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This beloved show from the '60s sparked numerous TV series and movies, and the franchise is still going strong. The show's memorable characters and scientific jargon have spawned expressions and terms that any good "Star Trek" fan will recognize. How many of them do you know?

What is the name of the weapon commonly carried by the show's characters?

Kirk and his crew were the first to wave around the high-tech science fiction update to a gun. The phasers released an energy beam with the intensity controlled by the user.

What is a tribble?

Tribbles, introduced in cult favorite "The Trouble with Tribbles," are small, fuzzy, lovable animals that captured the affection of Kirk's crew. Amusingly, they can't stand to be near Klingons!

Spock belongs to the people of...

Spock is a Vulcan, a race known for a reserved nature and pursuit of the sciences. Logic is highly valued by Vulcans, and emotions are frowned upon by most as "illogical."

What is the purpose of a tricorder?

The crew of the Enterprise is rarely seen without a tricorder to analyze things like a planet's mineral composition or to examine someone who is wounded or ill.

What organization or authority sends the Enterprise on its missions?

Starfleet is the organization put in place to provide a line of defense and a means for exploration. It is maintained by the United Federation of Planets.

Fill in the blank: "Beam me up, ______!"

This famous expression from the show is uttered in various forms by Captain Kirk when he and his crew need a quick escape from an alien planet's surface. Scotty, the Enterprise's quick-thinking engineer, usually manages, no matter how dire the situation may be. While the phrase changed from show to show, the version that stuck in the public's mind was, "Beam me up, Scotty!"

What is the term usually used to describe die-hard "Star Trek" fans?

The English-speaking world at large uses the term "Trekkie," and many fans self-describe themselves this way. Some fans prefer the term "Trekker," but it hasn't caught on in mainstream speech.

To what does the name "Klingon" refer?

Klingons speak Klingon, but their home planet is Kronos. Some people have actually learned the language and enjoy speaking with other fans in the Klingon language.

Who is famous for the following line: "Make it so."

Picard was already saying, "Make it so," at the beginning of his run as Captain of the Enterprise. It stuck throughout "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

What is the "prime directive" given to Starfleet members?

In their explorations, the Starfleet ships encounter many new races and planets. Starfleet created the Prime Directive to protect the cultural integrity of the people they encountered.

What do they call their teleportation device?

Enterprise crew members beam to and from the ship using the transporter. Engineers can be found constantly tweaking the controls in the transporter room to make sure that everyone and everything arrive in one piece.

The Ferengi people take pride in their...

The Ferengi are a humanoid race with significantly larger ears than human beings. They gather a great deal of information simply by listening.

What system is used to track the passage of time?

Many episodes begin with the phrase, "Captain's log, stardate..." Gene Roddenberry, the show's creator, wanted the timekeeping system to seem futuristic, while keeping the show from being tied down to real dates in time.

Fill in the blank: Every starship needs a ______ shield.

Starships wouldn't last long without the protection of a "deflector" shield. This protects them from the attacks of enemy vessels, along with space debris and radiation.

At what speed does the Enterprise usually travel?

The Enterprise has several factors of warp speed at her disposal, depending on the urgency of the situation. Traveling more slowly would have prevented the crew from accomplishing anything within the lifetime of their family and friends.

What character memorialized the phrase, "Live long and prosper"?

Spock used the traditional Vulcan goodbye, along with the accompanying hand signal, and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Leonard Nimoy invented the gesture, basing it on traditional Hebrew customs.

What is it called when a Vulcan shares his mind with another person?

The Vulcan mind-meld allows Vulcans to share their thoughts, feelings and memories with another person. Spock uses it to great effect in several television episodes and movies.

Which race is most closely related to the Vulcan race?

The Romulans descended from Vulcans who rejected the movement of logic over feeling. They settled the planets Romulus and Remus.

Who or what is a "redshirt"?

"Redshirts" are an intriguing phenomenon within the "Star Trek" fan base. Since characters wearing red shirts were frequently killed off first, people began to refer to expendable characters used for their death scenes as "redshirts."

Finish the famous phrase: "I'm a doctor, not a ______."

Dr. McCoy used many amusing variations of this phrase throughout the show, and recently used the "physicist" variation in the rebooted movie franchise.

"Nuclear wessels" became a thing because of which character?

The show made fun of Chekov's inability to pronounce "nuclear vessels," and the term became popular in the fandom. Poor Chekov just wanted to get home!

What does the Klingon word "Qapla'" mean?

The word literally translates to "success." It's used to wish someone good fortune in their endeavors, especially warriors leaving for battle.

What is a Class M planet?

Class M planets are planets that can support life. The term can also be applied to moons and planetoids which meet the conditions needed for life.

What phrase is Scotty known for saying?

In a pinch, Kirk always wants Scotty to squeeze more power out of the engines, but Scotty doesn't always feel that's possible.

What is the room that transmits and receives holograms called?

The holodeck is a great place for communicating with people on other ships and planets, as well as pulling up 3D information stored on the ship's computer. It could create vivid simulations.

What is Dr. McCoy's nickname?

When McCoy is introduced in the rebooted movie series, he claims his ex-wife left him with nothing but his bones. The name sticks, and soon everyone knows him as "Bones" McCoy. Another explanation is that surgeons were once called "sawbones."

What is a cloaking device?

The original Enterprise was not equipped with cloaking technology, but humans did witness the Klingons using it for their ships. Eventually, the use or development of cloaking technology was banned.

What is a Vulcan "katra"?

While there was some controversy on Vulcan regarding the existence of the katra and its nature, it was considered to be the essence or soul of an individual Vulcan. Vulcans could transfer it to other people and sometimes into special containment vessels when near death.

Where do the officers and other members of Starfleet receive their training?

Starfleet Academy is the place to be if you want to defend your home planet and explore the stars. It's the school that graduated Kirk and his ilk.

To what are Trek characters referring when they mention the "Alpha Quadrant"?

The Milky Way is divided up into four quadrants: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma. The Federation, Klingons and Romulans were a few prominent political powers in the quadrant.

What was V'ger?

In "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," the Enterprise encounters V'ger on its way back to Earth. The massive entity bears little resemblance to its original self, the Voyager 6 sent out to learn what there is to know and return to Earth with that knowledge.

What does a Heisenberg compensator do?

The creators of the show had a difficult time accounting for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in their description of teleportation. The compensator was a plot device that allowed them to move forward without resolving the issue!

Starships frequently launched what kind of torpedo in battle?

"Fire the photon torpedoes!" These science fiction weapons were a favorite choice on Star Trek vessels, but are unlikely to make an appearance in the real world.

What would a person do if held in a Vulcan nerve pinch?

The Vulcan nerve pinch, also known as the Vulcan neck pinch, was a technique frequently used by Spock in combat to disable his opponents quickly.

What does "TOS" stand for?

"TOS" is fan slang for "The Original Series," meaning the Star Trek TV show that debuted in the '60s under Roddenberry's careful eye. It featured fan favorite characters like Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

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