Can You Spot The Fake McDonald's Item on the Menu?

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There are tens of thousands of McDonald's locations around the world - over 35,000 in fact. That's a heck of a lot of fries to enjoy. While most of us are only familiar with the menu around where we live, there's actually a very wide array of items available across the globe at McDonald's based on regional tastes and the availability of ingredients. Some items like the McRib are only for a limited time, other items are tested in small markets, while yet others are tried and found to be just unpopular. 

With McDonald's available in nearly every country around the world and with menus dating back decades, it's probably impossible to know everything the franchise had ever had to offer. There's a good chance even Ronald McDonald himself doesn't know everything that's had his name on it. Then again, clowns are notoriously unreliable as businessmen so maybe that's a bad example. That aside, if we were to narrow it down a little, and maybe give you some options, that might make it a little easier for you to pick out the real from the fake. If you think you know your McDonald's menu, put your money where your Big Mac is and take our quiz!

Which of these fishy delights never existed?

You won't find a McTuna Melt any time soon at McDonald's, however the Filet-O-Fish has been a menu staple for years, the McLobster regularly appears on the East Coast of the US and Canada and even the Filet-o-Shrimp made it onto the menu in Japan.

You like pie don't you? Which of these questionable pie flavors was never a thing?

You thankfully won't find a chicory pie at McDonald's but you can find taro root on the menu in places like Hawaii, Thailand and China while corn pie got on the menu in Japan and sweet potato has popped up around the holidays.

If pie doesn't satisfy your dessert cravings you might want a McFlurry. Name the fake flavor!

There is no dark chocolate pomegranate McFlurry just yet but you can find Pineapple Oreo in Colombia and Ovaltine is in Brazil. Bubblegum Squash is not as weird as it sounds when you realize "squash" means marshmallows in Australia where this one comes from.

You don't usually think of pasta when you think McDonald's, but that doesn't mean they haven't tried it. Name the fake pasta item!

There's no McRamen Supreme in the world, but McSpaghetti did get a go at US McDonald's restaurants back in the day and Austria offers up stir-fry McNoodles. if you're super adventurous there's the Macaroni and Cheese Toastie (which can also include bacon) in China, which is literally a mac and cheese sandwich.

McDonald's has a history of naming burgers after athletes in their hometown locations. Which of these was never on the menu?

Brett Favre was never honored with a Favre's Fave Burger. However, Sacramento King Rory Sparrow got one and of course, Michael Jordan got the McJordan special while Barry Sanders had the Barry burger available in Kansas.

Not every burger is necessarily a beef patty, right? Which of these non-beefy burgers never made it to anyone's plate?

There's no such thing as a pork belly gusto burger, but there is a Nutella Sweety burger in Italy, which is a dessert item shaped to look like a burger, as well as the German Nürnburger which is three bratwurst sausages on a bun. The Hula Burger was McDonald's infamous beef-alternative back in the day that lost out to the Filet-O-Fish.

Any good fast food chain will deep fry a side dish for you. Which of these deep-fried sides never made it to the menu for real?

You can't get Riblets at McDonald's, but you can go to Russia if you want a side of breaded and fired McShrimp sometime. For a brief time, North American restaurants offered mozzarella sticks and the Onion Nuggets were on the menu back in the 1970s.

Even though a burger is technically a sandwich, usually the word "sandwich" means something else to people. And McDonald's sold them too! Pick the fake sandwich!

There was never a McMonte Cristo, but back in the 1960s McDonald's would sell you a roast beef sandwich just like Arby's still does. South Florida locations had the Cuban sandwich for a time and Philly Cheesesteaks were on the menu in Australia and Canada.

All burgers are essentially the same, right? Beef and bun. It's how you top it that makes the difference. Which of these was not a real thing?

You won't find an egg salad burger on any menu, but China will absolutely give you a burger topped with mashed potatoes while Germany will hand over a burger with a potato rosti on top. If you're feeling super adventurous, head to Mexico for the Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder.

If you're a fan of color-coded eating, you can always let the rainbow guide your menu choices. Which of these colorful items is a fraud?

