Quiz: Can You Tell Us if These Foods Are Kosher or Not?
Can You Tell Us if These Foods Are Kosher or Not?
By: Jaclyn Lavine
Image: Vlad Fishman/ Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Everyone knows that bacon is off limits if you are Kosher, but many people don't quite realize how complicated keeping Kosher can be. 

Animals and even fruits and vegetables must fit a specific set of rules, and every product needs to be certified Kosher. Dairy and meat cannot be eaten at the same time or within the same meal. Many traditional Jews have two different sets of plates and utensils, one for dairy meals and one for meat meals. Very strict practitioners may even have two separate kitchens. 

It's important to note that the interpretation of Kosher law varies by person. Some will eat a product based on the ingredient list and others will only eat a product if the package has a symbol marking it Kosher. Kosher labeling is more extensive than a single symbol. Letter's "K" and "U" indicate that the product is Kosher, while a "D" means that the product is dairy or contains dairy as an ingredient. The letter "P" only pertains to Kosher for Passover food items which are a whole other topic! To make matters more complicated, things are always changing. What wasn't Kosher a year ago may be Kosher today and vice versa.  

Do you think you know your Kosher Laws? Prove it by taking this quiz! Identify whether these 40 foods are Kosher or not!

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Is bacon kosher?
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Is a burger with tomato, lettuce, and cheese kosher?
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Can you drink chocolate milk if you keep kosher?
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Are cheese omelettes kosher?
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Can you eat a crab cake if you keep kosher?
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Is a fried fish sandwich kosher?
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Are Oreo's considered kosher?
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Is JELLO a good kosher item to bring to potlucks?
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Can I enjoy Clams Casino as an appetizer if I'm keeping kosher?
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Is Guinness Beer kosher?
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Can you use Hershey's chocolate syrup when keeping kosher?
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Are marshmallows kosher?
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Does A-1 steak sauce have the kosher stamp of approval?
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Are lobster rolls considered kosher?
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Is sushi kosher?
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When visiting Philadelphia, can someone keeping kosher eat a cheesesteak?
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Is Saltwater Taffy kosher?
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Can someone keeping kosher eat Fried Calamari?
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Are Pringle Potato chips kosher?
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Is Catfish kosher?
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When attending a fancy French restaurant, can someone keeping kosher eat escargot (snails)?
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Are insects considered kosher?
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Can someone keeping kosher eat a chocolate-covered grasshopper?
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Is wine considered kosher?
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Can someone who is kosher eat anchovies?
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Are Jolly Ranchers kosher?
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Are Starbursts a good kosher candy treat?
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Can you "taste the rainbow" with Skittles if you're kosher?
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Is a bowl of New England Clam Chowder kosher?
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Can someone keeping kosher chow down on eel?
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Can you give someone who keeps kosher Dove Chocolate Promises for Valentine's Day?
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Is Spam considered kosher?
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Is Rocky Road ice cream kosher?
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Can someone who keeps kosher eat rabbit?
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Is goat cheese kosher?
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Are all types of bread kosher?
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Can someone keeping kosher eat tuna salad?
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Can someone keeping kosher whip up some cornbread using Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix?
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Are Goldfish crackers a good kosher snack?
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Are General Mills Bugles kosher?
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