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All eyes will be on Canada in 2010, when Vancouver hosts the Winter Olympics. Test how much you know about this North American country.


Canadians have lots of room to spread out in the second largest country in the world.



The Toronto Blue Jays have lots of built-in hometown fans, thanks to the city's status as Canada's most populous city.



You'll never lack a place of worship if you visit Montreal, nicknamed "city of 100 bell towers" for its many churches.



If you visit the province of Nova Scotia, you might enjoy a trip to the capital of Halifax.


Stanley Park?

A day at Stanley Park can be spent wandering forests, gazing at statues or biking along a seawall.


Canadian Shield?

Sorry, hockey lovers. The Canadian Shield is a massive rocky landform that covers 3 million square miles (8 million square kilometers) of Canada.


Moose Jaw?

The notorious gangster reputedly used Moose Jaw's system of tunnels to hide from authorities.


Chateau Frontenac?

No visit to Quebec is complete without a glimpse of this renowned hotel!



Queen Victoria chose Ottawa to be Canada's capital city in 1857.



If you make it to the top of Mount Logan, in southwestern Yukon, you'll be atop the highest peak in Canada.


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