Can You Speak Like a Brit?

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While only around 70 million people enjoy the privilege of being native British these days, thanks to the old empire, Hollywood, and the BBC, people all over the world not only understand the English language, but they also know and understand a variety of British idioms, phrases, and accents. 

It's all very helpful for a Brit when they're traveling, as it means they have to make considerably less effort than the average to be understood while abroad.

However, even people who don't have a British passport - whether a blue or a burgundy one - can master the art of speaking as though they are British. Part of it is about the accent, but much of it is about what they choose to say and the various phrases they throw into their speech. With plenty of movie villains and period pieces to educate us, just about anyone can sound at least partly British. 

From "lovely jubbly" to describe something reassuring and excellent, to calling a crazy person "a few sandwiches short of a picnic" to referring to everything collapsing into crisis as "going a bit pear-shaped," you can fit right in even without mastering the entirety of the Queen's English. So click through and let's see whether you know how to talk proper!

What is "lovely jubbly"?

What is "happy as Larry"?

Where is the emphasis in the following: "it's a million miles away"?

Where is the emphasis in the word "research"?

What is "Robert's your mother's brother"?

What do you call the pedestrian walking area beside the part of the road where the traffic goes?

What is a chip?

What is the season after summer and before winter?

What do you call your posterior?

What's a fun way to say thank you?

How do you say you think someone is attractive?

What do you call a residence that is on a single floor of a bigger building with other residences of the same type?

What do you call a non-relative who shares your residence?

Holiday or vacation?

What do you call a lady's undergarment?

Would you ever say "laters"?

You're going to the bathroom. How do you ask where it is?

How do you call someone a rather gullible idiot, in not too mean a way?

How do you briefly go to your friend's house?

You're standing in a row of people waiting for service at a counter. Where are you?

Someone bumps into you on a crowded train. What do you say?

What tea are you drinking right now?

What coffee are you drinking?

What do you call a non-related person who you like and get on with?

The cars are going round and round! What's that called?

You're having a disagreement! What do you call it?

You have no money. What's that called?

You have used your detective powers to understand what is going on. What do you call that?

You agree - sort of. How do you say that?

What do you call a little telephone that you carry around?

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