There's no red-eye breakfast at McDonald's, but they did offer up Brown Melts for a spell and in New Mexico, you could get the Green Chile Double Cheeseburger. Head to Peru and you can find the Chicha Purple Temptation, a dessert made from blue corn.

First thing in the morning, you may want some McDonald's breakfast. Which of these was never an option?

No shrimp and grits with McGriddles grace the McDonald's menu. They did try an Eggs Benedict McMuffin for a while and the Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta breakfast was a Chinese menu item. Hawaiian Breakfast Deluxe featured eggs, rice and spam.

Everyone seems to like little fried bites of cheese. Which of these cheesy treats didn't show up at any real McDonald's?

As good as they sound, Gouda Bacon Bombs are fake. Italy offered up Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets though, and Cheese Croquettes were available in Morocco. Cheese Empanadas are from Chile.

McDonald's has always been pretty famous for their fries, but straight cut fries aren't the only way they make them. Which is these fried potatoes is a fry fraud?

Those delicious spiral cut potatoes on a stick only exist at the state fair, not McDonald's. Various McDonald's do offer curly fries, though, like the Twister Fries in China, while Italy will thin slice chips and Mexico has McPatatas wedges.

The Big Mac has been a staple for ages, but McDonald's will introduce new, giant burgers now and then. Which of these showstopper burgers never existed?

Beefamaximus is tragically not real, but the Superhero Burger was as a promotional item for "Batman Forever." The McDouble Cruncher was a burger with crunchy fried onions and the Pico Guacamole has, as you might expect, guacamole and pico de gallo.

Can you even eat a McNugget without dipping sauce? No one wants to know. Which of these sauces is not available for dipping?

There was never a Thai Coconut sauce, but Habanero Ranch is around if you like a spicy kick while curry sauce is on the menu in Singapore. Green Chile Salsa dates back to the '80s.

In North America, we generally only have eggs for breakfast, but international McDonald's will put an egg on all kinds of burgers. Which of these egg burgers is fake?

There's no Egg and Onion McDouble out in the world for you, but there are plenty of other eggy options. The Kiwiburger featured not just egg but beetroot on the burger because that's how New Zealanders like it. The Tamago Burger is from Japan and is a modified Big Mac that features an egg. The Eggcellent Silly Double Beef Burger is also a real thing from Hong Kong.

When you put the prefix "Mc" on nearly everything, sometimes it's hard to figure out what you're talking about. Which of these mystery Mcs is a fabrication?

The McWedge is not a real product. The McSpin was an ice cream kind of like a McFlurry while the McOz was like the Kiwiburger and featured a slice of beet on it. McStuffins, on the other hand, were basically Hot Pockets.

Even though McDonald's seems like "All-American" cuisine, they did go south of the border sometimes. Which of these dishes wasn't a real option, though?

McChimichangas aren't a thing, but McDonald's did offer up chicken fajitas to customers as well as a short-lived torta, a Mexican sandwich that was available in Southern California very briefly. The El Maco Burger was a Mexican burger from Finland if that makes sense to you.

Italian cuisine is some of the best in the world so it's no wonder McDonald's tried their hand at a few dishes. Which one didn't they make?

There are no arancini bites at McDonald's, but they have taken a run at both pizza and spaghetti. They even tried out some toasted ravioli for a short period of time in the early '90s in St. Louis, of all places.

The Big Mac was too much Mac for some people, so they made smaller versions. Which name was not a real name for the little Mac?

There was never a Li'l Mac on any menu, but there was a Baby Mac in New Zealand. Some places in the US sell it as the Mac Jr. while the Son of Mac was around in Australia.

If you're in the market for some heat, McDonald's has spicy versions of menu items. Which one was not a choice?

There's no such thing as a Spicy Mac, but McDonald's did offer some heat with the Spicy Buffalo Snack Wrap, the Hot n' Spicy version of their famous McChicken and the McSpicy Burger which was actually a chicken sandwich.

Sometimes it's pretty clear that the creative team at McDonald's really phoned it in. Which of these simply named items was never real?

McCake never made it to the Golden Arches, but the others did. McSoup was literally Campbell's soup sold at McDonald's while the McCrab tried to be a second string McLobster. The McCroissant was Germany's breakfast offering.

