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McDonald's first opened back in 1940, and now there are over 37,000 of them around the world. The chain serves 69 million people every single day; that's more than the entire population of Canada. That's a heck of a lot of McNuggets. With all of those people passing under the Golden Arches, you have to wonder how much attention they're all paying to what's on the menu from day to day. It's well known that McDonald's has all kinds of unusual items around the world and at different times of the year. One day there's a McRib, the next aMcLobster and then maybe a Shamrock Shake. It's a lot to keep track of.

If you've been paying attention over the years, maybe dropping into McDonald's for a Big Mac now and then, it's possible you're all up to date on just what the restaurant serves. Do you think you could pick a fake item out of a lineup? If we told you about the latest McSpaghetti dish, would you know it was real or would you think it was all a scam?  If you think you know your totally real Taro pie for your questionable Steak and Kidney pie, your Arch Deluxe from your McBacon Kebab, take your best McShot and do the quiz!

One of these fry dishes is not a McGenuine item. What is it?

The chicken fries are the fakes here. Burger King sells them, but not McDonald's. Twister fries are curly fries that were available at some locations, while garlic fries were just in California. Waffle fries were tried out in Canada.

Everyone likes a hot dog, even McDonald's now and then. Which of these dogs or sausages never made it on their menu?

There was never a McFoot Long, but Corn Dog McNuggets were tiny corn dog bites with no stick and the Nürnburger is an international menu item that's essentially a sausage on a bun. Oh, and the McHot Dog was a hot dog.

McDonald's likes to name burgers after local sports heroes. Can you spot the fake All-Star?

Wayne Gretzky has never been honored by McDonald's but Jacksonville Jaguars Tony Boselli was, as were Michael Jordan and number 33 Larry Bird.

McDonald's famously introduced the Filet-O-Fish back in the day. Which seafood dish is not the real deal?

So far there's no McTuna at McDonald's, but they have dabbled in Lobster, which is a regional item on the East Coast. The Catfish Sandwich was in some Southern states and Fish McBites were little battered, deep-fried fish treats.

McDonald's had a whole line of Angus beef burgers. Which one didn't make the grade and get on the menu?

There's no Breakfast Angus on the menu, but the Angus Deluxe and Angus Mushroom and Swiss are both in Canada while Angus the Great was a New Zealand and Australia menu item.

Around the world, there's a lot more to the McDonald's drink menu than just fountain drinks. Can you tell which one isn't a real offering?

Whiskey is not on a McDonald's menu just yet, but in several European countries, you can get a beer, and wine made it to the menu in Argentina. A root beer float can be made with just soft serve ice cream and root beer at almost any McDonald's.

The McFlurry is pretty great, and there have been dozens of flavors. Which one of these wasn't one of them?

Ginger and Pumpkin have yet to meet in a McFlurry. Black Sesame hit the menu in Singapore, however. Cadbury Creme Egg was available in Australia, and the Bubblegum Squash flavor was also legit in New Zealand. The "squash" referred to marshmallows, not real squash.

If you're a vegan, McDonald's has your back. One of these veggie treats isn't real though. What is it?

There's no place to get a Tofu Pad Thai yet. The McVegan Burger and McBean burger both offered a vegan patty and McSpaghetti came with a simple tomato sauce.

French fries aren't the only way McDonald's can use a potato. Which one of these starchy treats isn't real?

You won't find scalloped potatoes on the menu at McDonald's, but some international favorites do include potato. The Mashed Potato Burger is from Hong Kong, and Japan offers up Cheddar Potato Bites as well as the Bacon Potato Pie.

Remember the McDonald's Apple Pie? They have lots of other flavors, too. One of these isn't real, though.

There are no Kiwi Pies at McDonald's but all the other flavors are available. Taro, if you're wondering, is a root vegetable. The pie is purple and sweet.

Chicken is a big favorite on the McDonald's menu. Which one of these is the chicken fraud?

While Chicken Piccata isn't an option, fajitas have been. In the Philippines, there's Chicken McDo, which is just a piece of fried chicken. India serves the Maharaja Mac, which is a replacement for the Big Mac without beef.

McDonald's tries to add a little Latin flavor every now and then. Which of these South of the border items wasn't a real offering somewhere?

There's no enchilada at McDonald's, but they did serve chicken fajitas! Costa Rica was home to the McPinto Deluxe which was rice, beans, plantains, eggs, and sour cream in a tortilla. McDonald's Mexico is famous for their McMollete breakfast sandwich.

Beef isn't the only protein in Ronald McDonald's freezer. Which of these pork products isn't real?

There's no McHamsteak on the market, but the McRib will definitely be back someday. McDonald's has also tried their hand at pulled pork, and Thailand offered up the McSamurai Pork Burger.

Sometimes the sauce makes the sandwich. Which one of these sauces has never been on the McDonald's menu?

There's no Alabama BBQ sauce at McDonald's, but you could dip your nuggets in Hot Mustard and Szechuan Sauce for a while. There was even green chili salsa for a while.

McDonald's has tried to offer lighter options plenty of times. Which one of these healthy options doesn't exist?

There's no McPortabello anywhere in the McDonald's world, but McSalad Shakers were a thing for a while. McRice is available in the Middle East and is just plain rice. The Veggie Clubhouse had a quinoa patty.

Even though McDonald's is a huge success, they fail sometimes. Which of these failed McDonald's items isn't genuine?

