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Only a few men make lasting names for themselves in the art of war -- those stalwart generals whose leadership endears them to their men or makes them heroes of the homeland. It’s often easy to pinpoint the war or the era in which these men fought. But in this gunpowder-blasted quiz, do you really know where the following military leaders are from?

The origins of history’s most influential battlefield masters aren’t always obvious. In some cases, generals fight for the countries where they were born … but sometimes they move across borders before they take up arms. In other cases – and we’re looking at you, Mr. Arnold – men start as trusted leaders in one army and then switch sides, making them untrustworthy traitors of the worst kind. Do you think you can pinpoint the regions where guys like George Patton and Alexander the Great came from?

And other times, generals’ names are deceiving. Do you really know the history and ethnicity behind a name like Eisenhower, Khan, Hitler or Franco? We’ll find out of you really know where these men came from, and which nations they led to war.

Take up arms in this globe-trotting war leaders quiz. Let’s find out if you know where these famous commanders are from!

Where was George Washington from?

George Washington, the father of the nation, was born in 1732 in the British colony of Virginia. He proceeded to lead his rebels in a bid for independence from the motherland.


Where was Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. from?

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the U.S. sent General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. to push them back. He did just that, using a huge coalition force to do so.


Where was Adolf Hitler from?

Hitler was from Austria, a place he wanted to add to his Third Reich. He died in Berlin as WWII dragged to its inevitable end.


Where was Charles de Gaulle from?

He was a WWI soldier who became a WWII icon. French General Charles de Gaulle wasn't just a war hero, he eventually became a very powerful president.


Where was Dwight D. Eisenhower from?

During WWII, Dwight D. Eisenhower -- a Texas native -- became the supreme leader of Allied forces in Europe. His brillant strategies helped the Allies defeat the Axis and restore order in the world.


Where was Genghis Khan from?

In the 13th century, Genghis Khan spread his Mongolian Empire over vast areas of the world. His hordes of soldiers conquered one village after another, and he eventually laid claim to the biggest empire in human history.


Where was Napoleon from?

He shot through the ranks of the French army and became a general before the age of 30. Then, Napoleon became emperor and led France on its conquests of Europe.


Where was Robert E. Lee from?

When the Civil War broke out, Robert E. Lee stuck with his roots, joining the people of his birthplace (Virginia) in the Confederate cause. He became the South's most brilliant military leader.


Where was William the Conqueror from?

William the Conqueror was a Norman military mastermind who conquered England in 1066. He then installed himself as king and ruled until 1087.


Where was Che Guevara from?

Che Guevara was an Argentinian with a rage for injustice. He became an icon of Marxism, and was hunted down by governments which found him threatening.


Where was Joan of Arc from?

She was just a young woman when she was burned at the stake. But Joan of Arc is still a symbol of enduring courage for her heroics during the Hundred Years' War.


Where was Alexander the Great from?

Born in Greece in 356 BC, Alexander the Great rose to become king. He was also so dominant as a military leader that he built one of the biggest empires in world history.


Where was Ulysses S. Grant from?

They called him "Unconditional Surrender" after one major Civil War victory. Grant was an Ohio native, and he led the Union through some of its most harrowing times, and then became president.


Where was William Wallace from?

At the end of the 13th century, William Wallace became a hero of Scotland, leading his men in their fight for independence. He was eventually captured and tortured by his English tormentors.


Where was Benedict Arnold from?

George Washington trusted Benedict Arnold fully … and Arnold betrayed that trust. He was born in the Connecticut Colony but defected to the British during the American Revolution, an act that stained him forever as a traitor.


Where was Heinrich Himmler from?

Heinrich Himmler was one of Hitler's top commanders in WWII. He was also the architect of many concentration camps, and thus, bore heavy responsibility for the murderous Holocaust.


Where was Stonewall Jackson from?

A native of West Virginia, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson led Confederate forces in the Civil War. He was a masterful tactician, one who was sorely missed after dying from a combination of friendly fire and pneumonia.


Where was Colin Powell from?

Powell is the son of Jamaican immigrants, and emerged from Harlem, climbing to the rank of four-star general. He was a major figure during the Persian Gulf War.


Where was Erwin Rommel from?

Rommel was nicknamed the "Desert Fox" for his brilliant tank tactics in North Africa during WWII. He was one of Germany's most-respected generals.


Where was Julius Caesar from?

Before he was betrayed by his subordinates, Julius Caesar ruled as emperor of Rome. He pushed his empire to great heights, and it collapsed after his assassination.


Where was Francisco Franco from?

Francisco Franco gained great power during the Spanish Civil War. Then he became a dictator who ruled by whims until 1975.


Where was Kit Carson from?

Kit Carson was born in Kentucky in 1809, and became renowned for his skills as a frontiersman and Army officer. He was also famous for spending part of his life as part of Native American tribes.


Where was Winston Churchill from?

During WWII, Churchill was the cigar-chomping British bulldog who thwarted Hitler's advances. His determination inspired his countrymen to withstand years of assaults by the German juggernaut.


Where was Isoroku Yamamoto from?

He helped plan and execute the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in WWII. Later, Japanese general Isoroku Yamamoto was shot down and killed by American fighters.


Where was Constantine the Great from?

In the 4th century, he was a Roman emperor and military leader, one who clawed his way up through the ranks of the army. Constantine the Great was also a proactive leader, one who changed many aspects of the Roman way of life.


Where was Simón Bolívar from?

In the 1800s, Simón Bolívar shot to fame thanks to his fights for independence in Venezuela and other South American countries. His leadership cast off the powers of the Spanish colonial leaders on the continent.


Where was Sitting Bull from?

In the late 1800s, Sitting Bull was a Native American leader who oversaw he defeat of General Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. He was born in the Dakota Territory and died on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.


Where was Georgy Zhukov from?

Georgy Zhukov was a top general for the Soviets in WWII. His battlefield smarts and diplomatic wiles made him a force to be reckoned with on the Eastern Front.


Where was Sun Tzu from?

Sun Tzu was a legendary Chinese military strategist who died in 496 BC. He's typically credited with writing "The Art of War," a famous military strategy guide.


Where was George Patton from?

Gen. George Patton blended arrogance with aggressiveness, and sometimes, it really worked. The Germans feared the California native for his boldness on the battlefields of WWII.


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