Beef isn't the only meat on the menu at McDonald's. Which of these pork sandwiches is not legit?

You can't find a pork chop burger at McDonald's, but you can get the famous McRib at the right time of year. Head to Hong Kong and you'll find the Crispy Pork Cutlet Burger and Thailand offers up the pork Samurai Burger.

If you like classic McNuggets, maybe you'll like some of the other versions. All of these are real except one. Can you tell which?

No one ever made a Duck McNugget. That said, Spicy Chicken nuggets were on the menu in Singapore, Steamed Veggie McNuggets were in Taiwan and the bizarre vanilla flavored nuggets were another Taiwan invention.

You probably don't think of rice when you think McDonald's, but they sell it all around the world. Name the rice dish you won't find!

No McDonald's has rice and lupini beans, but you can get McRice all around the world - it's just cooked rice. Hokkaido Salmon and Namtok Rice is in Thailand while Grilled Pork with Rice is on the menu in Vietnam.

Sometimes you crave a potato but not a french fry. Which of these potato items is not a real deal menu choice somewhere?

Scalloped Potato Bites are not a real menu item. Superman Potato Cheese Balls were available in Hong Kong, while Young Potatoes made it to the menu in Croatia. Minion Potatoes are in Bangkok and they're actually shaped like Minions.

The Hula Burger wasn't the end of McDonald's love affair with pineapples. Which of these four pineapple-infused treats is a fraud?

If you want Habanero Pineapple McNugget Sauce you'll have to make it yourself. That said, you can get both Pineapple Mango Pie and Pineapple Nata de Coco Pie. There's also a Pineapple Cookie Crumble McFlurry in Singapore.

Curry is a popular flavor all around the world and a lot of McDonald's have added it to the menu. Which of these four isn't legit?

There's no Curry Potato Soup available anywhere, but the Flaming Green Curry Burger from Singapore was apparently a scorcher. Curry Crab Stick was a pie in Thailand and the Japanese Curry Burger was actually from Taiwan.

Ham and cheese is a classic combo, and McDonald's has paired them up a number of times. One of these isn't for real, though. Name it.

McDonald's doesn't do souffles, but ham and cheese pop up in the Ham and Egg pie, the Ham and Cheese Pocket and the Ham and Egg McPuff which are all almost the exact same thing, really.

Chocolate is just fantastic, isn't it? It is! Which of these chocolate things isn't really on a menu anywhere?

No Peanut Butter Chocolate Nuggets are on a menu, but you could find the Chocolate Raspberry Pie in Canada while the Chocolate Orange McFlurry was in places like Malaysia. McChocolate Potato came from Japan and it was french fries with chocolate sauce if you're into that

Egg McMuffins aren't the only McMuffins you'll find at McDonald's. Three of these are real, but one isn't. Which one?

The Spinach Feta McMuffin is a fake but the Chicken Crisp McMuffin exists in Japan while the Halloumi McMuffin was in Oman and the BLT McMuffin was a breakfast item from Korea.

Jalapeno fans could get their fix at McDonald's. Which of these peppery items is a sham?

Jalapeno Cheddar McMelt isn't for real. The Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Burger is, however, as is the Jalapeno Double. Sir Sombrero is also a real menu item that is a sombrero-shaped cheese bite with Jalapeno slices inside, sold at McDonald's in Serbia.

McDonald's offers vegetarian options, but one of these ones is a fake. Name it!

You won't find McKale anywhere, but there is a McBean Burger in Sweden and a Veggie clubhouse that was made with a quinoa patty. The McVegan was introduced in European markets then caught one elsewhere.

McSoup wasn't the only soup available at McDonald's. Which of these four is an imposter?

French Canadian Pea Soup isn't a real McDonald's soup, but Corn Soup is in Taiwan while Minestrone was offered in Japan. Crayfish soup was for sale in Hong Kong for people who like things a little fishy.

Have you ever had a McFizz? It's a fizzy drink! Which of these flavors is not real?

Orange Creamsicle never got made into a McFizz but you can indulge in a Green Apple McFizz if you wish. There's also a Blue Hawaii flavor and also Bubblegum for those who are serious about their drinks.

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