Can You Tell Us the Meaning of These Old-Timey Words Without Asking Your Grandparents?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

Let's take a trip back in time! While we're there, let's examine some of the words your grandparents or your great-grandparents would have used. We think you might be surprised by how many of them you actually know, but the only way to find out is to challenge yourself with this old-timey word quiz. 

As we open up the books to the past, we are going to challenge your knowledge of old-fashioned words like never before. While we're sure you will fly through this challenge without much of a problem, you might find yourself learning a few new words to add to your own vocabulary. Imagine the look on your sweetheart's face when you ask them for a buss! 

If you've ever heard your grandparents use strange words, imagine how they feel listening to your newfangled vernacular. For this quiz, put yourself in their shoes and see how many words from their time you can figure out. You might feel slightly challenged, but you'll walk away with a lot of insight about your elders' vocabulary. 

If you're ready to time travel with us, we're ready to see how many old-time words you know. Will get as many right as you think you will? 

If you are going to a hootenanny, where are you going?

Which old-timey word means that you are a full-fledged citizen of your town?

Which old-fashioned word means frozen?

What is another word for melodist?

What is a mooncalf?

What is another word for a prayer?

What is a rapscallion?

How long is a sennight?

Which word means a wagon or a cart?

What would you have called a bartender many years ago?

What kind of animal is a camelopard?

What does a fishwife do?

Which old-fashioned word means farmer?

What kind of bird is a popinjay?

Which word also means forest?

What term was used to describe someone who was born with low social standing?

How would you define the word doxy?

What is an old-timey word for candle?

Where could you find a posy?

What sort of person was a slugabed?

What is another word for an alarm?

Which word means over there?

What is another word for Christmas carolers?

What might you call a coward?

What is the term used for a conceited man?

What is another word for a pickpocket?

What would you have called an ornamental object?

Which word refers to a large, alcoholic drink?

What did a bibliopole sell?

Which word refers to an old woman?

What does asunder mean?

Which word also means kiss?

Which word means a ball of thread?

How much money equals a doit?

Which word refers to a garden or a yard?

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