symbol is used to represent a pico?

The symbol "p" is used to represent the value of pica. Did you know that the value of pica is 0.000,000,000,001? It's pretty small, just like its symbol!


Is it true or false that the equation for impulse is I=Ft?

This is true. The impulse equation multiplies force by time to get the value of impulse. Did you know that impulse is typically measured in newtons?


On what sense does the Doppler Effect impact?

The Doppler Effect takes effect on sounds that we hear. It has to do with the sound waves that we hear and how close they are in relation to us.


Is it true or false that the photo electric formula is hv=Ee+W?

This is true. The photoelectric formula is solved by adding the electron energy to the work force. This is turn gives the value of Planck's constant and frequency.


What is drag?

Drag is a type of friction, and when it takes place, it causes resistance in some way. Drag can be calculated through a number of different equations.


What is the formula W=mg for?

This formula is used to calculate weight based on mass multiplied by gravity. Did you know that gravity is a factor when determining how much you weigh?


What does Kelvin measure?

Kelvin is a unit of measurement that is used in regards to temperature. The unit was named after its founder, Lord Kelvin, who also studied the concept of absolute zero.


If you want to convert Kelvin to Celsius, what do you do?

By subtracting 273.15 from the Kelvin temperature, you get the same temperature in Celcius. This is because, that is the difference between the two temperatures when neutral.


What is a joule?

A joule is a unit of measurement that measures energy. Did you know that there are many types of joules? They include a millijoule, a nanojoule and a kilojoule.


Is it true or false that Laplace's Law can be used in a variety of different areas?

This is true. Laplace's Law is used for electromagnetism, pressure measurements and many more. It even has a place in healthcare, as it can gauge pressure.


Who is responsible for the theory of relativity?

Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity, which is still a main part of all physics today. With the development of the theory came many previously unknown concepts that could suddenly be calculated and used to our advantage.


Is it true or false that the equation for buoyancy is Fb=pgV?

This is true. The Fb in the equation stands for buoyancy force, while the pgV is density, gravity and volume. Multiplying all three together solves for the buoyancy force.


What is absolute zero?

Absolute zero is a temperature of -273.15 Celcius. The temperature is said to be the lowest possible temperature, which can also affect the motion of the object that is subject to it.


So, you know how to find force. What about acceleration?

a=F/m is the correct equation. It reverses and uses division of force from mass to get the acceleration. Now that you know these two equations, tell us how to get mass!


What is the formula for magnetic force?

The formula for magnetic force is F=qvB. This equation can also be used in regards to a negative charge by placing a negative sign (-) in front of qvB.


What is the equation for the area of a rectangle?

The correct equation for the area of a rectangle is: A=bh. In this equation, a is area, b is base, h is height. Filling in the base and the height, then multiplying will give you the area of the rectangular object.


What does the capital letter "T" stand for in an equation?

A capital "T" in an equation stands for period. This representation works hand in hand with frequency, and refers to the time it takes something to complete an action.


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