Quiz: The Ultimate Cannonball Run Quiz
The Ultimate Cannonball Run Quiz
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You might be familiar with the movie "The Cannonball Run," but did you know there's a true story behind it? The first Cannonball Run took place in 1971 and was won by a Dodge van racing almost 3,000 miles cross-country. Take this quiz and learn more about the real Cannonball Run.

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What was the name of the lead actor in the 1981 movie, "The Cannonball Run"?
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Most people thought that the movie was based on a _____ cross-country car race.
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The real Cannonball Run was a car race between New York and California that took place four times. When?
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Who won the first Cannonball Run in 1971?
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Nowadays it would be virtually impossible to stage a race of this nature in the U.S. Why?
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With the introduction of the then 55-mph speed limit on U.S. roads, what did Yates set out to prove?
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What is the speed limit on Germany's Autobahn?
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In the first run, Yates and his team of three drove from New York to Los Angeles, a distance of 2,858 miles (4,599 km). How long did it take?
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What was the race known as prior to its being called the Cannonball Run?
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There were eight teams in the first Cannonball Run. As part of the rules, what did they have to pay money for?
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Did anyone get a ticket for speeding in the first Cannonball Run?
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Who made this famous quote in the L.A. Times, "At no time did we exceed 175 mph"?
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Which publication brought the Cannonball Run to the fore of mainstream media with an article about the race?
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Which actor was the movie script written for?
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When The Cannonball Run hit the silver screen in 1981, how did it fare?
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In the last Cannonball Run, what was the winning car?
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