There are no kebabs at McDonald's but it did fail with some other internationally-themed items. The Hula Burger was just a slice of pineapple with cheese while the McLean Burger was a low-fat option that didn't taste good. The McAfrica Burger was just a PR nightmare.

Some McDonald's items just can't be explained rationally. Which of these is not a thing that exists?

There's no such thing as a Shrimpit. There is such a thing as McChocolate Potatoes, which is chocolate sauce on french fries. Camembert Donuts are fried cheese donuts, and a Georgie Pie is a small New Zealand meat pie.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What breakfast treat can you not really get at McDonald's?

You can't get Huevos Rancheros for breakfast yet at McDonald's but the other options are all real, even the Sausage n' Egg Twisty Pasta from Hong Kong.

Lots of items come and go at McDonald's. Which of these past delights is all kinds of fake?

Swiss Cheese and Mushroom Bites are not a real thing. The Big N' Tasty was kind of a Whopper knockoff. The Cheddar Melt was a burger with melty cheese and sauteed onions. The Fruit and Walnut Snack is, well, fruit and walnuts.

Anyone can make a hamburger. McDonald's has to put effort into branding them. Which burger name did they never use?

Ultra Chicken sounds awesome, but it's not real. All of the other items had their time on the menu including the four-patty MegaMac.

Sometimes nothing beats a bowl of soup. McDonald's sells soup, but one of these is not a real bowl you can enjoy. What is it?

There's no beef barley for you at McDonald's, sadly. You can get cold tomato Gazpacho in Spain, though. Portugal will provide Peasant Soup, and there is Corn Soup in Taiwan.

Ever want a sandwich and not a burger? McDonald's does that. What sandwich wasn't really on the menu?

Pork Tenderloin is not a menu option at McDonald's. They have offered Cuban Sandwiches in the past, as well as ham and cheese and Fried Roast Beef. The roast beef sandwich had to be discontinued due to the cost of getting meat slicers.

Chicken McNuggets are pretty famous, but they're not the only nuggets at McDonald's. Which of these nuggets is a fake?

No bacon cheese nuggets have been made by McDonald's just yet, but Corn Dog, Onion and Spinach & Cheese have all had their day.

Sometimes McDonald's tries to take on what other restaurants have perfected. Which of these items that seems like it's from another restaurant wasn't real?

There's no McTaco out there, but they've tried chicken wings, spaghetti, and pizza with mixed results.

McDonald's has a wide variety of wraps on the menu. Which one of these did they never wrap up?

Teriyaki Rice isn't getting wrapped up at any McDonald's. The Paneer Salsa Wrap is one you can find in India though, along with the Chicken Mexican Wrap. BBQ Bacon Chicken is in Ireland.

The Big Mac is an icon, but it's not the only Mac. One of these Macs is an impostor though. Which one is it?

Griller Mac is a total fraud. The Denali Mac was available in Alaska and was made with two quarter-pound beef patties, making it a pretty hefty burger.

There's a not-so-secret menu at McDonald's. Which of this hidden items is so hidden it doesn't exist?

A Caesar Mac isn't anything that's been part of McDonald's hidden menu. If you want McCrepes, just order hot cakes and slap a yogurt parfait on them. The Pie McFlurry is a McFlurry with a blended pie inside and a Land, Sea, and Air burger features a beef, fish and chicken patty.

Do you like pastry? McDonald's dabbles in these sweet treats sometimes. Which one haven't they tried?

McDonald's has no bear claws but they will give you the Cinnamon Bun-inspired Cinnamelts. Some locations have sugar donuts and the classic strawberry cream cheese Danish as well.

Which of these sugary treats has McDonald's never offered on a menu before?

Funnel Cake has yet to be offered at McDonald's. McDonaldland Cookies were like animal crackers back in the day. The Brownie Melt was a chocolate version of the Cinnamon Melt and the McFloat is what you get when you put ice cream in a fountain beverage at McDonald's.

You need to pair chicken with the right sauce. Which pairing hasn't McDonald's tried?

Lemon Chicken isn't a McDonald's option but they have given options that include Ranch, Caesar, and Sweet Chili in the past.

The Quarter Pounder is a menu staple. Which of these bulky burgers never made the grade?

There's nothing called a Triple Decker at McDonald's. The Double Quarter Pounder is real and a whole half pound while the Sirloin Third Pounder was meant to one-up the Quarter Pounder. The Grand Mac is just a really big Big Mac.

The McChicken is a staple item on the menu, but they have made some variants on the classic. Which of these isn't a real McChicken?

MexiChicken is not a McChicken variety. The McTeriChicken is a real McChicken from Hawaii served with teriyaki sauce. Both Cajun and Hot 'n' Spicy are spicy versions found in various locations.

The Big N' Tasty was known by a lot of names around the world. Which one was fake?

The Arch Deluxe is a totally different sandwich that the Big n' Tasty. It was called the Big Xtra is most of Canada except Quebec where they called it the McXtra. McFeast Deluxe is what Australia got.

McDonald's really likes to double things. Which of these menu doubles isn't legit?

Double Chicken Xtra isn't an option, but the other doubles were legit. The Jalapeno Double obviously included jalapenos. The McDouble was a lot like a double cheeseburger but with a single slice of cheese and the Daily Double was basically the same thing but with mayo and onion.

The Filet-O-Fish has been made with different kinds of fish over the years. What fish never swam into this sandwich?

Halibut is not a Filet-o-fish ingredient. Atlantic Cod was the original fish and red cod was what New Zealand switched to before replacing it with hoki.

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