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The English language is filled with all kinds of long and short words, as well as synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, verbs, nouns and adjectives. In this quiz, we'll take a look at 35 different word puzzles that will test your English language knowledge!

Some questions in this quiz will require you to know what a noun and a verb are. A noun is a person, place or thing and does NOT describe an action. Examples of nouns include the following: computer, napkin, cat, dog and sock. A verb, on the other hand, does describe an action. For example, verbs include the words jump, drive, run and hike. Interestingly, some words can function as either a noun or a verb - jump, for example.

This quiz will also look at some "fill in the blank" sentences. For example, what word do you think completes this sentence: "The cat jumped ____ the rock." The answer would be "over," thus, "the cat jumped over the rock."

You'll also get to test your knowledge of vowels, compound words, consonants and even scrambled words. For example, what do you think the word "cautioned" scrambles into? The answer would be "education!"

Without further ado, take this 35-question word puzzle quiz now to see if you can score at least an 80%!

"He's" is a contraction for which two words?

"He's" is a contraction for "he is" or "he has." For example, "He's going to the store right now."


The word "milenium" is misspelled here. What is the correct spelling?

"Millennium" is the correct spelling of this word. It denotes 1,000 years.


Which of these words is not a contraction?

"Would" is not a contraction because it is just one single word and has no apostrophe. The rest of the answers in this list are contractions since they are a combination of two other words put together.


The letters in "indicatory" can be scrambled to make what other word?

"Indicatory" scrambled can spell "dictionary." The A and the Y are major clues, since none of the other answers contain both an A and a Y.


How many syllables are in the word "beautiful"?

Three is the correct answer. The three syllables of "beautiful" are "beau-ti-ful."


"Happy" is an antonym for which of these words?

As an adjective, the word "melancholy" means "sad." The opposite, or antonym, of this word is "happy."


Where does the apostrophe in the word "shouldnt" go?

The correct answer is "shouldn't," since the apostrophe goes after the N and before the T. It's a contraction for "should not," with the apostrophe replacing the O.


Complete the following sentence: "Tom _______ finish his homework."

"Didn't" is the correct word in this context - no other option makes a proper sentence. Thus, the sentence is "Tom didn't finish his homework."


How many syllables are in the word "conference"?

The correct answer is three. The three syllables in the word "conference" are "con-fer-ence."


Which of these words is a verb?

The word "bought" is a verb because it's an action. The rest of the options in the answer list are nouns.


Which of these words does NOT rhyme with "dog"?

The word "dog" has many rhyming words, including slog and smog. "Paradox" is not one of these words.


"Cautioned" can be scrambled to make what other word?

"Cautioned" is one possible scrambled version of "education." The U and D letters help to narrow down the options.


Which of these words is a noun?

The word "dog" is a noun. The other options are verbs. A noun is a person, place or thing.


What letters are missing from this word: "te_tb_ok"?

The answer is X and O, which are the two letters missing from the word in the question. This spells out "textbook."


Which of these letters is a consonant?

V is a consonant. A consonant is a non-vowel letter of the alphabet.


Which of these words is NOT a countable noun?

Walt Disney is a proper noun, not a countable noun. A countable noun is a noun that can be counted in quantities, like two cats or three books.


What is the meaning of the following word: "ambidextrous"?

The word "ambidextrous" describes a person who can use their right and left hands at an equal skill level. This often means that they can write as both a righty and a lefty.


How many vowels does the word "alphabet" have?

The answer is three. There are two As and one E in the word "alphabet."


Which of these nouns is a concrete noun?

The word "flower" is a concrete noun. A concrete noun is a type of noun that you can detect with one of your five senses. You can smell and see a flower, but you can't smell, touch, see, hear or taste love, fear or history.


The word "eagerness" is synonymous with which of these words?

"Alacrity" means eagerness or happy readiness. Your alacrity to take this quiz makes us proud.


How many consonants are in this word: "anomaly"?

Surprise - the correct answer is three. The consonants in the word "anomaly" are N, M and L. The letter Y is a vowel in this context.


What does the word "brogue" mean?

The word "brogue" defines a sturdy shoe, formerly worn in Ireland and Scotland. The same word also describes a regional dialect, especially Irish.


Which of these options is an adjective?

The word "brave" is an adjective; the other words in the list are nouns. An adjective is a word that is used to describe someone or something's traits.


Which of these words is a compound word?

"Earache" is a compound word. A compound word is two words joined together to make a single word.


One of the longest words ever is "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis." Care to guess what it means?

Believe it or not, "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" is a real word. It's a type of lung disease.


Which of these words is NOT an antonym for "greed"?

The word "greed" means to want an excess of something, particularly in a selfish manner. Thus, "selfishness" is synonymous with this word and is not an antonym.


What word fits in the following sentence: "Sally just ______ to the store"?

The correct answer is "went." Thus, the sentence is "Sally just went to the store."


Which of these verbs is NOT past tense?

"Drive" is present tense, not past tense. The other answers in the list are past tense verbs. The past tense of "drive" is "drove."


Which phrase means "to make a mistake that may be humiliating"?

A "faux pas" is a mistake that may be humiliating or embarrassing. This French phrase has been around since the late 17th century.


Which word has four syllables?

The word "propriety" has four syllables. These four syllables are "pro-pri-e-ty."


What letters are missing from this word: "p_r_dox"?

Two As are missing from the word in the question. This spells out "paradox."


Which letters are missing from this word: "gr_ga_iou_"?

The word in the question is "gregarious." Thus, the missing letters are E, R and S.


The definition of what word is "lack of interest"?

The definition of "apathy" is "lack of interest." It's synonymous with "unenthusiastic."


What is the definition of "misnomer"?

"Wrong name" is the best answer here. A "misnomer" is an incorrect label or name.


Which of these best describes the word "novella"?

The word "novella" is a noun. It refers to a short novel.


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