Quiz: Can You Translate These Basic French Phrases If We Write Them in Cursive?
Can You Translate These Basic French Phrases If We Write Them in Cursive?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: BamBamImages/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

This French quiz tests your visual knowledge of one of the most sophisticated tongues on the planet. Peer over elegant cursive forms of basic French phrases to see if you can master corresponding translations. Do you know the difference between l'accent aigu and the circumflex? These language markers shape the vowel sounds that help distinguish the French language. 

Admittedly, the mechanics of French can be tricky, as there are quite a few exceptions to grasp. But we leave the more difficult discourse for another time. Now, it's time to learn through visualization. And that means brushing up on your fourth-grade cursive. Remember when you first started to learn how to write in the cursive script? Connecting letters on paper ... what is the point of further confounding a set of already confusing words? Alas, writing and understanding the French language in cursive form tickles the high culture itch in us all. And with high culture comes cosmopolitan "activités." Take our quiz and you'll know what to ask a Parisien when in search of the Mona Lisa portrait, or you'll know what to do with your strawberry jam when "un serveur" thrusts "une assiette de délicieux croissants" in front of you.

Allez! Allez! Scroll on and get cultured all over again!

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